GMM Invest Review: Avoid this Platform

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GMM Invest Review
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GMM Invest further states it has a verifiable financial performance. They have also grown successfully in the past years. However, the claims of this entity are false. The platform is not genuine. After checking them in the database, we found nil results.

GMM Invest is a company that claims it provides premium trading services and products. The firm is allegedly using technology and its team to generate the desired outcome. Our main concern is that this is an offshore scheme. These kinds of ventures do not survive long in the market. They will leave the market without giving notice.

GMM Invest Review, GMMInvest Company

If the trading activities of the entity are great, why don’t they present their performance? Additionally, we fail to understand the reason behind the anonymity nature of the company. The team it praises is nowhere to be seen. The entity speaks highly of the professional handling of investors’ funds. We cannot rely on empty words. 

Their statistics are also something else. How can the entity have over 350K customers yet none of them leave feedback regarding their experience? The total number of active accounts is 385 million. The broker is faking the numbers to appear like a genuine entity. We also doubt they have employees. 

Invest wisely by choosing these transparent and reputable forex trading companies. These are ventures that have been in the market for years, and you can check out their performance. The support team is also responsible and friendly. Any issue is resolved amicably. Review

GMM Invest is a venture that does not qualify to refer to itself as a broker. The venture turns a blind eye to the regulatory bodies in the world. It wants to act as an immune firm, but they present false information by claiming to be authorized. It is just a matter of time before the scheme is blacklisted.

The venture states that there is no risk-taking. How the entity manages to make the risks magically disappear is still a question we cannot answer. The assets that the entity deals with are super volatile. Therefore, you cannot just be making profits. This is far from a safe broker, and we doubt they can minimize the risks for traders.

Investors’ data is also at great risk. Identity theft is something not to joke with, and this is a major reason to avoid scammers. The moment you deposit funds to this entity, you are going to lose everything. Invest only with transparent schemes.

Trading Conditions of GMM Invest

The entity brags it has the best trading conditions in the industry. TIt has over 80 trading products, and the spreads could go as low as 0.0 pips. Their commissions are allegedly also low. Investors can execute trades at lightning speed. 

GMM Invest allows customers to use any strategy that best works for them. It could be hedging, EAs, or scalping. Whichever you feel is more profitable. They also assure clients that their funds are secure. The entity states it works with top-tier banks, but they fail to disclose which ones. There is also negative balance protection. 

We do not trust them as most of their statements turn out to be false. Moreover, most scammers are using technology to cover their illegal business. It has a web trader interface for the clients. It is basic, and the features are not desirable.

The available spreads for the clients are 3 pips for the majority of the available pairs. The market standard is 1 pip, and you could find better schemes that offer below that limit. In this venture, you will be required to pay more. The leverage is at 1:00, which is unfavorable. You are only going to lose money if you test the waters with this entity.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Clients can deposit funds via Qiwi, credit cards, or BTC. We understand that the entity does have charges for investors. However, the entity fails to feature a legal document. Therefore, we do not know how much they are charging. Review, Features

This is a mistake that you will not find with a genuine investment scheme. It is also likely that the entity is not going to process the withdrawal request. You cannot sue them as there is no contact. Avoid the broker as there is nothing for you here.

GMMInvest Customer Support

GMM Invest is praising its support. They have multilingual staff who are friendly and handle the request of investors in time. The address of the firm reveals it is operating in Saint Vincent and Grenadines. This is a paradise for the Ponzi scheme. Therefore, we discredit the entity as it will eventually leave the industry. 

There are several phone numbers that clients can use to reach the venture. The scheme also has Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and Korea office addresses. You would think it is possible to visit the office of the scheme. However, it is more likely that the support will stop engaging with investors when they realize the clients have run out of funds.

You cannot trace down GMM Invest. This is because it is an anonymous scheme. The people that are behind the entity are doing their level best to remain discreet. The only way that you can save yourself is to refrain from doing business with them.

Regulation Status of GMM Invest

The broker boldly claims it has a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is the regulatory body of the United Kingdom and has a series of rules that all companies collecting funds from their citizens must adhere to. The parent company of the entity is allegedly Innovative Market Investments LLC. 

GMM Invest further states it has a verifiable financial performance. They have also grown successfully in the past years. However, the claims of this entity are false. The platform is not genuine. After checking them in the database, we found nil results. This shows how far this firm will go to deceive innocent traders.

An investment scheme needs 730K EUR as capital for them to operate in the UK. In insolvency, the cash can be used as compensation, with each trade receiving 85K EUR. The entity must also report its daily trading activities. To ensure that the people handling investors’ funds are qualified, the agency requires that the firm present a list of its team.

The broker must also work with a reputable financial institution to safeguard the money of investors. You must always check if a platform is licensed before depositing money. This will help in safeguarding your funds and avoid offshore schemes.

The Domain Insight

The venture registration took place in 2016. The company deserves to have a trading history as this is enough time for them to prove they are trading. However, this being a scam, we are asking for too much. The domain is expected to expire in May 2022. They still have a long way to go, and we hope this review saves you from making a big mistake. Sadly, the traffic visiting the entity does not match the praise the firm showers itself.

Final Verdict

GMM Invest is just like all other fraudsters in the market. The only exception is that they have survived long in the market. This is a dangerous self-regulated scheme that is eying the funds of innocent traders. If you join them with the hope of making profits, you are in for a rude shock.

You can trade with some of the leading forex trading entities on the planet. These are professional schemes that are determined to help investors generate real-time profits. They also do have trading results.

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