Goldflame Review: a Smart Scam

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GoldFlame Review
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GoldFlame is a shady investment company that we do not recommend to investors. They do not have a single license from all the areas that they are operating from. The entity is after investors’ funds. Invest only with regulated firms in the market.

GoldFlame is allegedly an investment company that claims it will make investors trade successfully. The entity states that it is only working together with professionals in the market. They display multiple advantages that come with venturing with them.

The firm accepts a low deposit from their customers. However, this does not change the fact that this is a suspicious broker. Additionally, this firm is offering trading bonuses to their clients. We have constantly warned investors against taking such offers.

GoldFlame Review, GoldFlame Company

It is because there are strict measures that investors should meet for them to be able to withdraw funds. GoldFlame brags that it has the best trading conditions in the industry. Unfortunately, the platform is an obvious scam.

Despite this being an offshore entity, this company proclaims it offers the best trading analysis. Their expert team ensures that their customers usually attain the best outcome. Investment is all about facts, and once there is no evidence, we can term this as false claims.

GoldFlame utilizes innovative technology. Therefore, their trading activity is reliable. Moreover, investors can use their mobile devices to trade. The company guarantees nothing but favorable opportunities for investors. Review

The forex trading entity is convincing and brags about having several account managers. Additionally, they also have a number of experts in various fields, and analysts. It seems that this entity handles all the trading services for their clients.

It is not a good indicator and shows that the entity is not good. In most cases, legit financial investment companies do not make decisions for their clients. Additionally, the venture is also a market maker.

The problem of trusting an entity like GoldFlame is because they can make you lose funds deliberately. The fraudulent venture will provide losing trading signals, which will affect your whole trading activity.

Instead of wasting your money on a suspicious company, we advise you to venture with legit forex trading platforms.  The government regulates these firms. Additionally, they provide the best services in the industry.

GoldFlame is a broker that targets investors from countries that have well jurisdiction. We examined their website but could not find anything unique about this platform. The broker is a complete joke.

Trading Conditions

GoldFlame claims that investors can access their trading platform from anywhere. Investors enjoy maximum profits after utilizing their ready available advisors. Traders’ area also assured that they have full access to their portfolio.

Moreover, you can view trading charts and transact funds instantly. Furthermore, the firm also allows traders to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. They have 6 trading accounts. The more funds you deposit, the higher your reward will be.

GoldFlame Review, GoldFlame Trading Conditions

GoldFlame provides an xcritical web-based trading interface. It has various features, but still, it is no much for the MT4. Moreover, this entity only offers the MetaTrader to investors who deposit funds above $4000.

Nonetheless, we are not certain whether it is available. The broker provides a spread of 2 pips on the EURUSD currency pair. Their leverage cap is that of 1:200, which is more than what most of the financial regulators permit.

GoldFlame Withdrawal and Deposits

Investors can cash in funds using Neteller, Visa, Cryptos, OrangePay, MasterCard, and Skrill. The minimum amount that you can deposit in this at GoldFlame is $250. There are other better entities that accept as low as $100.

If we fail to convince you that this is a bad choice company uses the credit/debit card payment method. It will allow you to issue a chargeback for 540 days. The least amount of money that you can cash out is $50.

Legit investment companies will never limit you on the amount of money you can cash out. Additionally, GoldFlame requires traders to trade at least 5 times to not be subjected to a 5% withdrawal fee.

It is a red flag that shows this broker is a Ponzi scheme. Moreover, this firm does not indicate the time it takes to process the withdrawal request. You might have to wait till eternity before hearing from them.

Account inactivity starts counting from a period of 90 days. The venture charges a fee of 5% per month. Legit investment firms have a fixed fee to their customers and do not exceed $10. Investors should keenly note these red flags.

Customer Support

Gold Flame states that its customer support team is responsive and competent. The firm assures investors that once they encounter any issue, the venture will help them resolve it in time. There is a web-based chat on their company, which allows investors to contact their managers instantly.

This company’s office address is at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Rd, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands mh96960. Investors can contact the entity via email. It is an old fashion manner of communication.

Moreover, there will be less engagement from the platform. GoldFlame has proven to be a scam. Therefore, there is no need to respond to the questions of their clients. Trade only with the best broker that cares about your experience.

GoldFlame Regulation Status

GoldFlame is an entity that is blacklisted by the European watchdog. The venture is operating without having the required documentation. The entity is being managed by a corporate that is located on Marshall Island.

Additionally, this venture also states that it is observing the rules of St Vincent and Grenadines. These two areas are infamous for accommodating fraudulent investment companies. They have lenient requirements for companies.

GoldFlame is offering its service to citizens of the EU. The government has set up tough measures that every platform must adhere to before beginning its operations. The firm is targeting innocent investors.

Avoid this suspicious entity. Its main focus is to defraud as many people as they can. The venture does not offer safety of funds since they are not licensed. Invest with companies that are licensed because it will save you from a lot of troubles.

The Domain Insight

GoldFlame is a company that has been in the market for a long time. The entity was established in January 2007. They have no intention of leaving the market anytime soon. However, you cannot be certain with an offshore venture.

You might be surprised to find that this entity collapse with the funds of their clients. Their domain is expected to expire in 2023 January. Despite being in the market for all these years, the entity has very low traffic of 1,133,984. Their audience geography remains unknown.

Lack of client reviews shows that this entity is operating illegally. Traders seem not to interest in the services of this entity. The best thing to do is to look for viable platforms to deposit your funds. Trade wisely.

Final Verdict

GoldFlame is a company that is operating illegally. The investment entity does not have anything positive to offer their clients. They are blacklisted, and trading with them only exposes you to severe risks.

The company has a mixed reaction from their clients. We found some people claiming to have earned using this broker. However, there is no visible proof. Moreover, this firm also is not licensed, and anything can happen.

Invest only with the best forex trading companies that are reputable and regulated. You can also view their trading results whenever you please. Their customer support service is professional and responds on time to their clients. Additionally, you can also read the testimonials of their customers.

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