Global Trading26 Review: a Tactical Scheme

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Global Trading26 Review
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Global Trading26 is a shady broker that doesn’t ask investors to verify their email upon registration. Reckless mistakes like these make us doubt their legitimacy. Moreover, the trading conditions of the entity are also unfavorable. 

Global Trading26 is an obnoxious investment scheme that does not mean well to its clients. The entity allegedly trades commodities, forex, stocks, crypto, and indices. Once you choose this broker as your trading partner you have the entire global market at your fingertips.  

The company is using advanced technology to boost the results of clients. The trading interface is compatible with various devices. Sadly, joining them shall lead to futile returns. The platform has features of a Ponzi scheme. We are afraid they won’t be in the industry in the future. 

Global Trading26 Review, Global Trading26 Company

Once things get tough and realizes there are no victims signing up their website shall disappear in thin air. Unfortunately, that is not the end of it as con artists tend to come back using different names. 

Global Trading26 is a broker that claims to use technology to generate high returns. They have charting tools and indicators. additionally, one can execute a trade at a fast speed. This is a ploy that the venture is using to trap more victims in their platform.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are reputable. These brokers are safe to trade with and have the best trading conditions. A mutual partnership is created between the organizations and the customers. Your safety should be your main priority. Review

Global Trading26 is a shady broker that doesn’t ask investors to verify their email upon registration. Reckless mistakes like these make us doubt their legitimacy. Moreover, the trading conditions of the entity are also unfavorable. 

Risk diversification assists investors in making huge losses. You stand a better chance of earning realistic returns. The platform is offering educational materials. Clients can therefore boost their trading experience. 

It mindful of them to avail such information. However, we cannot attest whether the materials are of high quality. We weren’t lucky enough to get a grip of the topic the venture provides. 

Global Trading26 brags that it has several trading accounts. Therefore, customers have multiple choices to select from. The platform speaks highly of its innovative measures in attaining high profits. Sadly, there is no evidence of trading activities.

Is Global Trading26 Team Experiences in Trading?

Unfortunately, the broker thrives on anonymity. Nonetheless, the company brags that it has a team of professionals managing its investment activities. The background experience in forex and finance the venture brags about is unproven. 

Global Trading26 has only been in the market for a short duration. They fail to feature trading performance to showcase how the platform has been fairing in the market. Therefore, traders should not blindly believe in their claims. 

You will only get undesirable results for trusting an offshore firm. Focus on finding a genuine venture that cares about your results. You attain freedom and peace of mind by choosing a reputable company as your trading partner.  

Trading Conditions and Interface

The entity offers a spread of 4 pips for the EURUSD currency pair. Investors are subjected to paying more. The company should not be your last option if you want to trade forex. The average market spread is 1.5. Furthermore, there are several genuine firms that provide a tight spread of below 1 pip. Review, Global Trading26 Conditions

The leverage goes up to 1:150. Despite appearing like a generous offer this is risky considering the reputation of the venture is at stake. Regulatory bodies like FCA caps the leverage to 1:30, while the USA, and Canadian agency allows a cap of 1:50. This is an attempt to protect investors against making losses. The entity has a web-based trading platform that has limited features. 

Global Trading26 Withdrawal and Deposits

The platform claims it is accepting funds via MasterCard, Maestro, and Wire transfers. They boast of having several investment accounts. However, one needs to contact customer support for them to acquire the deposit requirements. 

The minimum amount that one can deposit in the platform is therefore not disclosed. The company allows traders to cash out at least 100 EUR. Legit entities allow investors to cash out whichever amount they please. 

Putting up such undesirable measures shows that Global Trading26 is to no good. The firm is also charging a fee of 1% to clients. Once you make a deposit the company does not allows you to issue a chargeback. 

The terms and conditions of the platform are vicious. The company does not deserve a chance. You need to stay woke and run for the sake of your money in case the firm makes contact.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Global Trading26 is a bogus scheme without an operational office. The customers can contact them by filling in a contact form, emailing, or calling them. The live chat support function from Mon to Friday 7 to 14 GMT. 

You can also call them from 9 to 13 GMT. The venture features an Australian and UK phone number. We suspect these are their primary victim location. The geographical location of the shady entity remains a mystery.

Trusting them with your personal data is a grave mistake. The scam won’t be around when times get rough. Once they realize their operation is no longer generating funds the con artists will call the shots shutting down the system. 

Regulation and Registration Status of Global Trading26

Global Trading26 is an offshore regulated broker. Formula Investment House Ltd is the organization that is behind this company. The actual locale of the parent corporation is Cyprus. However, the business does not have a license from CySEC but from the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission. 

Unfortunately, the problem with offshore ventures is that they are not stringent. They are lenient and sympathize with the broker. The BVIFSC requires investment schemes to deposit capital of $100,000 up to $1,000,000 to acquire a license. 

We do not endorse offshore entities as the majority of them tend to disappoint customers. Additionally, Global Trading26 is targetting clients from the United Kingdom without the approval of the Financial Conduct Authority. Furthermore, the venture does not have a license from ASIC. The Australian financial body. 

The legitimacy of the company is questionable and you shouldn’t waste your precious time with them. We also encountered a shocking statement indicating the broker’s customers are protected by SVG law. We continue to empathize that St Vincent and the Grenadine government do not regulate online investment activities. 

Considering the shadiness of  Global Trading26 we have reason to believe this might be a clone website. They might also be misusing a reputable entity to cover up their murkiness. You should not expect fund safety from this venture. 

The Domain Insight

Global Trading26 is a venture that does not have much traffic. The platform was registered in September 2020 by an anonymous person. They do not project being in the market for a long duration. Moreover, the entity also has a low trust score which affirms our worries about their operation. It is important that you find a reputable company that has a positive reputation from their customers. 

Final Verdict

Global Trading26 is an offshore company that has undesirable spreads for traders. The payment options that the entity avails are also worrisome. The available trading interface is also poor with few functionalities.

Invest with the best forex trading platforms in the world. These are genuine ventures that deliver real-time results to their customers. They are also well-regulated by remarkable financial watchdogs.  


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