GlobalFXOption Review: a Notorious Scam

GlobalFXOption Review, GlobalFXOption Company
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GlobalFXOption Review
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GlobalFXOption is a scam platform that has multiple red flags indicating that it is a Ponzi scheme. The company is not transparent and lacks key information on its website and trading activity. Invest with legit crypto trading platforms that build client’s trust.

GlobalFXOption is allegedly an investment company that has a high hedging capacity. The platform brags of availing over 60 currency pairs. They guarantee a low spread of zero on popular currency pairs. The platform claim that it is trading over 50 products.

The entity does not charge any fees on managing your account. There are also allegedly license by ASIC. The company guarantee that it will help you to make a sober decision in your online trading activities. The entity claims that it is an innovative technology to generate huge returns on behalf of their traders.

GlobalFXOption Review, GlobalFXOption Company

GlobalFXOption states that it is an efficient trading partner. Unfortunately, we have seen several scammers in the market targeting novice traders. They use luring words to fish for their victims, and traders who have little to no knowledge fall for the schemes.

Fraudulent firms used technology to cover up their dirty schemes. Often you’ll find that they do not even have trading tools or a professional team. They also claim to be using the most popular trading platform known as MetaTrader.

Investors can trade from any place in the world. Additionally, you can trade using any device, beat a PC or a phone. The platform is dealing with commodities, Forex, and index. Sadly, there’s nothing legit about this shady and notorious scam. Review

GlobalFXOption is one of those smart and convincing Ponzi schemes that are easy to trick traders. The website looks professional at first until you observe them Keenly. This is one of the con artists in the market that would say anything so long as it drives sales their way.

The dirty scam does not permit investors to view their trading platform. You have to present your ID verification document, which is a peculiar and strange requirement. Legit forex trading brokers will allow you to try out their demo account before depositing your money.

GlobalFXOption is a suspicious platform capable of stealing your personal information and selling them to a third party.  The MT4, which this platform boast, is not functional. The link that is meant to direct you will lead you back to the main homepage.

Unfortunately, this company is using this information of mentioning the MetaTrader to lure in more victims. They promise a leverage cap of 1:400, which is way beyond what financial regulatory bodies limits. The information on the spread is not available.

Invest with top crypto mining brokers that have been proven to be reliable. There are multiple client endorsement from the existing customers. Moreover, you can also view their trading results creating even more confidence that your money will be in safe hands.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Investors can deposit using the following methods; visa/MasterCard, Poli, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer, FasaPay, Internet Banking. The least amount of money that you can deposit at GlobalFXOption is $250.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine if the listed payment method is what the broker is actually accepting. Sometimes you will find that once you deposit money, it will be hard to issue a chargeback. The funds go directly into the pocket of the fraudster, making them richer.

One of the major red flags is that GlobalFXOption does not have a term and condition policy that governs business. Therefore, the entity can change its terms of the policy, leaving investors high and dry. You can never be certain about the withdrawal charges.

Additionally, inactivity account duration and charges have not been featured. Avoid all companies that do not have T&C if they do not care about your financial goals or offering a better trading position.

GlobalFXOption Customer Support

GlobalFXOption is a confused scam that is unprofessional. Their page to contact information is broken. Such carelessness should not be taken lightly. It is clear that once you try to reach this support team, you are attempt will be in vain.

Invest with a company that has professional and well-trained customer care services. You are assured that your issue will be handled in time. Some of these scammers go to the extra mile of presenting false information to win over innocent investors.

The physical address that they feature is not their actual area of operation. Once you share your information with anonymous entities, they can use that data against you. Moreover, once they exit the market, it will be hard to trace them down.

Regulation Status

GlobalFXOption is a platform that brags about being licensed by multiple reputable financial watchdogs. Unfortunately, this information is misleading and false. The financial regulatory body of the United state of America is known as NFA.

However, this investment firm state that it is regulated by American Security and Investment Commission. The company state that it partners with a reputable financial institution in America. These include Wells Fargo and National Suntrust bank.

GlobalFXOption Scam Review, GlobalFXOption Features

Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) is the financial body of Australia. Therefore, there is a huge difference between what this scammer presents. Investor’s money is at higher risk of being lost. GlobalFXOption is a straight forward scam that has nothing exceptional to offer.

It is not easy to pin them down since there is no location indicated on their website. Moreover, they accept clients from all over the world, yet they do not have the required documents. The various government is trying their level best to protect their citizens against scammers.

Therefore, they said a reasonable amount of initial capital that every Investment company must attain to start up their business. The amount acts as compensation in case the venture experience bankruptcy. Additionally, funds are in a separate account from that of the company.

GlobalFXOption Domain insight

The company was established in March 2020. It is only registered for a period of one year. Scammers do not offer their services for a long duration; once exposed, they will shut down their website and come back using a different domain name.

GlobalFXOption has low traffic, yet they have attractive offers. It shows that nobody wants their services. Watch out for these loopholes. The company does not have proof of trading, and we highly suspect that the founder only built the website to steal from traders.

The information of the developer is missing, and the investor can not get access to it. The anonymity nature of  the broker is also surprising.

Final Verdict

GlobalFXOption is a Ponzi scheme that fix their regulation information. We do not know where the platform is operating from, and once they exit the market, you won’t be able to get your money back. Nonetheless, it would be best if you were not surprised to promote this scam as a legit entity once you come across adverts.

Scammers are desperate and they will do their level best to win sales. The company is a complete rip-off that will soon disappoint several investors. They are pretty convincing and once you share your information they will keep calling till you give in. They will keep asking for more funds until your pocket runs dry then cut communication with you.

it is important that you only venture with the best crypto trading brokers in the market that are genuine and trustworthy. These companies will never jeopardize their relations with their customers. Their main focus is to help you earn extra income.

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