Global FX Crypto Review: Stay Away from this Broker!

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Global FX Crypto Review
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The company is violating multiple rules set by various governments. Collecting money without having the appropriate documentation is illegal. Therefore, deal with only the best-regulated ventures in the world.

Global FX Crypto is one of those investment schemes that once you come across you will realize something is off. According to the platform, it is one of the fast online trading entities. The broker claims that it is dealing with commodities, indices, stocks, currencies, and cryptos.

While on their website pop-ups of investors who have earned recently made huge profits keep appealing. It is an old trick that scammers use to attract more audience. The reality is that there isn’t a single customer who has earned.

Global FX Crypto Review, Global FX Crypto Company

Global FX Crypto states it has over 94 tradable assets at the disposal of traders. The broker is using all means to get more customers. It is offering a mega promo that guarantees a price of $36M to the lucky winner.

Unfortunately, you will never receive this amount. The company also goes to a further mile of showcasing investors who have already won. Sadly, it is not possible to verify their claims. Additionally, legit forex trading companies do not provide such ridiculous enticing offers.

Instead of risking your safety with an offshore company why not trade with genuine top-rated forex trading brokers. These are the best platforms without the ill motive of scamming investors. You are going to get a great outcome when you venture with them. Review

Global FX Crypto is a firm that believes it has the best security in the market. The broker assures its customers that funds are protected. Therefore, unauthorized individuals cannot get access. The entity also states it has multiple opportunities for investors.

Moreover, this venture also proclaims that it allows investors to transact funds without experiencing charges. You can as many transactions as you please. The platform brags that it has multiple payment methods.

The platform boasts it has a comprehensive educational program for all forms of traders. They provide trading strategies, guides, and eBooks. Furthermore, it also has a demo account that targets equipping traders with understanding the market well.

With Global, FX Crypto investors are guaranteed that they are going to get more money. Additionally, clients can trade from anywhere in the world. The trading interface which the platform uses is allegedly the best.

The company is violating multiple rules set by various governments. Collecting money without having the appropriate documentation is illegal. Therefore, deal with only the best-regulated ventures in the world.

Trading Conditions of Global FX Crypto

The entity appears to not be handling any investment activities. If you attempt to find a trading platform on their website you will hit a hard rock. The links are also broken. The broker is using charts from a third party.

Global FX Crypto Review, Global FX Crypto Promotion

Nonetheless, Global FX Crypto projects very high profits to traders. For instance, if you deposit $1000 you stand a chance of yielding $13000. The company is too good to be true. Since this venture is offering affiliate bonuses we can only assume that this is their only stream of income.

There is nothing good that will come out of here. Invest with the best companies that are actually trading forex or crypto. We do not know the leverage or spread that you are going to get from this suspicious firm. However, we are certain that you will not get your money back.

Global FX Crypto Withdrawal and Deposits

The venture allegedly claims investors can deposit funds using over 30 methods. The minimum amount to cash in is $300. The listed method of payment include; BTC, Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard, FasaPay, QIWI, WebMoney, Perfect Money, and ePayments.

It is hard to draw a line since once you visit their investment account it indicates that the least acceptable amount is $500. We must note that whichever amount the company is accepting is way beyond the average market standard.

In the industry, you will find several accounts that accept as low as $10. Do not give Global FX Crypto access to your money. The broker leaves out information regarding the minimum amount that traders can cash out.

Nonetheless, you can use the following methods to complete the process. BTC, Ethereum, bank transfers, and Western Union. If we fail to convince you that this is not an ideal entity then deposit money using the credit card option. It is one of the safest since you can issue a chargeback.

Global FX Crypto is offering enticing bonuses with irresistible figures. However, the shady venture leaves out the requirements which traders must meet to cash out. Kindly, note that regulatory bodies are against such lucrative offers.

Contact Details

The company claims to have several social media handles. However, the link to their Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube will lead you back to their home page. Its office address is at Wallingatan 3, 111 60 Stockholm, Sweden.

Given the shady character which this platform displays it’s clear that it is a scam. Therefore, the people managing their activities would not be reckless in leaving behind the real address. The company is a dirty Ponzi scheme that once its system collapse there is no going back.

The phone number Global FX Crypto leaves behind is for transparency purposes. However, once you try reaching them it won’t go through. Your emails will not receive feedback. We recommend that you trade wisely.

Regulation and Registration of Global FX Crypto

The broker claims that it is licensed by FMRRC. It also features its regulation number which is BaTRF SU 09089 CC Gv0213. There is no financial body in the market by the name Financial Market Relations Regulation Center.

Since this platform purports to be based in Sweden then it should be in the database of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Therefore, Global FX Crypto is a Ponzi scheme that is operating illegally.

The government insists on the importance of dealing with brokers that have a regulatory document. If you lose funds to an illegal scheme the authority will not come to your rescue. This is because it is hard to get hold of the scammers.

It is a great offense to lie about such critical matters. The country is also a member of the EU. Hence, the broker should deposit an initial capital of 730K EUR to operate legally. However, this being a scam it cannot afford such an amount.

Additionally, funds are not segregated with a reputable financial institution. Once this venture decides to exit the market you will be doomed. We suggest that you stick to genuine investment ventures in the market.

The Domain Insight is a platform that lacks a trading history. The broker made its first digital insight in September 2020. The domain name is expected to expire after one year. It is unknown the people that manage the operation of this firm.

Unfortunately, we cannot determine the area where most of the venture customers are coming from. Nonetheless, the entity has low traffic visiting the website. The lack of customer feedback is also a red flag.

Final Verdict

Global FX Crypto is a company that lies about its regulatory status. The broker is a dirty Ponzi scheme that does not care about investors’ needs. They are running their business as they please. Investing with this firm exposes you to severe risks.

Trade with the best forex trading platform with genuine clients’ feedback. You can get the experience of those that have tried them out on third-party websites. Additionally, their customer support is responsive and professional. You have all the assurance that your money is safe.

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