HLFinance Review: A Dubious Crypto Platform

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Those who invest with HLFinance are losing their investment. No one gets to withdraw from HL Finance. Learn more in our detailed hlfinance.org review.

HLFinance, also known as Hong Leong, claims to be a leader in digital currency investment. Unfortunately, the platform has an odd website interface which makes them look unprofessional. There’s little to go on regarding their actual investment services. We know that you won’t get a penny from HL Finance. Once you deposit with them, hlfinance.org will block all access to such funds. Learn more in our clear HLFINANCE REVIEW.

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About HLFinance

Advantages and Disadvantages HLFinance

There’s no history or background regarding the platform’s services. We have a section on the homepage claiming the benefits started way back in 2018. You won’t get to know the mission statement or objective of the platform.

And this is where the store throws us off. You would expect the store to provide more information to customers. Especially those who are new to crypto investing and trading. We don’t know what kind of crypto services the platform offers.

Even the website interface is a pointer that we deal with real amateurs. There’s no easy navigation as the owner only offers one page. You get all information clamped on the homepage. And that’s no way of interacting with a store.

We recommend against investing with such platforms. The platform will automatically block access to your account. We have seen this happen countless times before. And the members end up losing everything.

There’s no telling whether the platform even offers crypto trading services. The information available is not in line with the achievable goals. It seems the platform wants to keep members guessing on what to expect.

Before you invest in any platform, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what others are saying about the platform. Make sure to find out whether a platform offers genuine services or not.

Accounts HLFinance

HLFinance seems only to offer one account to investors. The account promises daily profit margins of 1 to 10 percent. Still, the platform fails to give any meaningful information about the tier.

We don’t know the acceptable minimum deposit with this account. And this points to a platform that wants to take advantage of investors. Those who invest with the platform are likely going to lose everything.

The platform takes advantage of investors by asking for more deposits. You get a claim that the more you deposit, the higher your chances of winning. These are false claims to drive investors to sign up and deposit more funds.

In a genuine crypto investment, the minimum you can deposit is $500. The platform in question claims you can start with $1,500 to rip higher rewards. But, of course, no one gets to enjoy the ROI as it’s non-existent.

Account features

Accounts HLFinance

We noticed that the account seems to have a system of changing the ROI. So depending on the amount you invest, the platform will vary the ROI. And this means that you won’t get estimated profit margins.

Another issue is offering a single account to all members. The platform ought to diversify the account selection. The platform hoards all funds into a single bank account with this single account. Another fraudulent service from the platform.

Account opening and registration

When opening an account with the platform, it all seems jelly. The platform will want your full names, address, and physical location. It all seems easy at first; wait until you open an account. Then, the platform will take your funds and claim to invest in multiple crypto ventures.

There’s no telling what these ventures are or their estimated vesting period. The platform doesn’t give members enough information on when the profit will mature. And this provides the platform with a chance to fleece investors.

The platform will later give an excuse for why you can’t withdraw funds. These include the investment not going through. The platform will claim to have invested all your funds in a losing round.

There’s no proof of it, and if it were true, the platform would show evidence of such. If it were a losing trade, there would be a trading sheet. Instead, the platform only wants to use the website to accept deposits from naïve crypto investors.

Another issue to spot is the guarantee of making a daily profit. No expert or robot can achieve such heights. The crypto market is volatile, and market prices change without warning. Investors and traders are bound to make losses.

The profit guarantee should be a red flag to investors. Make sure to spot these errors before investing in any platform. Any sane investor knows the risks that come with investing. You should also not let an anonymous platform take over your investing.

Affiliate and referral program

To attract as many investors as possible, the platform offers different tiers. These include one and two tiers, each with a guaranteed commission. The commission starts from 30 percent to 15 percent, the highest we have seen.

It seems like a perfect way to earn passive income as their affiliate. However, you should know the risks that come with such decisions. First, the platform won’t release commissions to its affiliates. The platform only wants to take advantage of your connections.

As an affiliate, you end up losing your credibility and reputation. Those you direct or lead to use the platform end up losing everything. The blame is on you since you are the one who suggested investing with the platform.

These victims can decide to file lawsuits against the platform. In addition, the law will consider you as an accessory to online fraud. These are the consequences of affiliating with an anonymous platform. Avoid being their partner.

Are funds safe with hlfinance.org? NO

Business owner

Despite claiming to reside in Singapore, there’s no business registered under such a name. And this makes it an unregistered crypto investment platform. We also don’t know the people running the show.

An anonymous crypto investment platform should be the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, there are no recovering funds from such platforms. Those who attempt to hire recovery agents end up losing their funds.

Client testimony and review

Those who have interacted with the platform have nothing good to say about it. Gordon invested $1,000 with the platform, hoping to earn 6 percent daily ROI. To date, he hasn’t even received a penny from the platform.

The platform also refused to withdraw part of his initial deposit. That’s what you will encounter once you sign up with the platform. We suggest you stay away from the platform or risk losing everything.

Contact and support

The platform only leaves a forwarding email. There are no other direct means of communicating with support. You don’t even get live chat support which is a bummer. In addition, the platform wants no interaction with investors.

Deposit and fund safety with HLFinance

Is Hong Leong Finance Licensed or Registered?

Your funds are not safe with a platform that fails to segregate accounts. In addition, HLFinance doesn’t offer insurance cover for deposits made by clients.

License and Registration HLFinance

HLFinance is not a registered or regulated platform, and please stay away from it.

Our verdict

After spotting all the red flags, it’s best to stay away from hlfinance.org.

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