HappyHour Fund Review: A dirty Scam to Avoid

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HappyHour Fund Review
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The company is a mysterious entity that we do not know its trading conditions or the mechanism they are using. The firm claims that it is easy for its clients to start earning. The Ponzi scheme is not regulated. Invest with genuine companies.

HappyHour Fund just like the name suggests this is a company that claims it will generate returns on an hourly basis. The company does not even bother to disclose the assets it is offering. They jump straight into their plans.

You do not need rocket science to know that this is a scam. Moreover, the platform does not have an About Us page. The red flag that you see is enough to make you avoid the venture. These fraudsters only care about enriching themselves.

HappyHour Fund Review, HappyHour Fund Company

HappyHour Fund is a pyramid scheme that does not have investment products or services. The people that are managing this scheme are also anonymous. The company is using funds that new investors cash in to pay their pioneer investors.

You should not join this venture reason being you lose the safety of your money. Additionally, even if you make money another person is going to lose. The world is rotten and people do not care about each other. This is the reason these scammers keep on coming.

On our website, we are dedicated to exposing fraudulent entities. The company is targeting novice traders. It is hard to find an expert investor wasting time and money in a losing scheme like this one. Therefore, stay away from them.

Happyhour.fund Review

The information regarding the founder is not available on this website. We do not know the people that are managing the operation of this scam. There is a reason that they are operating in this manner. This is to avoid the authority putting them behind bars.

Anonymity is one of the characteristics that are common with fraudulent platforms. If they do not have anything to hide the firm would be transparent. Additionally, with the kind of results that the broker advertises people should be flocking to their website.

Certainly, this is not the case. The domain name of HappyHour Fund is still new. Moreover, the platform does not aspire to be in the market for long. They will exit the industry after attaining their objectives.

The lack of trading results indicates that the company is not paying. We are still wondering how the entity is able to generate high returns within such a short duration. Investors are promised an hourly return of 3% each hour. This is a lot of money and even if they are dealing with crypto or forex assets it is impossible you generate such an amount.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are transparent. You are going to earn real time returns. These are some of the best entities in the market that are offering multiple currencies pairs to investors.

How Does HappyHour Fund Operate?

Unfortunately, we do not have an answer for you. The company is a mysterious entity that we do not know its trading conditions or the mechanism they are using. The firm claims that it is easy for its clients to start earning.

They are allegedly using the best technology in the market. Therefore, you will invest with ease. However, it has become the norm of these fraudsters to exploit investors by hiding behind the use of technology.

The real sense is that there is no investment activity taking place in this dirty scheme. They also guarantee the instant withdrawal of funds. The money will be sent to your account every hour. They do not need any effort from you.

HappyHour Fund also has an entity that is offering an affiliate program to its clients. The payouts are very high. It is the reason we believe the company is the main source of income is this one. The more people you bring the greater the chances of you becoming rich.

Investment Plans and Returns

HappyHour Fund has four investment plans that are exaggerated. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $10-$3000. You will generate a range of 1.15% up to 3% returns within 92 hours. For starters, it is not possible to earn such a amount of returns within such a short timeframe.

The more money that you deposit the greater the reward you will receive. The platform’s most attractive plan assures investors of 30% profit within 12 hours. The deals of this entity are too good to be true.

HappyHour Fund Review, HappyHour.Fund Benefits

Additionally, there is no evidence of payment. Therefore, if you chose to invest with them you will be doing it blindly. HappyHour Fund is a dirty scam that will not release your earnings. They highlight a number of advantages that you will get by trading with them.

However, all we see are red flags with this scheme. Our best advice is for you to look for a genuine investment firm. There are a number of entities that you can use. Invest wisely and be mindful of scammers in the industry.

Regulation and Registration of HappyHour Fund

The company features a registration certificate. Acquiring this document is an easy process in the UK. Additionally, it is also cheaper. However, this does not guarantee the safety of your funds. The thing that you should be looking for is a license from the FCA.

The government of the UK is one of those that have put strict measures to protect their customers against engaging with fraudsters. A company must deposit a working capital of 730K EUR. The funds act as compensation to investors in case the broker faces bankruptcy.

Additionally, the platform must report its daily activities to the financial watchdog. HappyHour Fund has not met any of these requirements. Therefore, entrusting them with your money is a big mistake.

The entity is also capable of changing its terms and conditions policy. There is also a high possibility of them having hidden charges just to limit you from withdrawing money. Invest with genuine investment venture.

Customer Support

Before you invest with any company it is important that you research to know the quality of customer care services. In the case of HappyHour Fund, they do not have customer feedback. We find this abnormal considering they are promising quick riches to investors.

The platform is operating as it, please. There is nothing good that will come from entrusting your hard-earned funds with them. They do not have a communication channel with traders. Therefore, it is impossible to get hold of the people running this entity.

HappyHour Fund does not intend to resolve the problem that customers will face. You will need to handle the issue yourself. It is unwise to trust a venture with such red flags. There is no point in signing up with them. Trade with other reputable and transparent entities instead.

Final Verdict

HappyHour Fund is using payment methods that do not allow investors to issue a chargeback. You can cash in using BTC. Perfect Money or Paycore. The platform does not hide the fact that it is not involved with any investment services.

The company does not have a trading history. Moreover, they are not regulated to operate in any country in the world. The people behind this dirty scheme are nasty fraudsters who are operating behind closed doors.

You can trade using the best forex trading companies that have been in the industry for years. These entities are genuine and transparent. You are going to get the best outcome if you invest with them today.

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