Globdechain Review: A Blacklisted Broker

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Globdechain Review
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Globdechain has  dubious legal documentation. The scheme has received a warning from the FMA. It is the responsibility of traders to ensure they are dealing with a legit scheme.

Globdechain is a Ponzi scheme that lacks originality. They cannot even hire a professional copywriter to write their content. Instead, they copy-paste everything from another investment scheme. Nonetheless, the firm allegedly has the capability to generate high returns for its customers. 

Globdechain Review: Company

They promise investors an opportunity to change their lives. Each time you encounter a company promising to make you rich, we recommend that you first research. Trading activities are not a walk in the park. You need to have skills to become a successful trader. However, scammers make the process sound fantastic and easy.

Globdechain is a scheme that is proudly operating as it pleases without having a license. The Ponzi scheme is only looking for ways to land their hands on your money. Moreover, the information of their team and parent company is missing. Avoid anonymous entities at all costs.

Here is a list of some of the best cryptocurrency trading companies in the market. The entities are reputable and genuine. You will have the best results. Moreover, they operate by the regulatory bodies’ requirements. Safety of funds is their main goal. Review

Globdechain allegedly accepts investors from all over the world. The only task that their customers have is to look for the most lucrative offer. The time to join the entity is now. They also brag about having the best trading interface. It allows clients to make the best out of their trades.

The venture states it has the best indicators, trading tools, and technical analysis. Their platform provides advanced graphs and charts. Moreover, clients are assured that the firm avails an economic calendar. You will therefore know the upcoming events.

Our main concern, however, is that Globdechain is an illegitimate venture. Your personal information is not secure with the entity. You could lose everything and what is worse is that the entity can willingly sell your information to criminals. They could even use it to manipulate you into depositing more money.

The scheme wants us to believe investors will receive the best outcome. We doubt if a blacklisted venture cares about the outcome of its customers.If you want to trade successfully, refrain  from doing business with con artists.

Trading Conditions of Globdechain

Globdechain proclaims it has a sophisticated trading platform. Investors can easily navigate and execute trades. We only found a web trader available. This is not one of the ideal trading interfaces in the market. Investors that are used to the MetaTrader will not register with the firm.

Moreover, we cannot validate that the scheme provides the interface as the registration process was chaotic. The scheme is allegedly trading commodities, forex, indices, and shares. They offer a spread of 0.7 pips. The advertised website is 1:200.  The limit is risky, and in the  blink of an eye, you could lose everything. 

The regulatory bodies set various limits to protect clients from making losses. The UK only permits leverage of 1:30 while the USA and the Canadian body allow 1:50. They do this to protect traders from losing funds. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

Globdechain lists payment methods like; debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers. The least amount that you can deposit is $250. You can also use e-wallets that the venture has not cared to disclose. There is an application fee when cashing out. 

Bank Transfers are subjected to a $50 fee, while the debit and credit card takes $25. The e-wallet takes a $25 charge. The withdrawal process takes 5 days to complete. Unfortunately, the entity has a non-deposit funds statement. It appears investors cannot cash out profits. 

There is no point in choosing Globdechain. They are only going to limit you from withdrawing money. They are moreover an infamous venture. Both the regulatory bodies and clients have exposed them.

Globdechain Clients Feedback

You may be wondering what investors who have used this scheme have to say regarding service quality. Well, Globdechain has many negative reviews. It turns out the venture cannot be trusted with funds. They keep asking for more money from their clients. 

Globdechain Review: Platform

Once you deposit the required capital of $250, the firm claims it needs another similar amount. If you ask them to allow you to cash out, then deposit, the broker will decline your offer. Investors are warning anyone that may be swayed into giving the company benefit of the doubt not to cash in. 

Globdechain is a proven Ponzi scheme. Their trading conditions are also not ideal. Giving them a chance will leave a negative account balance. Most of the links are broken. Furthermore, there is no trading activity taking place in the company. 

Regulatory Status of Globdechain

Globdechain claims that in case of any dispute, the issue will be resolved by Estonia government law. The problem is the firm does not have a license. Recently scammers are misusing the term regulation. They are only trying to look for ways to defraud innocent people that do not understand how the investment industry works.

The platform is not on the list of any reputable financial watchdog. Moreover, the scam also states it operates in Austria. Nonetheless, the entity is not permitted to collect money from clients in this country. 

Globdechain has  dubious legal documentation. The scheme has received a warning from the FMA. It is the responsibility of traders to ensure they are dealing with a legit scheme. If you trade with offshore schemes, you won’t receive compensation when the con artists exit the market. Moreover, the platform does not have negative account balance protection.

The firm does not have a trading activities. There are several benefits that come with investing with legit forex companies. The safety of your data is protected. Moreover, you will have peace of mind as the firm cannot exit the market or change its terms without notice. 

Contact Details of Globdechain

The location of the firm is not known. The one that  Globdechain provides is a fake one. The support is available via phone and email. The information that we are getting is that the entity does not respond to the queries of traders. The venture is a Ponzi scheme that will do anything to win the trust of investors.

Moreover, the firm lacks transparency. We do not know if the individuals handling your funds are experts. Invest with some of the best entities in the industry that understand the importance of hiring a reputable and qualified team. You will have assurance that your issue will be handled on time.

The Domain Insight

The domain name of is privately registered. The venture made its first digital footprint in June 2021. The domain name will expire after one year. The chances of the Ponzi scheme renewing their registration are slim. The entity will only devastate you.

Sadly, we do not know the location of their target audience. Even if they leave the market, this does not come back. Fraudsters set up dozens of websites. They only change their name and spice up their narratives. The traffic that is visiting the scheme is low.

Final Verdict

Globdechain is an unreliable entity. They are on the warning list of the Australian regulatory body. That is enough reason to refrain from doing business with the venture. They do not care whether you make a profit or not.

You can try out some of the best cryptocurrency trading companies. They have excellent trading results. Moreover, the entities operate legally. Their main objective is to meet the targets of their customers. 

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