Global Mining Ltd Review: A Scary Crypto Scam

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Global Mining Ltd Review
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Global Mining Ltd will only allow you to deposit funds and play with your mind. Investors are up in arms over what they term as mistreatment. The only people who profit from it are the owners and people working around them.

Another intriguing crypto investment scam, Global Mining Ltd, claims to have it all. Judging by their investment plans, the platform wants to rip off investors. After receiving word of their investment plans, we decided to check them out. Our investigations revealed what we feared most, GlobalMiningLtd is a burst. From the word go, everything about them was off, including their hastily created website. And this is why we decided to expose the platform. Here’s our detailed GLOBAL MINING LTD Review.

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Global Mining Ltd Review

A Brief look at what Global Mining Ltd offers

On their about us page, there’s little information on how they actually make these profits. All we have is a statement claiming they deal in the forex market trading in crypto and stocks. It doesn’t sound convincing as there are no experts to back them up.

We have heard of no one coming out in support of the platform. Even the people working behind the platform are trying to hide their true identities.

To learn more about the platform, we decided to open an account ourselves. The account opening process was fast. We deposited $20 to try out the first investment option.

The withdrawal was supposed to be 24 hours after depositing, and the expected ROI was 20 percent. To this day, we haven’t received a penny. And of course, they later blocked our account, and we have no access.

Affiliate and referral commission

Another avenue the platform claims to offer profit is its referral program. Once your referral a user to the platform, you earn $10 for the first level. We didn’t dive deeper as we already know the risks that come with it.

Being an affiliate member means you’re directing users to a pointless platform. No one ever makes a profit with the platform. Worse still, the platform does not release funds or commissions to members.

Are funds safe with Global Mining Ltd?

Our experience alone makes us boldly make it clear; safety of funds is out of the question. We are not the only ones who share this opinion. Hundreds of other investors share the same story as they couldn’t withdraw.

The platform does not have any security measures to protect investors. There’s a lack of a clear structure to protect investments. An excellent example is the lack of any insurance cover for deposits made.

Once you deposit funds, there’s a high risk you won’t receive a penny. Even a fraction of your depository amount is hard to get. It makes Global Mining Ltd one of the biggest crypto investment scams.

Available deposit and withdrawal options

Investors might find it easy to sign up with the platform based on the information on the homepage. The deposit and withdrawal chart is an excellent example of why some invested with the platform.

It shows the last deposit and last withdrawal of members. Our investigations reveal the truth concerning the chart. These are fictitious numbers with no real meaning. The people behind the platform use it to fool investors into depositing funds.

Deposit channels include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Payeer. Investors should take it from us; no one has managed to withdraw funds. That’s why GlobalMiningLtd is a burst.

Bold statement and empty claims

To make the platform appear exciting and lucrative, they use bold statements. One of them is guaranteeing daily and profit margins. With such claims, investors will swing in and want a piece of the cake.

GlobalMiningLtd Features

What most don’t know is that there are ways of proving the platform wrong. We can first start with their running days. The platform makes a bold statement of running for 940 days. They do so to make it appear they have been around for a while.

Our investigation will later reveal that these are false claims. Other false statements include having over 973 investors. These are numbers meant to drive up sign-ups and more deposits to the platform.

Contact and support

Although there’s a chat tool, it doesn’t work. All it does is collect information from visitors for marketing purposes. The platform will sell your email and phone address to online marketers. Contacting the platform won’t help your case, especially when demanding withdrawal.

Domain records ( review)

Remember we said we would expose their actual online presence? The claim of running for 940 days is out of the question. Domain records show it has been running for 246 days as we publish this post.

The exact date the website went live was on September 25, 2020. It uses the same server which houses other crypto scam websites. Most of the websites under the server have low trust scores and don’t have any ranking.

Global Mining Ltd Investment and Plans

Global Mining Ltd Investment and packages

Global Mining Ltd offers five investment plans to choose from. These plans come with guaranteed profit margins. Before we look at them, remember we have had our share of experience with the first package.

First plan

The first plan is the most basic and comes with a guaranteed ROI of 20 percent. Members get daily returns with the minimum deposit set at $18 and a maximum of $399. Withdrawal is possible after 24 hours.

Second plan

With the second plan, investors get a promise of 40 percent in ROI. The minimum deposit is set at $400, and the maximum is $799. Withdrawal is possible after 2 days.

Third plan

The third plan comes with an ROI of 80 percent, and withdrawal is after 2 days. To get the account, users have to deposit a minimum of $800 or a maximum of $999.

Fourth plan

100 percent ROI is what the fourth plan brings to the table. The minimum deposit is $1,000, and the maximum is $1,999. Withdrawing funds is made possible after 3 days.

Fifth plan

The fifth plan comes with an outrageous profit margin of 200 percent. Deposit required to get this plan is $2,000 with no maximum.

It goes without saying that these ROIs are out of this world. No expert or robot can achieve such a task. The market is volatile and guaranteeing such high-profit margins is impossible.

License and Registration Global Mining Ltd deposit and withdrawal

Global Mining Ltd is not a licensed platform and does not hold any documents to prove so. The platform is a burst and will likely shut down soon. We couldn’t find any regulator who signed up for this platform.

Without a valid license, there’s no oversight making it a huge problem for investors. Members don’t enjoy the protection they need from regulators. It’s a shame that no one earns money, and the people behind it remain anonymous.

Scam or Legit Global Mining Ltd

Gold Mining Ltd is a crypto investment scam that works as a Ponzi scheme. The only people who profit from it are those close to it. Every other investor is a means to an end.

Closing remarks

Judging by the number of complaints, we have to add GlobalMiningLtd to our blacklist.

We hope that you find the best crypto trading bots that provide realistic returns.

Kindly leave a comment or email us with any questions regarding crypto investment and trends.

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