HanKiv Review: Hankiv.com a Useless Forex Broker

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HanKiv Review
  • Reliability
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  • Fund Safety


HanKiv features third-party charts. It does not serve them any good or their clients. The venture is unprofessional. We could not view the trading platform that the entity provides. This could be because the venture does not have one.

HanKiv is a platform that is allegedly trading forex, crypto, commodities, and CFDs. The venture also claims it has quality-trading tools. Unfortunately, the trading conditions of the firm are unfavorable to investors. They don’t have enough funds to hire copywriters to translate their webpage. Instead, they use Google to translate their pages. Of course, you can expect errors if English is not your native language.

HanKiv Review. HanKiv Company

The people that are managing this entity are only after your funds. There is no point in entrusting your funds to them. It is hard to know whether this entity is involved in investment services and products. HanKiv is not a safe place for investors.

The venture is not working with any bank in the industry to segregate the funds of traders. It is therefore risky to entrust your money and data to them. The company cannot even share contact details with its clients.

Clearly, there is nothing for you here. Invest with legit forex trading companies in the industry. You will receive a better outcome. Moreover, their trading conditions are ideal and suitable for your needs. These firms will not expose you to unfavorable conditions.

HanKiv.com Review

The company brags about having years of experience in the industry. They are accepting traders from all over the world. HanKiv.com is desperately looking for investors. They even fake their regulatory status.

The platform also mentions it has a trading demo. However, you cannot learn anything from a proven scam. The firm will manipulate data to imply you are ready to open a live account. Once you do this, the venture will exploit you.

HanKiv does not intend to better the skills of its customers. The broker is not secure for traders. Moreover, the fraud is requesting clients’ ID to verify their accounts. Considering that the platform is operating shady, we don’t recommend sharing such critical data.

They may leave you high and dry. The only thing that the entity is asking of traders is for them to copy the strategy of their successful investors. It is not the most effective technique of trading. Take our advice and get a better reliable trading partner.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Another huge red flag is the dedication of HanKiv to remain mysterious. The company does not have a physical address. Moreover, the only way that you can contact them is via email. The entity also states that traders can contact them via phone.

However, we did not encounter a phone number on the website. Their offices are also open from Monday to Friday. The scam is bluffing. Once you entrust your money to the venture, that will be the end of you. HanKiv does not have sufficient funds to hire a qualified team. The quarks behind this Ponzi scheme lack the skills to treat you professionally.

Regulatory and Registration Status of HanKiv

The venture states that it has a license from the watchdog of Canada. The body responsible for overseeing investment firms is known as the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC).

However, HanKiv claims that FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada) is the venture that regulates them. Unfortunately, this is not the regulatory body but a national financial intelligence agency.

The scheme is trying to confuse investors. Of course, as a newbie, you may not know the regulatory body or the importance of investing with a licensed firm. Therefore, you become an easy target for the scammers.

Moreover, you are not going to get fund safety from HanKiv. The company is looking after its selfish gains. They will leave you high and dry. It becomes hard for the government to track down an anonymous broker.

Considering that there is no tangible evidence that shows who are the people behind the venture. No advantage comes with an unregulated entity without a trading history. There are legit investment platforms in the market that you can use.

Trading Conditions

The disturbing scheme does not feature the spread that investors get despite claiming to be a forex broker. Their leverage is also risky as it exposes you to hazardous limits. A 1:1000 cap is beyond what the financial regulatory bodies permits.

HanKiv.com Review, HanKiv.com Trading Conditions

Moreover, HanKiv features third-party charts. It does not serve them any good or their clients. The venture is unprofessional. We could not view the trading platform that the entity provides. This could be because the venture does not have one.

The company fails to feature links that investors can use to download a trading interface. There is a high chance that this scam does not even have services or products for investment. Their website is full of malice. The venture is not worth a dime.

HanKiv Withdrawal and Deposit

The entity is a bogus entity that does not see the need to have transparent withdrawal and deposit requirements. The company fails to disclose the payment methods that traders can use to fund their accounts. The information is not available to the public.

Given that the registration link is also missing, we highly suspect that one has to be referred to this entity. Therefore, you can expect shady options that limit you from issuing a chargeback. All the funds deposited to this entity will automatically be lost.

Legit investment platforms will clearly indicate the minimal amount that one can cash into their system. They also have popular payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Crypto wallets, Skrill, and even wire transfers.

When investing with a new entity that lacks a trading history, we suggest using a bank card. It allows you to get your money back for up to 540 days. HanKiv is an entity that you need to avoid. They may be charging hefty fees. However, scammers only reveal such information once you request the withdrawal. The broker does not have the best interest of their customers.

The Domain Insight

HanKiv.com is a company that has been in the industry since 2005. That is a long time not to have a trading history. They may have purchased a domain name from another company that has nothing to do with trading.

Finance and investment are all about facts and statics. Unfortunately, with this company, there is nothing that proves its legitimacy. The registrar of the venture is anonymous. Additionally, the global traffic visiting the venture is undesirable.

Lack of Client Feedback

The attractive leverage that the company advertises has not awarded them clients’ feedback. It is most likely that traders can identify their murkiness. The best way to understand how a company operates is to read its customer feedback. Unfortunately, there is nothing for you at HanKiv.

The company is still new in the industry. They may follow the trend of other Ponzi schemes whereby the ventures high random people to review them. The broker also leaves false testimonials on their websites to attract more victims.

Final Verdict

It is easy to detect that HanKiv is not a legit investment company. The entity has been defrauding investors for the longest time. They even use third-party trading charts. This shows how far this cheap Ponzi scheme will go to get access to your money.

Moreover, it is impossible to register to this platform. The company only let the few selected to join them. We don’t know the criteria that the broker is using. However, we highly suspect they are using a referral program.

Invest with the best forex trading brokers in the industry. You will receive a better outcome from the entities. The entities will not expose you to undesirable trading limits. You trade as you improve on your skills.

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