Global MoneyLine Review: an Advetising Niche MLM

global moneyline review, globa moneyline MLM review
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Global MoneyLine is a multi-level marketing company that works in the advertisement niche. Moreover, for this, they utilise the messaging service.

The company offer its affiliate an opportunity to earn money online. The affiliates can earn a commission from Global MoneyLine for recruiting new affiliates.

If you are thinking to join the Global MoneyLine MLM opportunity, then read this article till the end. It might change your opinion about joining the company.

In this article, I will do the unbiased review of Global MoneyLine and tell you about the company compensation plan, products, and everything else you need to know about the company.

About Global MoneyLine – Global MoneyLine Review

global moneyline review, globa moneyline MLM review

The company operates on the domain which was registered on 4th February 2016. However, the domain registration was set to private.

Moreover, the company website has no information about who owns and runs the company. As the domain is also registered privately so currently, no one knows who owns the company.

On company terms and condition page they have mentioned they are governed by the laws in the State of Minnesota in the United States. So it seems that the company is based in the Minnesota United States.

Apart from this, not any other information is available about the company. In my opinion, you should think twice before investing in the company as it is impossible to know who is the owner of the company.

The company has a big red flag because most of the genuine company doesn’t hide their background information. Furthermore, by owning the owner of the company, there is a sense of trust that develops in you, but in case there is nothing like that.

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Global Money Line Products

The company doesn’t have any retailable product. So the affiliate can only market the company opportunity itself to earn commission on it.

Moreover, the company provide its affiliate access to the messaging system. By using this system, the affiliates can only message to the other members of their program.

How many messages an affiliate can send depend on what is their rank. Free affiliates can send one message at a time whereas paid affiliates can send the message up to 20 affiliates at once.

Affiliate can join the company for free but free membership has very limited option. So they have paid plans too. Below is detail information of their plans:

  • Free: It is a plan that anyone can join everyone. Howeve, it has very limited features.
  • Bronze: The price of this plan is $20 and with this you can send 20 messages at once.
  • Silver: The price of this plan is $50 per year. Mroeover, with this you can send 50 messages at once.
  • Gold: The price of this plan is $100 per year and with this you can send 100 messages at once.
  • Platinum: The price of this plan is $250 per year and with his you can send 250 messages at once.
  • Diamond: The price of this plan is $500 per year. Furthermore, with this you can send 500 messages at once.
  • Double Diamond: It is the most expensive package of price $1000 per year. With this you can send 1000 messages at once. Apart from this you also get access to some additional features.

Global MoneyLine Compensation Plan

The company pays its affiliates $20 commission when they recruit the new affiliates. So the recruited affiliate can do the same thing.

Moreover, Global MoneyLine uses the 2-ups system and a uni-level structure to pay commission to their affiliates.

In uni-level structure one affiliates is present at the top and three are below it which form level 1. Similarly three-three more affiliate are present below the above three affiliates which form level 2. In the same way it goes so on.

Each position in the matrix get filled went there is a recruitment of new affiliate either directly or indirectly. Furthermore, If any level 1 affiliate recruit a new affiliate then the new affiliate gets a position in level 2. If any level 2 affiliate recruit a new affiliate then the new affiliate get a position in level 3. In the same way it happen with all levels.

According to 2up system every affiliate need to pass their two commission to the affiliate who recruited them.

Moreover, the company pays the commission at a rate of $5 per affiliate who recurits the affiliate into a unilevel team.

Pros and Cons of Global MoneyLine


  • You can become a member for free.
  • You can message your downline leads directly.
  • It gives your opportunity to make money from paid referrals.
  • They have customer support.


  • The dashboard UI is not good.
  • Free membership has very limited features.
  • Affiliate need to upgrade their membership if they need additional benefits.
  • It is not easy to navigate the Global MoneyLine website.
  • Lot of technical faults in the website.
  • Their product is ineffective.
  • No information about the owner of the company.
  • It is just a cash gifting scheme.
  • They have too many membership and some of them are very overpriced.

Final Verdict about Global MoneyLine

Now by reading this article till now you might have a question whether Global MoneyLine is a scam or not. So the answer to this question depends on you.

If you consider pyramid schemes as a scam then it is scam for you otherwise not. In my opinion it is not a scam company but it doesn’t mean that you can make money with their scheme.

There are a lot of drawbacks in the company. Firstly they don’t have any product to offer. Moreover, their website has no information about who is the owner of the company. So why people will trust the company and hand over their hard-earned money to the unknown person.

The company is totally based on a recruitment scheme. So as long as recruitment continues you will earn money.

But when it stops, you will not get anything. It is a typical pyramid scheme, and it is very risky to invest money in it.

Although it is a legit company, I will not recommend you to join the Global MoneyLine MLM opportunity. There are more good places than MLM companies where you can invest your money safely.

Instead of this, you can go with more legit ways like Crypto Cloud Mining Companies. These Crypto Cloud Mining Companies are a safe way to invest money.

I hope you guys find my review of QM Matrix helpful, and it gives you detailed knowledge about the company.

Thank you!!!

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