Gs4Trade Review: It Is not a Viable Trading Broker

Gs4Trade Review, Gs4Trade Company
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Gs4Trade Review
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Gs4Trade is a company that claims to be a trusted broker with multiple trading instruments and an optimal trading environment for its clients. Unfortunately, the company is unregulated and fails to meet industry standards. Invest with reputable forex trading brokers to avoid making unnecessary losses.

Gs4Trade is a company that does not meet the requirement to call itself the best broker. The entity markets itself as the trusted global broker. The entity is trading Forex, Metals, Indices, CFDs, Energies, and Shares.

The suspicious entity is allegedly getting its liquidity from NASDAQ, and NYSE. Investors will allegedly execute trade instantly. The website is simply built and it is easy to miss out on the red flags especially if you are a novice investor.

Gs4Trade Review, Gs4Trade Company

Gs4Trade brags that it has been in the market since 2011. Since then they have enjoyed success in trading multiple assets. However, the platform does not have verifiable history. They welcome newbies to join the movement and yield high returns like their other customers.

Sadly, if you buy the information which this scheme is using you will be counting loses. The statistics which features are only meant to lure in more victims. The broker brag of having over 2 million customers and more new clients continue to join them as time passes.

Trust only the best forex trading companies that are reputable and legit. These companies have been in the industry for years. Additionally, they use real time data that can be verified. You can also read their happy customers reviews which are reliable. Review

Gs4Trade is a company that is not worth anybody’s time. The entity is another waste of cyberspace. It brags of being an award-winning entity. Unfortunately, we do not even know the title that they hold or the organization that recognizes them.

The broker allegedly has various trading instruments, accounts, and trading platform. It believes that it is the next big thing in the market. The reason why investors should settle with them is due to the ‘25 awards’ they have.

Gs4Trade should give us more reasons that are verifiable. We cannot just believe in their words blindly. Their FAQ page is a complete joke. It does not shed right or answer various questions. The entity should present its trading results instead to show us how they have been performing.

Opening an account on this scam website is a straightforward process. You need to let the platform know about your trading experience. Deposit funds after presenting the firm with your data. Thereafter you can start earning.

Gs4Trade Trading Conditions

The platform offers educational materials to its clients. The information is presented in form of videos. They also brag of having over 80 trading indicators, 14 types of charts and 50 drawing tools. Traders are assured of getting a notification at all times.

Moreover, this entity also claims that it is offering a MetaTrader interface to its clients. However, this is another ploy to deceive innocent investors. The only available platform is Sirix which is commonly used by scammers.

It is easy for them to manipulate data and display whatever they want. No advantage comes with using this interface. Gs4Trade lying to having an MT4 is a serious offence. The entity is offering leverage of 1:200 which is high than what the regulatory body permits.

The spread EURUSD spread is that of 0.5 pips. It is a great offer that will benefit traders. Nonetheless, we do not recommend this scam to the public. They will just exploit their clients and we suspect there is no trading activity taking place.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Gs4Trade accepts a minimum deposit of 250 GBP/EUR. The broker is above the standard market cap that other reputable companies take. You can cash in using wire transfer, debit or credit cards. Payment done using wire transfer cannot be reversed or traced.

We always advise investors to use the bank method since it is safer. Investors can cash out whatever amount they please there is no restriction. Nonetheless, there are some charges which you will have to pay.

However, Gs4Trade is not transparent and does not disclose the actual figure. The company does not have a policy for an inactive account. Avoid this entity at all costs and it is an illegitimate scheme that will only leave you high and dry.

Contact Details

Gs4Trade is an offshore broker that is based at Marshall Island. The platform features the icon of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook but they will lead you to the home page once you click. There is also a phone number and email that you can use to contact the entity.

We do not know the response rate of this broker. A lot is missing from their website. Additionally, no client feedback validates the performance of the firm. There will be nowhere to run to once this scam exit the market.

Gs4Trade will not treat its clients professionally. They are only looking after themselves and will leave you high and dry. Use other alternatives in the market rather than wasting time in this fraudulent entity.

Regulation Status

The entity is not licensed by financial watchdogs in the market. The broker is not licensed by any regulatory broker in the market. The entity claims that it segregates the funds of investors in separate accounts. However, they are not licensed and you should not take their word seriously.

Gs4Trade is a dangerous platform. Their location is infamous for all the wrong reasons. You should not trade with a broker that does not provide fund safety. There are better investment schemes in the market that has no intention of stealing from their customers.

The Domain Insight

The company made its first digital footprint in September 2020. The platform is only registered for a period of one year. They present false information to appear as if the firm has a trading history. There are better investment entities that do not showcase false information to investors.

The people running this firm are anonymous. There is no info left behind that indicate who they are or their experience. Moreover, the traffic visiting the broker is wanting. The entity has nothing to offer. It is also possible that there are no trading activities taking place.

Is Gs4Trade worth Investors Trust?

We do not recommend this company to the public. They have proven to avail false information. The company will do anything that can help them acquire more audience. Unfortunately, this firm is not licensed. They have a web-based trading platform. Trading with this entity will not generate high returns.

Gs4Trade Scam Review, Gs4Trade Features

Investors should not gamble with the safety of their money. Whoever is responsible for this entity only built a website and used the perfect sales pitch. Sadly, behind the scenes, there is no investment activity taking place.

The entity is targeting investors from all over the world. The initial deposit that the firm requires is way too huge. The reputation of Gs4Trade is at stake. Moreover, they do not offer MT4. Their features are also fake and only meant to entice naïve clients.

Final Verdict

Gs4Trade is a company that claims to be offering a number of assets. Unfortunately, there is nothing unique regarding this firm. Investors should refrain from entrusting their funds with this broker. The government will not come to your aid once they disappear with your money.

Invest with the best forex trading brokers in the industry. These companies have an existing trading history. Moreover, you can read the testimonials of their happy clients in third party websites. You will earn genuine real time income.

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