Helex Investment Review: Helex-investment.com a Dangerous Entity

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Helex Investment Review
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Since Helex Investment wants to convince potential clients it has offices in the UK, why is the platform not on the database of the FCA. The watchdog cannot permit the scheme from carrying out its fraudulent services. The firm does not report its daily trading activities to anyone. 

Helex Investment is a venture that claims it is utilizing technology to generate high Roi. They analyze the market on behalf of their customers. They are identifying the best outcome. It doesn’t matter whether you are starting the trading journey. They are accepting both rookie and expert traders.

Helex Investment Review, Helex-investment.com Company

You first need to open an account. Select an investment plan that best suits you. Then make. What follows are high profits. You can check on the dashboard to see the progress your account is making every day. The entity is going to handle your withdrawal request fast.

The big question that you should be asking yourself is whether the entity is a genuine broker. How many people have earned using the scheme? Does the entity have verified trading results? Is the scheme licensed? In the case of Helex Investment, all the answers are no. Therefore, your investment is not secure.

If you want to trade successfully, we suggest that you try out some of the best cryptocurrency investment schemes in the market. These are ventures that have a solid trading history. Their clients also endorse their services. Your funds and data are secure. Sign up today.

Helexinvestment.com Review

Helex Investment claims it has unrivaled knowledge of the market. They are even working with a reliable team. Their expert fund managers will help you earn. However, the firm does not care to credit them. There are no images, educational background, or financial information regarding the alleged experts on the website.

The firm presents a chart showing the price of various coins. However, this is not a present figure of the priceS. Digital coins are volatile. You can either win or lose. It is the price fluctuation that makes the trading experience exciting. The venture claims that transactions are handled promptly. 

We highly doubt you will be able to get back your capital and profits from the scheme. Moreover, you will not find a professional trader wasting their time on this losing platform. Helex Investment assures clients it has world-class software that ensures the funds of clients are safe.

They even store funds in cold wallets. The entity fails to feature information of the top-tier bank it uses to segregate traders’ funds. Therefore, you will be trusting anonymous individuals with your safety. You cannot recover your money once you give the con artist access. 

How Does Helex Investment Operate?

Helex Investment is allegedly a desk trade. They are dealing with futures, equities, and options. In the UK, options are banned, and they are allowed in the USA. The venture claims it uses trading bots. The information is false. It turns out that the firm uses a basic web trader.

The performance of the alleged bot is not discussed anywhere. Moreover, the scheme markets itself as an entity that is educating, mentoring, and coaching clients. Their main focus is to make investors elite traders. Unfortunately, we do not recommend giving the venture a try.

Trading Conditions and Account

Helex Investment presents a web trader. Investors can trade via phone or any other electronic device. The least amount that one can deposit is $100. The venture has three investment plans. In the basic account, clients allegedly receive 30% in one day. On the other hand, the Gold plan takes $1000 and provides 50% profit in 4 days. 

The Platinum account accepts $3000. It generates an ROI of 100% after 5 days. Their Ultimate plan gets better. The firm is taking the capital of $6000. It allegedly shall generate an ROI of 150 within six days. 

Helex Investment Review, Helex-investment.com Conditions

Investing with Helex Investment would make you rich overnight. However, there is no evidence that anyone has generated such an amount. Moreover, it is unheard of to yield such high returns within such a short duration. 

The industry is volatile. Logically speaking, if any venture could generate such an amount within such a short timeframe, then there would be no reason to work.  Their website would receive huge traffic. Nonetheless, this is not the case because the firm is a Ponzi scheme. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

The entity states it operates 24/7. The office address of Helex Investment shows its office is in the UK. Sadly, this is a randomly generated address. The government of the country would not permit such a fraud to carry out their fraudulent activities. 

Moreover, it appears the entity does not have customer support. The broker fails to provide a phone number and an email address. You can only reach them by filling in a contact form. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee you are going to receive a response. 

Additionally, an attempt to go after Helex Investment will hit a hard rock. Refrain from doing business with anonymous entities. They tend to exit the market unceremoniously without notice.

False Testimonials

Helex Investment pulls out an old trick. Ironically, there are people still falling for the narrative of the firm. The scheme uses stock images. Hence, the information available should not be taken into account. The statements are written and published by the venture itself. 

The entity is also using affiliate programs to get more people to sign up. Before you register for any scheme, make sure you research. The moment you hit the deposit button, you lose everything.

The testimonials make the platform appear like the best scheme. People are allegedly choosing the platform because it is the best. They generate high returns. There is no proof of payment. Social media account links. It is unethical to deceive innocent investors. Helex Investment also features their latest deposit and withdrawal. Unfortunately, the information is vague. Anyone with basic computer skills can create such a firm.

Learn to identify such tricks. We recommend that you read reviews from third-party websites. At least there is no manipulation. Nonetheless, some of the websites the scammers will pay their marketers to promote their nasty firm. 

What Do the real clients of Helex Investment have to say?

The entity has stolen funds from several people. It is most likely that they are going to close down their website after the negative rush. The venture is accused of working with incompetent marketers who promote their malicious activities. They are convincing.

Sadly when you cash in, they cut all communication. The venture is only accepting money via BTC. You cannot issue a chargeback or identify the people behind the entity. Helex Investment is a big scam. Refrain from doing business with the firm.

Regulation Status of Helex Investment

Since Helex Investment wants to convince potential clients it has offices in the UK, why is the platform not on the database of the FCA. The watchdog cannot permit the scheme from carrying out its fraudulent services. The firm does not report its daily trading activities to anyone. 

Moreover, we are yet to see anyone that has successfully earned from them. The reading conditions of the platform are not disclosed. If you want to trade successfully, we recommend sticking only to the legit companies that understand the importance of operating legally.

Final Verdict

Helex Investment is a venture that has been in the market since September 2020. The entity’s domain name is expected to expire in 2022, the same month, despite surviving in the market for a long period. The entity has not cared to meet the requirements of the regulatory bodies in the market. Moreover, the location of their offices remains unknown. There are also no trading activities taking place in the firm.

If you want to trade successfully, then ensure that you stick only to the regulated crypto entities in the market. You will earn real-time returns. The support is professional and friendly. 

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