Grand Trade FX Review: Avoid them!

Grand Trade FX Review, Grand Trade FX Company
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Grand Trade FX Review
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Investors should avoid believing in the get rich narrative that Ponzi schemes and scam platforms use. Forex trading is a volatile market,and steady unrealistic returns are almost impossible. Grand Trade FX is a shady platform which has even be blacklisted by financial watchdogs. Invest with licensed forex trading brokers to avoid loosing your hard-earned money.

Grand Trade FX is a platform that was allegedly launched in 2006. The company claims that it is one of the best reliable ventures in the market.

Traders can invest in cryptocurrency, indices, commodities, currencies, and forex. These assets are very volatile, and even though they are profitable, you cannot just join the market and become rich.

Grand Trade FX Review, Grand Trade FX Company

Unfortunately, this is not a reliable investment firm that you can trust with your fund. In this review, we shall give you unbiased information regarding this company. They failed to provide essential information that can help in building trust.

We recommend that you invest with legit forex trading brokers that have been serving multiple clients deligently. Your money will be safe in this ventures and you can sleep peacefully knowing you won’t be conned.

Nonetheless, this platform claims that it has built a great reputation in the market. It states that it has high ethical standards and high-quality trading tools. Sadly, all these are unverifiable statements to make the entity appear as a transparent firm. Review

Grand Trade FX is a platform that is dealing with binary options and BTC trading. They brag about standard features that are common with other investment companies. The entity is a shivering trader that will have a transparent and 100% withdrawal process.

It is the investors’ right to cash out their money whenever they please without encountering any problem. The company states it segregate funds of the investors into separate accounts. It is an offshore entity; it is hard to believe their claims.

Grand Trade FX proclaims that customer satisfaction is one of their targets. Nonetheless, we are yet to see investors endorsing this entity. Investment is all about facts and statistics; if there are none, it is possible because a company is shady.

The platform has a demo account that investors can use to increase their trading skills. You need to create an account, and select an investment plan that best suits your needs. Unfortunately, you will never receive your earning or funds back.

The venture does not limit investors on the volume that they can trade. They don’t charge any commission or fees to their clients. However, there are other fees that this firm charges. The main drawback is that scammers might change their terms of services.

Grand Trade FX Investment Plans and Trading Conditions

Grand Trade FX has six investment plans: Basic, bronze, Silver, Gold, Premium, and Ultimate. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $250. The highest acceptable amount is $10,000.

There are no trading activities taking place in this venture. The firm does not have a trading platform. There is no use of MT4/MT5/web-based interface. This company is fraudulent.

Grand Trade FX Scam Review, Grand Trade Fx Investment plans

Moreover, the entity does not disclose the leverage or spread that traders will enjoy. Additionally, the platform is trading in Binary Option, which several financial watchdogs have disqualified.

These assets are more like gambling commodities. You might lose big. The market being volatile, it is hard predicting your next return. The promises of fraudsters are all vague and misleading.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Investors can deposit funds using several payment methods. These include; BTC, Wire transfer, and bank transfer. The main problem is that you cannot issue a chargeback once you deposit money.

If you lose your money, there is no way that you are going to recover. Sadly, this scam does not have a Term and Conditions policy. Clients will never know what they are signing up for.

Grand Trade FX can have hidden charges or change their terms without notice. The bonus requirements, dormant account conditions, and charges that the broker charge remain undefined.

We find it surprising that this venture offers a referral reward to those that help them increase clients. This is a scam operating as a pyramid scheme.

Grand Trade FX Contacts Details

The company is confused and displays contradicting information. The office address of Grand Trade FX is in Toronto, Canada. However, the phone number that they have listed is from the United States.

Moreover, data regarding the corporate that manage the operation of this broker is not available. The entity is shady and most definitely operating in a remote location. The best thing that you can do is to find a transparent and trustworthy investment platform.

You cannot trust a company that is not straightforward. You will be sharing your personal data with anonymous people who do not care about making you rich or earning reasonable returns.

Regulation Status

Grand Trade FX is not a regulated broker. The company is operating illegally without the permission of financial bodies in the market. Stringent investment venture requirements are taking a closer look at where the broker claims to be operating from.

The platform is not in the NFA database of the USA or the IIROC of the Canadian government. The firm is ignorant about the law and does not offer fund safety.

One of the priorities that you should look for in a company is the safety of the information that you share. Legit brokers adhere to the rules and jurisdiction of the country that they are accepting clients from.

They segregate investors’ accounts and disclose the financial institutions’ information that they partner with to the public. This way, you will have all the assurance that you need. The narrative of getting rich quick is misleading.

Regulatory bodies are on the watch to ensure that investors are not suffering at the hands of scammers. These strict measures are meant to protect traders. Some advantages come with trading with unregulated brokers.

However, in the long run, you find that there is no assurance. You can wake up one day to find that the broker has exited the market. It isn’t easy to track them down since there is too concrete information left behind.

Is Grand Trade FX Profitable?

The binary trading company is not profitable. They are operating illegally and guarantee absurd rewards to their clients. The entity has also received a warning from Belize’s regulatory body.

Trading with a blacklisted broker is a huge mistake. We suggest that you look for a better alternative in the market to avoid losing funds. They do not offer fund safety, which is a big mistake.

The real location of Grand Trade FX remains a mystery. The platform features false information on their website to appear as a transparent venture. Investors should be careful when engaging with anonymous brokers.

Final Verdict

Grand Trade FX is a subtle scam that is so obvious. The company is operating illegally without complying with the set rules. They do not reveal the corporate that is responsible for overseeing their services.

Moreover, this platform is unregulated. Therefore, they do not guarantee fund safety to investors. Trading with this venture will only leave debt in your pocket. Scammers have no intention of making you rich.

Invest with legit forex trading brokers that are reliable and legit. You will earn better returns while you focus on other activities. Moreover, you can also read their happy clients review. The trading results are also available creating more trust.


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