Global Investous Review: Untrustworthy Scheme

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Global Investous Review
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Global Investous is operating on its own accord. There is nothing for you here in this Ponzi scheme. They will soon decide to leave the market. Considering that you cannot trace them, you will have no choice but to calculate your losses. 

Global Investous is an investment platform that is to no good. The entity is a Ponzi scheme that has only one objective. They are looking for ways to steal funds from innocent traders. The venture has already been blacklisted. Which other proof do you need? The scheme does not care about the funds’ safety of clients. 

Forget about making money with a nasty Ponzi scheme. The people that are managing the funds of traders are most likely not qualified. When an investment scheme faces bankruptcy and does not have a license, traders’ funds are indefinitely lost. 

Global Investous Review, Company

Global Investous offers primary trading conditions to traders. Even their platform is lurking. Traders need to be cautious with investment schemes. The number of fraudulent companies is on the surge. Multiple ventures are collecting money from innocent people with only one goal, which is to defraud them. 

Here is a list of some of the legit forex trading companies. These are schemes that have been in the market for years. Their trading conditions are ideal. You can also earn real-time profits with the ventures. Review

Global Investous is a company that is capable of saying anything to win over investors. The venture allegedly states it has a license, but this is another fat lie. There is no regulator in the industry that would permit such a murky scheme to collect funds from investors. 

There is no fund safety in this scheme. The broker leaves no information about their banking. Moreover, the people that are behind the entity are also unknown. The information of traders is at risk. The scheme can sell your data without your consent.

Ponzi schemes feature fluff content to get more victims. Their sales pitch is perfect. However, if you make the mistake of trusting the entity, you will be counting losses. Moreover, Global Investous lacks a trading history. They have been investing in a venture in the industry for years, which grants you peace of mind. 

Once you check their performance, you can sleep soundly. Double-checking the data of a company could save you from making a big mistake. The adverts and markets of scammers can be convincing. However, if you ask yourself the hard questions, you will never fall victim to the Ponzi scheme. 

Trading Conditions of Global Investous

The venture has a leverage of 1:500. The trading platform that the scheme avails is not working. This is a significant drawback. It is also proof that the entity may not be trading. They are only eying for traders’ funds. Nonetheless, the scheme states it offers leverage that ranges from 1:100 up to 1:500. 

For starters, how can Global Investous offer such limits while there is no existing interface? Another factor to put into consideration is that these are limits that various regulatory bodies do not permit. For instance, in Europe, investment schemes can only provide 1:30 leverage, while in Canada and USA, the brokers offer 1:50. This is another proof that this is an illegal company. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

The scheme is collecting a minimum amount of $250. It is unwise to give illegal entities access to your funds. The venture is an exposed scam.  The entity lists payment methods like Xpay, Mooney, wire transfers, and credit cards. 

The withdrawal requirements are not elaborated. The venture only mentions the inactivity fee of $25. We do not know if there are cash-out charges. However, given that this is a Ponzi scheme, the entity’s chances of refusing to give back your money are pretty high. 

Expect hidden charges. The scheme could also start asking for more money to cover taxation. One thing a Ponzi scheme is going to do is keep asking for more funds. The funds will only be available on your dashboard. Sadly, you cannot get it out.

Regulation Status of  Global Investous

The company does not have a license. CONSOB is a reputable financial regulator. The venture is targeting clients from Italy without meeting the required guidelines. The platform doesn’t even bother to disclose the parent company that is supervising their business. 

Global Investous is operating on its own accord. There is nothing for you here in this Ponzi scheme. They will soon decide to leave the market. Considering that you cannot trace them, you will have no choice but to calculate your losses. 

This is a venture that does not report its trading activities. Even if they overcharge investors or refuse to handle their withdrawal requests, there is nothing that the authority can do. Any company that is collecting funds from members of the public ought to have a license. 

Companies that are regulated will adhere to the set rules. They follow strict rules like revealing the people behind the scheme. Additionally, the ventures deposit a considerable amount of capital. The money can be used to compensate investors in case of insolvency. The firms also segregate funds in separate accounts.

Contact Details of Global Investous

The location of the entity is not known. An investment venture must reveal its country of origin. This boosts trust among investors. Clients can have peace of mind knowing that their money is safe. The entity cannot also be reached via phone. You can be assured that they are not going to respond to your emails.

A legit venture would not risk their PR the way Global Investous has done. A reputable scheme will even maintain a social media presence. They will interact with traders. Additionally, the issues are handled promptly.

Any company that does not see the need for having reputable support is not worth your time. The success of any form of business is determined by having a quality support team. A time shall come when the entity will leave the industry without giving notice. 

The Domain Insight

Global Investous is still a new investment scheme. The domain name was recently registered. We can tell you for free that this company will eventually exit the market. They will leave traders high and dry. The location of their target audience is unknown. 

Moreover, the global traffic of the firm is also minimal. Not many people are interested in the services of the company. Furthermore, the venture lacks client reviews. Without knowing the experience of their past customers, you are exposing yourself to more risks. 

Is Global Investous Legit or a Scam?

Global Investous is a scam. The fact that the entity has done nothing to win investors’ trust is a call of alarm. Moreover, the company does not respect the rules set by the government. The people that are behind the scheme are also unknown. Anonymity only causes more worries. The venture should at least show its past trading performance. Unfortunately, they do not even have a trading platform.

Final Verdict

Global Investous is a company that lacks a customer support team. The entity is not regulated by any of the regulatory bodies in the market. Moreover, the venture has also received a warning from a reputable financial watchdog. We do not see anything positive regarding the scheme. 

Even the trading conditions of the entity are unknown. You can trade wisely by selecting some of the reasonable and reputable forex trading ventures. These are schemes that have the best trading conditions. Moreover, they provide adequate information on their withdrawal requirements.  

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