Haven Investment Groups Review: BCSC Blacklisted Company

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Haven Investment Groups Review
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It is unknown if Haven Investment Groups is charging fees or the minimum amount that one can cash out. The legit forex entities indicate clearly the inactivity fees and duration. You register knowing what you are signing up for and the benefits to enjoy.

Haven Investment Groups is a platform that they are not fit to offer investment services in the world. The entity has murky features that make them dangerous. The firm does not offer fund safety to its clients.

Haven Investment Group Review, Haven Investment Group Company

The company is allegedly trading stocks, binary options, EFT, and Forex. The entity is collecting funds illegally. The entity targets those that want to make an extra coin through passive income. They promise 100% profit within 21 days.

You get to earn 10 times the capital that you deposit. It is a luring offer that will win them, several clients. However, before you decide to join Haven Investment Groups, we suggest you read this review.

They also claim to trade cryptocurrencies, oil, gas, real estate, and other products. The Ponzi scheme claims to make traders the next millionaires in town. Unfortunately, the greatest mistake that you will make is to believe the claims of this scam.

There are better legitimate cryptocurrency investments trading ventures. These platforms have been in the industry for years. They have survived the volatility in the industry. You will earn a reasonable amount of returns. However, the perception of getting rich overnight will only lead you to join a fraudulent venture. You need to have the patience to earn reasonable profits.

Haveninvestmentgroup.com Review

Nobody would blame you for buying the narrative of Haven Investment Groups. The sales team of the venture has an A-game strategy that will make the naïve rookie clients give them funds. The company claims it is the popular short-term model of generating high returns.

They also brag about being voted the best trading bot in the world. The entity is also trading the risky binary options. These can make you lose all your money in seconds. The main red flag is that the entity fakes its history.

A company that fakes such minor details is unworthy of your trust. They are definitely hiding a lot. The scheme is anonymous. Therefore, you cannot know the people that are behind their business. The lack of transparency is a serious offense when it comes to investment.

There is no chance of diversifying your portfolio with this scheme. They have complicated investment plans that we don’t recommend you taking. There are way better legit companies that know what they are doing. Furthermore, they feature information that clearly outlines their business.

Trade wisely and make sure that you perform thorough research. Avoid brokers that do not have a trading history. You will sleep better knowing that your money is safe. There is no reason for losing your hard-earned money while there is an easy solution to avoid con artists.

Haven Investment Groups Trading Conditions

The alleged available trading platform is the web-based interface and the MetaTrade4. However, this is another bluff, and there is no evidence of trading taking place. The venture states that you will have more than 330 assets. Unfortunately, the leverage and the spread available for investors aren’t featured.

Haveninvestmentgroup.com Review, Haveninvestmentgroup.com Plans

The currency pairs they have are also not available. The only thing that we know is that the scheme is supposedly trading Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. They also brag about having trading software. However, there is nothing like that. The performance of the bot is mysterious.

Haven Investment Groups Withdrawal and Deposit

The minimum amount that you can cash in at Haven Investment Groups is $1000. There are three investment plans. The more amounts you are willing to deposit, the higher the reward you will acquire. The platform does not feature various benefits. Instead, there are profits that one shall receive after 21 days.

The venture is an expensive scheme that is not worth the take. There are several legit brokers and trading bots that take less money. The average market standard is $200 for forex. You can even get companies taking as low as $10.

The payment methods are not available. However, we highly suspect that the entity is using options that limit customers from issuing a chargeback. It would help if you were very keen to avoid losing money to a dirty Ponzi scheme.

It is unknown if Haven Investment Groups is charging fees or the minimum amount that one can cash out. The legit forex entities indicate clearly the inactivity fees and duration. You register knowing what you are signing up for and the benefits to enjoy.

Contact Details and Customer Support

The entity presents a phone number and an email address that investors can use to contact them. Their address shows the entity is operating from the USA. However, we have enough reasons to doubt the scheme.

They are using false data to win the trust of investors. The scheme is not an offshore company that cannot risk presenting the real information. They will only leave you high and dry. The venture is not worth the take.

Moreover, we don’t know whether the customer support is responsive. The venture is new in the market, and they do not have client feedbacks. Therefore, you will deal with a broker without knowing what you are exposing yourself to.

Haven Investment Groups Regulation and Registration

Haven Investment Groups is an offshore-unregulated entity. The venture is accepting investors from all over the world. The British Colombia (BC) government blacklists the entity to collect funds from traders without a license.

The scheme is not fit to trade, offer or promote financial services from investors. We always recommend that you invest with the licensed company as your info and funds will be safe. There are better opportunities.

Licensed brokers segregate investors’ accounts into separate accounts. Hence, you don’t have to panic that your amount is being used for the wrong purpose. They also operate in full transparency. The information of the fund managers and the financial analyst is also availed.

Traders get the peace of mind that they deserve. The genuine investment platform doesn’t exit the industry unceremoniously. In case of insolvency, you will receive compensation. Your safety is their priority.

The Domain Insight

Haveninvestmentgroups.com brags that it has 11 years of experience in the industry. However, a quick search on Whois.com indicates that registration occurred in May 2021. The domain set them up—additionally, the scheme targets being in the market for one year, which is a big red flag.

The lack of trading activities shows that the scheme is dangerous. There is also no evidence of individuals that have earned the advertised profits. The entity also claims it has over 34 expert advisors. The people or the corporate that is managing the scheme are unknown.

Final Verdict

Haven Investment Groups states it has over 6K happy customers. However, we are yet to see anyone that has earned using this scheme. The suspicious venture is using false statistics to appear reputable. However, you are risking your safety if you engage with the entity.

They are also missing a legal document, which is a serious red flag. The scheme does not have withdrawal and deposit requirements from its customers. Moreover, they are blacklisted, making them a dangerous firm to invest your money in.

Invest with the best crypto trading ventures in the market that are genuine. You will sleep peacefully knowing you got nothing to be worried about. Their trading conditions are also ideal. You can contact their support in case of any problem. In the meantime, avoid offshore entities.

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