Global Option Trading Review: A Shady Investment Scheme

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Global Option Trading
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Global Option Trading is an illegitimate investment scheme. The entity even uses a fake form. Traders that will join the venture in the hope of making profits are in for a rude shock.

Global Option Trading is another cryptocurrency trading scam in the making. The returns that the scheme promises are mind-blowing. However, gone are the days that investors would become rich overnight by investing in cryptocurrency. The entity is not reputable, and you are only going to suffer a negative outcome if you decide to test the waters. 

Global Option Trading Review, Global Option Trading Company

The Ponzi scheme has four investment accounts. The profit ranges from 35% up to 85%. Nonetheless, the platform fails to specify its duration for the plans to yield the advertised profits. The scheme is also overcharging clients. If you compare the initial capital that Global Option Trading requests, you will realize that the system is a rip-off. 

There are genuine cryptocurrency trading ventures in the market. These are schemes that have been in the market for years. They take a minimum capital that is less than $100. However, this Ponzi scheme is requesting $300. There is no evidence of trading activities. 

The scam is also deceiving investors. It has a license. However, this is an illegitimate broker that will leave you high and dry. You cannot get reasonable returns if you indulge in the venture. Review

Global Option Trading is an illegitimate investment platform. The company is dangerous. The people that are the mastermind of the Ponzi scheme are hazardous. They happen to have a registration from the United Kingdom. Unfortunately. This certificate is useless when it comes to the safety of your money.

The document is easily accessible and cheaply obtained. Therefore, scammers tend to deceive traders they are legit. What counts is having a license. Moreover, the registration form does not even belong to the fraudster. They have stolen it from another scheme. 

This is enough validation that Global Option Trading is a big scam. Collecting money from a member of the public without getting permission from the authority is a serious offense. The Ponzi scheme is targeting UK citizens.

The individuals that are behind the entity are unknown. Their qualification is also another worrying factor. It is most likely that the people behind the entity do not have the necessary skills to manage traders’ funds. 

Returns of Global Option Trading

The company is promising investors attractive profits. However, they do not reveal the maturity period of the plans. For all, we know the entity could take years before giving the returns. Promising traders high returns without specifying a timeframe should be accepted as a red flag. 

If Global Option Trading assures traders daily returns of 35% up to 85%, that is absurd. This is because even the best investment companies globally do not attain anything close to what the scam is displaying. The returns of the entity are vague. 

Regulation Status of Global Option Trading

The venture allegedly claims it hails from the United Kingdom. This is one of the regions in the world that is dedicated to protecting investors against fraudulent activities. A legit company cannot exist without depositing a capital of 730K EUR. The amount is used as compensation. This is if the broker faces bankruptcy. 

A legit entity must report its daily opening and closing orders to the Financial Conduct Authority. Unfortunately, Global Option Trading does not do so, which puts their clients’ funds at more significant risks. Moreover, the platform also fails to reveal the financial institution it uses to segregate traders’ funds.

The money that clients deposit in the company will directly go to the fraudster’s wallet. Watch out as you are dealing with an anonymous broker. The law requires that all investment schemes must reveal their identity. It helps in ensuring all the money of investors is in safe hands. 

It would also be easy to follow up if things go south before you invest, double-check if a company is legally in operation. This will save you a lot of agonies. Global Option Trading will soon exit the industry. 

Can Investors Generate Profits with Global Option Trading?

The problem with the broker is that the scheme is fraudulent. The company does not have trading products or services. Therefore, they are using the deposit that investors make to cater to the withdrawal request. This is a cycle that will painfully leave many high and dry. The only people that will benefit are the marketers and the pioneer traders of the entity. 

Once you deposit money into Global Option Trading, keep in mind that you cannot recover the funds. Digital currency payment cannot be reversed or reversed. Avoid wasting your time with the Ponzi scheme. 

Contact Details and Customer Support

Global Option Trading shamelessly features a fake address. This is not the location of the venture. The company support is only available via email. It appears even after advertising the mind-blowing ROI. The experience does not have enough money to hire professional help.

You will never get resonance from the venture. They are going to ignore the email that you send in an attempt to recover your money. Moreover, traders’ information is not safe in this dirty scheme. 

False Testimonials

Global Option Trading is not left behind when it comes to crowding the minds of traders. They have a section designated for false testimonials. The venture is using stock images. The broker writes the information. It states that the company is genuine. They also praise the variety of products available. The members of the platform are helpful.

The statements urge those that have not joined to do so. It is baffling to see that the entity does not have clients review third-party websites. Additionally, the entity only has a section that has their latest withdrawal and deposits. This information is unverified. We cannot see anyone that has successfully deposited from the scheme. 

Furthermore, the venture keeps displaying information showing those that have recently made high returns. This old tactic can only trap newbies. Expert traders will not waste their time with the Ponzi scheme.

The Domain Insight

Global Option Trading is a newly designed investment company. The problem with this kind of scheme is that it won’t survive long in the market. They will soon disappear from the market. You won’t be able to find them. This is the main reason why scammers uphold anonymity.

The traffic that is visiting the website does not match the praises that the venture showers itself. Additionally, the entity does not have clients that have earned using their website. This is a complete waste of time and resources. We hope that investors will not give the entity a chance to get hold of their hard-earned money. 

Final Verdict

Global Option Trading is an illegitimate investment scheme. The entity even uses a fake form. Traders that will join the venture in the hope of making profits are in for a rude shock. You will only regret giving the company access to your data and funds. 

Instead of risking the safety of your money, we suggest that you look for a genuine cryptocurrency investment scheme. These are brokers that have been in the market for years. They have zero intention of stealing from innocent investors. These are brokers that are not scared of showcasing their performance. 

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