Golden Forex Trade Review: A miserably Company

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Golden Forex Trade Review
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Golden Forex Trade does not report its daily activities to a watchdog. It is, therefore, very easy for them to fake results. Price manipulation is common and considering that the Ponzi scheme is not trading, it expects a bad experience.

Golden Forex Trade design is poorly made. They claim to offer premium services to clients. However, this is another fat lie. You can easily detect the suspicious traits of the platform. They also market themselves as a premium scheme.

Golden Forex Reviw, Golden Forex Company

The company is operating and collecting funds as they please. They have no plan of covering the needs of their customers. One of the features the broker brags about is availing their platform in multiple languages.

Golden Forex Trade claims that it is a multi-asset broker. The available assets include; Forex, cryptos, indices, metals, energies, shares, commodities, and shares. The venture will do anything to remain relevant in the eye of investors.

They are bragging about having a license from two major regulators. However, they do not care to disclose which one licenses their dirty scheme. If you do not research an entity before depositing funds, you will live to regret it.

The con artists will leave you high and dry. The scheme also claims it is segregating funds. However, this is another bogus statement. The bank the venture partners with is undisclosed. Nothing about this scheme makes perfect sense. Review

The entity is far from being the leading in the industry. The red flags they feature are unworthy to risk your funds. The company is collecting money from investors across the globe without giving a hoot about the law.

Moreover, there is no insurance on this platform. They also state to have negative balance protection. Never take the word of a scammer seriously. They end up disappointing their clients. The dirty scheme will exit the market, leaving you high and dry.

Golden Forex Trade is offering investors a chance to diversify their portfolios. Owe unto those that believe their words. They have 18 trading tools, 6 investment accounts, 12 trading platforms, over 1000 assets, and 25 videos for educating investors.

They do not see the importance of marketing themselves. The platform provides insufficient information on their trading activities. The scheme is a nasty scheme that does not have a license. They are going to defraud you without having second thoughts.

Invest with some of the best forex trading platform platforms in the industry. You are going to yield a reasonable amount of profit. They have the best trading conditions in the industry. Therefore, you will not suffer any undesirable results.

Trading Conditions and Available Platform

Unfortunately, this scheme is not trading. The offshore venture boasts it has 12 trading interfaces. However, there is no evidence of them having even a simple Web-based interface. The dirty scheme is not trading forex assets or any other mentioned activities.

Why would Golden Forex Trade collecting money from traders yet they are not investing? This is a Ponzi scheme! We suggest that you stick to entities that have the popular MT4 or MT5. Moreover, the scam also states it has a leverage of 1:1000 and a widespread of 1.1 pips.

How could this be possible? They are pushing their clients to risky limits. The regulatory bodies limit the cap to protect investors from experiencing huge risks. The EU, for instance, allows a cap of 1:30 while the Canadian and the USA agency allow that of 1:50.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The venture state it has over 15 methods of deposit. However, the only payment methods are Paxful, direct deposits, Bitcoin, and PayPal. You cannot issue a chargeback with them. The entity is trying very hard to keep the money of their customers in their system. Review, firm

There is no information about the fees, withdrawal, inactivity, and charges. They do not even care to provide a Terms and Conditions policy. Therefore, their clients are not protected. Why would you care to expose yourself to these fraudsters?

Golden Forex Trade is most likely going to overcharge its customers. The venture does not care about the well-being of customers. They will have hidden fees. Invest with transparent entities in the market.

False Award-Winning Claims

Golden Forex Trade claims that it has won several awards. Among these trophies are; the top 10 companies globally, over 3 industry awards, and having the best security for their clients’ funds. The scheme allegedly is also performed the best analysis and distribute nest forex news.

However, these are false statements as the venture does not disclose the organization that credits them these awards—the company state it has been featured in popular finance website and magazines. There is no evidence of these claims.

The Domain Insight is a platform that was registered in September 2020. They aim to be in the market for only one year. The majority of scammers operate for a short span. This is because they are exposed before they exit the industry. The people behind the entity are anonymous.

Golden Forex Trade Customer Support

The ­customer support is available via email and phone number. They also have a live chat. However, we cannot confirm that they are responsive. However, considering that this is not an investment scheme, we suggest you refrain from doing business with them.

The broker is not based in the US. The firm is using VoIP to indicate they are from a reputable area. However, this entity is an offshore broker. They will never respond to investors’ queries.

We suggest that you deal with a transparent company that is not afraid to indicate an office address. The legit company has will even provide their team. Credibility is all that matters when it comes to investment. You need to know that your funds are safe.

Golden Forex Trade Regulation and Registration

Golden Forex Trade features its registration certificate on the website. The information is not helpful. An offshore registration will not provide fund safety to you. The law requires that a company get a license to collect funds from citizens.

Therefore, this broker is breaking various countries’ regulatory requirements. Furthermore, investors will not receive fun safety. There is no segregation of funds in this entity. We suggest that you avoid them since the firm can exit the market at any time.

Golden Forex Trade does not report its daily activities to a watchdog. It is, therefore, very easy for them to fake results. Price manipulation is common and considering that the Ponzi scheme is not trading, it expects a bad experience.

Golden Forex Trade Client Feedback

Don’t you find it odd that the entity lacks reviews from its customers? The kind of returns that they are promising ought to have multiple endorsements. However, considering that there are no trading activities, it’s pretty obvious that traders have become smart.

The amazing trading conditions that Golden Forex Trade uses to attract customers seem not to work in their favor. The people that are managing the scheme are fraudulent. They cannot risk exposing themselves because the government will put them behind bars.

They may cold call you, guarantying the best outcome. However, you must remain vigilant and refrain from entrusting your money to the con artist. Ponzi schemes often use adverts to lure in more victims. Therefore, you should not easily trust them. Make sure that you run a thorough background check on an entity. This will help you to see whether they are worth the risk.

Final Verdict

Invest with the best forex trading entities that are reputable. You will earn real-time returns as you observe your security. Golden Forex Trade is a Ponzi scheme that will exploit you with their useless accounts.


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