Glencore TS Review: a Terrible Venture

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Glencore TS Review
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Since Glencore TS  wants everyone to believe they have offices in the UK, why hasn’t the firm acquired a license from the Financial Conduct Authority? The venture is an illegal entity. Fund safety is not guaranteed. The platform can choose to exit the market at any moment. 

Glencore TS assures investors this is the right place to trade. They are going to equip all investors with the best experience and services in the trading world. The venture is an ECN broker. The scheme is trading forex, stocks, metals, cryptocurrency, and commodities. Having multiple products serve as an added advantage to the investors.

Glencore TS Review, Glencore TS Company

It helps in diversifying your risks. The scheme cannot be trusted even with minor details. They lie about when the platform was established. The entity allegedly has multilingual support. The venture promises clients access to professional tools and reliable trading signals.

The 13 years that the scheme boasts about are nowhere to be seen in terms of results. Glencore TS claims it has the best reputation in the market. However, this is another misleading narrative. The company has a low trust score and traffic. At this time, we do not know the location of their target audience. 

You are better off without the venture. Here is a list of some of the best forex trading companies in the world. The entity operates transparently. Their performance is available on the website. You will make a sober decision before deciding to join them. Review

We are yet to see the success that Glencore TS keeps bragging about. The entity proclaims to be an ECN broker. Therefore, there are requotes, clients can execute a trade without the interference of the platform, and trades head to the liquidity providers. The venture claims there is no conflict of interest, and deals are executed instantly.

The company assures customers they will have all the necessary materials at their disposal. The scheme has an affiliate program. For every new member you refer to the firm, you receive a fat commission. They credit the amount immediately to your account.  However, the shady venture is only using investors to do the dirty bidding for them. 

It is, therefore, no surprise if you see individuals claiming to have gained using Glencore TS. Unfortunately, they cannot provide proof of payment. It would help if you were cautious with ventures that do not care about clients’ privacy. You will only suffer if you engage with the firm.

Trading Conditions of Glencore TS 

The venture allegedly purports it has unbeatable performance. They even have trading bots that allow investors to trade automatically. The firm also uses various risk management tools to help clients. Ironically, the broker claims it has a team of professionals that manage their trading activities.

However, Glencore TS  fails to credit them. Hence, we cannot validate that your money is safe. The company states it has transparent trading conditions, but it shies away from providing verified trading results. The venture is offering bonuses to clients. These lucrative are not allowed by the financial regulator of the UK. 

Therefore, you have an assurance that the entity is not operating legally in the United Kingdom despite claiming to originate from the country. Additionally, cryptos are not a get-rich-quick product. Unfortunately, despite the entity praising their sophisticated trading platform, we found a fundamental web trader. 

The scheme promises clients leverage of 1:1000. It may appear like a lucrative offer; however, the risks are incredibly high. Furthermore, the cap that the FCA allows is 1:30. The venture advertises a spread of 0.4 pips.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Registering your account will only take 3 minutes. The least amount you can deposit at Glencore TS  is $100. Glencore TS  is allegedly accepting funds via debit cards, bank transfers, and debit cards. Nonetheless, we cannot validate whether the scheme is indeed accepting money via the above methods. Review, Accounts

The broker claims it handles the withdrawal requests of its clients within 5 days. There is a certain amount that investors can cash out. If you exceed the amount, then you won’t be able to cash out. The entity appears to be charging a fee on withdrawals. However, the information is not clear. 

You should not put your hopes high when dealing with offshore schemes. Rarely will the venture process your withdrawal request? They disclose fees that were never mentioned anywhere on the website.

The Domain Insight

According to the information available online, the entity was established in 2005. We always find it lame when an investment scheme is faking its history. If you check on, you will realize that the venture made its first digital footprint in May 2018. They have been in the market since then without any trading proof. The domain name is expected to expire in 2022. The broker has a terrible trust score. Their traffic is 6,988 420.

Contact Details

Glencore TS claims it has offices in Seychelles and the UK. They have a phone number and an email address that clients can use to reach the firm. However, the firm is not based in the UK. They are lying for them to appear like a reputable scheme. You should not expect to receive compensation from the venture once they close down their business. 

Offshore entities do not care about their clients. That is why they do not waste funds hiring a support team. Moreover, the data you share with the Ponzi scheme is at high risk of being misused by con artists. They could sell the information to third parties. 

If you want to invest wisely, we suggest that you stick to legit companies that provide top-notch customer support. The safety of your money should come first. Stay away from ventures that are anonymous.

Glencore TS  Regulatory Status

Since Glencore TS  wants everyone to believe they have offices in the UK, why hasn’t the firm acquired a license from the Financial Conduct Authority? The venture is an illegal entity. Fund safety is not guaranteed. The platform can choose to exit the market at any moment. 

Moreover, the banking information of the scheme is not revealed. The FCA requires that investment schemes work with reputable financial institutions to segregate the funds of investors. The money you deposit at Glencore TS is most likely going to land in the pockets of the con artists. 

No one oversees the financial activities of the entity. We also highly suspect the venture is not trading. The broker can ask for hefty fees to limit investors from depositing money into the system.

Clients Reviews

Glencore TS  allegedly has been in the market for years. However, this is a shady venture that does not have client reviews. No one can prove the entity is indeed genuine. We are yet to see anyone that has earned. Performing research would save you from dealing with a nasty venture. 

Your safety should always come first. Glencore TS is a pyramid scheme that collects money from innocent people. If you want the best deal, choose some leading brokers with clients’ testimonials on third-party websites.

Final Verdict

Glencore TS is a nasty unregulated investment scheme. They have the guts to fake their history. Who knows what the scheme is also hiding. You are not safe on this platform. The platform could choose to exit the market without giving notice. 

Instead of losing money by dealing with an offshore scheme, you can try out some of the best forex trading ventures in the market. These are firms that have a past trading result. Moreover, their customer support is professional and friendly.

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