Review: Too Many Red Flags, Avoid Them!

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GlobeCFDs Review
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GlobeCFDs has a perfect sales pitch. It is convincing those that join their entity of profound customer support. They allegedly respond in time. Additionally, help you make more money. Unfortunately, we highly doubt the scheme even can be able to hire professional services. 

GlobeCFDs is a broker that states it is only dealing with the top financial products in the market. The assets that investors can trade are; forex, stocks, indices, cryptocurrency, and commodities. It also boasts about having a reputable trading platform in the market.

GlobeCFDs Review, GlobeCFDs Company

The platform is targeting investors from every corner of the globe. They are assuring traders of superior spread. However, our main concern is that the firm is operating illegally. They do not have a regulatory form allowing them to collect money from the public. 

GlobeCFDs has a perfect sales pitch. It is convincing those that join their entity of profound customer support. They allegedly respond in time. Additionally, help you make more money. Unfortunately, we highly doubt the scheme even can be able to hire professional services. 

The people you shall be in contact with are the sales rep of the entity. The company claims it has superior indicators and timely reports. The tools enable users to follow their trading activities promptly. The firm purports that clients will only be winning after joining the scheme. 

Loses are also part of the journey. What genuine brokers try to do is to minimize the risks. Any company that only promises to make you rich is being run by scammers. Trading is no child play. You must get the necessary skills for you to thrive. Review

The registration process is allegedly straightforward. Once you open your trading account, you need to verify the same using your ID. We are against sharing such information with a dubious venture. Who knows what the fraudsters will be doing with your money.

GlobeCFDs claim that veteran traders are the ones behind the company. They allegedly have several years of experience in trading various assets. Their only focus is to deliver the best trading conditions to the public. However, the platform leaves out essential data behind. 

We do not know the individuals that are running the whole scheme. Anonymity is not something to be proud of. This is because even the law requires that every investment venture disclose the financial manager and the analysts handling the investors’ funds. 

GlobeCFDs is assuring clients that their only mandate is to ensure there is an optimal trading environment. The market is always volatile. The company should instead be disclosing how they aim to minimize the risks instead of featuring false narratives. 

They will only treat you ethically so long as you are willing to deposit more money. However, once they discover you are broke, the broker will have no other choice but to get rid of you.

Invest with some of the best forex trading companies in the market. These are entities that have a history. You can also view their performances. The brokers have nothing to hide. 

Trading Conditions of GlobeCFDs

GlobeCFDs has three trading accounts. They claim to have an MT4 interface. All accounts come with educational materials like eBooks, competitive spreads, and access to the trending news. Additionally, the scheme researches for their clients.

Globecfds Review, Features

Sadly, it appears that the entity does not even have a trading platform. The firm does not even fit in referring to itself to a broker. The leverage and spread that the venture feature cannot be attained. Whoever is responsible for the company only compiled generic information to lure in more victims. 

Withdrawal and Deposit of GlobeCFDs

The minimum amount that one requires to trade in this scheme is $500. This is way above the basic market standard. Why would the venture overcharge customers yet they do not have investment products or services. Moreover, there is also contradictory information that the scheme shows. The least deposit amount for the bank transfer is $10,000.

GlobeCFDs lists payment methods like; wire transfers, debit cards, and credit cards. The duration for them to handle the withdrawal request is 2 days. There are no application fees. Nonetheless, you should not believe the info that the scheme features on the website. It is prone to manipulation. Furthermore, we are yet to encounter anyone that has earned from the company.

Customer Support

The way GlobeCFDs praise their support, you would think the company cares about their clients. The firm states it has high standard support and treats its clients fairly. The reality is disheartening. For starters, the firm does not have an office address. 

They claim that clients can visit their offices at particular hours. This is another attempt to appear as a transparent firm. Their phone number has a UK code, but this is not their operating station. Scammers are scared of revealing their country of origin or specific office area. This is because the authority would come after them and put the con artists behind bars. 

Traders should not expect any special treatment from the team. Their sales rep will be on the phone with you, urging you to deposit more money once you do this; that will be the end of it. They start being unethical if you start inquiring about your money.

Trading with a legit broker saves you the trouble. Genuine firms have the best support. Issues that clients experience are reserved on time. Get yourself a reputable scheme today!

Regulation Status of GlobeCFDs

GlobeCFDs leave out critical information. There is no section on the website that they care to disclose if they are licensed or not. This is an offshore company. They ignore the rules that the regulatory bodies have put in place to defraud innocent people. 

You should not expect fund safety from the platform. The firm does not even have a compensation scheme. A licensed broker works with a top-tier-1 bank. They segregate the account of users into separate accounts. Therefore, your money cannot be used for any other purpose apart from the intended one.

GlobeCFDs lacks a parent company. There is no one to hold accountable for the actions that the firm makes. The venture is also not reporting its daily activities to anyone. They also lack a trading platform implying that the venture is not involved in investment activities. 

All these red flags prove that you will be dealing with a rogue scheme. There are several advantages that you will enjoy by investing in a platform that has a license. 

The Domain Insight is a venture that has been in the market recently. Their website registration took place in April 2021. It shall expire after a year. The people that are behind the scheme are anonymous. The traffic that is coming into the platform is also unpealling. A short timeframe of the domain name is another red flag. Most of the ventures tend not to come back after the expiry. Some even leave the industry earlier once exposed. 

Final Verdict

GlobeCFDs is not a trading scheme. The objective of the firm is only to steal from innocent traders. Those that join them with the hope of making profits are in for a rude shock. We recommend that you invest smartly. 

They do not have client reviews. It is hard to know the experience of those that have tried out the broker. However, considering that the entity lacks a trading interface and a license, it is best to stay away. 

Here are some of the prominent forex trading companies in the industry. You will make a decent income. However, you should not join them with the hope of becoming rich overnight. Trading requires patience. 


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