Grand Prime Stock Review: Avoid Them

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Grand Prime Stock does not have enough funds to hire a sound team. The entity will cut you off and never respond to your query. The venture does not care about clients. It would help if you did not allow them to leave your account with a negative balance.

Grand Prime Stock live chat would make you think that the entity cares for investors. The venture states it is the best trading platform in the market. Certainly, you cannot trust them as the platform already has negative feedback from their clients. This is not the only reason you should stay away from the firm. Please stick with us as we unravel this murky venture.

Grand Prime Stock Review, Grand Prime Stock Company

The platform allegedly wants traders to attain financial freedom. Investors who think trading is a walk in the park are the ones that mainly suffer from scam activities. It takes patience and skills to become a skillful trader. Any other company that states otherwise only wants access to your cash.

Grand Prime Stock does all the hard work for clients. They analyze the market on your behalf. Despite being young in the industry, the entity features statistics that make us question their whole business. They allegedly have over 200K active traders, the services of the firm are available in over 25 countries, and the available trading instruments are over 200.

Even the legit forex trading brokers in the market took time before winning over clients. You cannot just start and have the numbers. Users need assurance that the entity is legit. We suggest that you only deal with the best forex trading entities that have the sole purpose of meeting the expectation of investors. Review

The company brags it has a wide variety of assets for investors. You can choose to trade forex, commodities, crypto, stocks, or indices. Grand Prime Stock believes it has a superior trading platform and an easy-to-use interface. They have an educational program for clients. The information is accessible to all in the form of webinars and other material.

We did not get to see the educational course. Hence, we cannot validate that customers are getting high-quality information. The broker is targeting traders that are hungry for greater opportunities. You will trade like a pro after you learn. They ridiculously claim that it can even take one day to become a skillful trader. Anyone that has traded before will tell you this is a mere bluff.

Moreover, Grand Prime Stock also claims it has been featured on various financial platforms. However, we have seen nasty schemes paying for press releases. They use a lot of money to appear on such websites. However, after checking, we did not find the entity being promoted. Additionally, the venture states it has a five-star rating from its customers.

After thorough research, we found out that the only thing the platform has is dissatisfied customers. There are numerous complaints. Those that join the scheme with the hope of making profits are in for a rude shock. This is a shady unregulated venture with a series of red flags.

The Domain Insight

Grand Prime is a company that was established in May 2021. The platform plans to be in the industry for only one year. One of the ways to identify a scam is by checking its domain period. It is unlikely for fraud to survive past a year in the industry. The traffic that is visiting the platform is also inadequate.

Trading Conditions of Grand Prime Stock

The entity is allegedly not charging commission to investors. The leverage of the firm could go up to 1:400. Grand Prime Stock futures have low spreads, and they analyze the market daily. Users are said to receive trading ideas regularly that could help them win. Review, Platform

Grand Prime Stock Withdrawal and Deposits

Grand Prime Stock futures payment options like BTC, ETH, MasterCard, and Wire Transfer. If you make payment via digital currencies, you cannot get your money back. Neither can you know the person that receives the funds? The venture is taking an inactivity fee of 5% every month if you are inactivity for 90 days. 

This is a short time frame, and a regulated platform would not exploit clients with such high fees. Percentage form charges are not ideal. The firm is also charging a withdrawal fee, but they do not disclose the actual amount. Clients cannot cash out the bonuses without meeting the trading volume. The turnover that the scheme requires is a million dollars. This is impossible for anyone to execute. 

This is also why regulatory bodies in the market do not permit brokers to offer such lucrative. The company is trying its level best to limit investors from getting back their money.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The customer support allegedly operates 24/7. The broker boasts it is a community of successful clients. They assign each person an account manager. Unfortunately, Grand Prime Stock sees no need to availing their physical address on their website. Traders must know where a scheme is located before depositing funds.

The company wants clients to verify their trading accounts for withdrawal purposes, yet it cannot show its country of origin. Moreover, customers can reach the platform via filling in a contact form. There is no email or phone number. A legit broker understands the importance of having world-class support. They would never destroy their PR like the way this scheme has done.

Grand Prime Stock does not have enough funds to hire a sound team. The entity will cut you off and never respond to your query. The venture does not care about clients. It would help if you did not allow them to leave your account with a negative balance.

Grand Prime Stock Regulation Status

Grand Prime Stock allegedly has enforced reliable custody of investors’ funds.  This is an offshore scheme operating from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is an island that does not have a financial regulator. Hence, a paradise for Ponzi schemes to conduct their business in any way they please.

Investing in this scheme exposes you to severe risk because it is not secure. We suggest that you stick to firms that are well regulated by prominent regulatory bodies like the ASIC, NFA, CySEC, and FCA.

The scheme also purports to be from the UK. A region that is dedicated to ensuring the trading environment is suitable for its citizens. A platform needs 730K EUR, a list of their account managers, and reporting their financial activities to the FCA. However, Grand Prime Stock is a shady scheme that meets either of the above terms. 

Final Verdict

There are many ways you can use to generate money online. Trading is one of them, and there are several brokers trading forex and crypto plus other assets. However, if you settle with Grand Prime Stock, it is a blind move. One that will leave you high and dry. There is no future for the ones that trade with this fraud.

Invest with reputable forex trading companies. These are firms that have a license from a famous financial watchdog in the industry. You can utilize them and earn real-time returns. 

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