HND Global Review: a Horrifying Venture

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HND Global Review
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HND Global is also being accused of neglecting the questions that investors make. The scheme is also asking clients to pay taxes. Mind you. They never mention the same in their legal document. The venture also gives an unrealistic timeline to pay the amount, or else they close up your account indefinitely. 

HND Global is allegedly a more comprehensive, professional, and convenient broker. The main target of the scheme is the rookie investors. They are eying for their funds. The scheme makes it appear as though it cares about them. They have several trading products. Opening an account in this fraudulent scheme is swift. 

HND Global Review, HND Global Company

Additionally, expert investors are also welcomed in the scheme. The firm states it has advanced tools. It boasts having an MT4, being licensed, and operating across the world. However, this is a nasty venture that is not worth your time. More so, you won’t find a professional trader wasting their time in the entity.

Online investment continues to become popular around the globe. Individuals are looking for an extra source of income. Choosing a reliable scheme would help you to win the desirable outcome. However, it would help if you were also watchful of the several Ponzi methods that continue to pop up every day.

Before joining any scheme, make sure it has a license. You can perform thorough research or check the database of your financial watchdog. Make sure that you stay away from offshore schemes. This is because the majority of them turn out to be fraudulent. Here is a list of some of the best forex trading companies in the market. Review

HND Global lists several assets. Among them are; forex, shares, commodities, index, and cryptocurrencies. Clients can access the platform around the clock. You can either use your phone, tablet, or computer to trade. Once you open an account, you need to authenticate your information.

Later you can deposit cash and start enjoying the high profits. The company claims it has high-quality customer services for traders. All the help that you may need will be available. They are using false statements to win the trust of clients. For instance, the Ponzi scheme claims it is the first broker in the market to offer the MT4 interface. There are more reputable entities operating from Australia that have even the MT5 and are licensed. 

Trading Conditions

HND Global allegedly offers the MT4 interface. There are a variety of reading tools, analyses, and charts. The indicators are also superior. The entity attributes its success to its use of the latest technology. The margins of the firm are competitive and low. They get their liquidity from reputable financial institutions.

The venture offers a spread of 0.5 pips. Investors are going to pay only $5. They advertise leverage of 1:200. The cap is beyond what various regulatory bodies authorize. 

Withdrawal and Deposit

The listed payment methods include; Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Perfect Money, CashU, Skrill, and bank wire. The least amount that investors can cash in is undisclosed. Review, Platform

The venture also fails to disclose the withdrawal requirements. We are not aware of the fees that clients must pay. Leaving out such critical data only proves the scheme is not willing to process the withdrawal requests of their clients.

Forget about investing with HND Global. The entity is not a Ponzi scheme that is stealing funds from innocent clients. We are yet to see a customer that has earned the advertised returns. Despite being in an offshore area, the venture is asking for taxation. 

Contact Details and Customer Support

The venture features two office addresses. One in the United Kingdom and the other one in Hong Kong. The only way that clients can reach support is via email. Companies that are offering essential services like investment should have a phone number. It ensures that traders can get the scheme fast.

However, scammers do not bother to invest heavily in the support team. They are only looking for a way to milk their victims dry. Therefore, once you face any issue, the firm will not bother responding.  Moreover, the actual location of the suspicious entity is unknown. Hence, investors will not be able to go after the con artists.

 HND Global is determined to remain anonymous. You are investing with a legit platform grants you peace of mind. You can sleep soundly, knowing that if you encounter a shortcoming, your issue will be handled promptly.

Regulation Status of HND Global

The company is operating in a jurisdiction that has strict measures for investment schemes. However, it turns out the entity does not have a license. Therefore, they do not adhere to the set rules of investment ventures. The only objective of this entity is to steal from as many people as it can. 

HND Global is availing false data claiming that it has a license from the UK watchdog. Sadly, after checking on the database of the entity, we found zero results. There is no fund safety. We do not know what is going on with the data of investors. 

The company is not working with a reputable financial institution. The people that are behind the venture are discrete. If they have nothing to hide trading results, their qualification would be availed.

If you want to trade successfully, then find an accountable entity that avails of their trading results. Moreover, the people that are behind the entity cannot validate if they are qualified. If the broker decides to close down their website today, investors won’t receive compensation.

HND Global Clients Testimonials

The best way to understand how an investment scheme operates is to look for feedback. HND Global is a scheme that has multiple negative reviews from those that have engaged with them in the past. Their marketers are successfully convincing potential clients to join the venture. The amount that the scheme is taking as the initial capital varies.

They ask for $500 and above. The venture is promising a high commission. However, the alleged account managers will ignore any withdrawal request that you make. The only way that you can reach the support is via live chat. You are dealing with a fraudulent venture that does not care about destroying its PR.

HND Global is also being accused of neglecting the questions that investors make. The scheme is also asking clients to pay taxes. Mind you. They never mention the same in their legal document. The venture also gives an unrealistic timeline to pay the amount, or else they close up your account indefinitely. 

They randomly contact you via Whatsapp. Dating apps like Tinder are another hideout for con artists. We cannot seem to spot a positive review from any of their clients. There are better genuine investment firms in the industry.

The Domain Insight

HND Global is a scheme that is anonymously registered. All attempts to identify the individuals responsible for the venture hit a hard rock. The entity registration took place in June 2021. It will expire in June 2022. The traffic that is visiting the firm is low. We cannot identify the location of their customers. 

Final Verdict

We do not know the functional area of HND Global. The venture is also unregulated. They do not bother to provide information regarding the minimum amount that clients can deposit. The trading conditions of the firm are unknown. They also provide misleading information to make investors deposit money. The scheme will exit the market unceremoniously, leaving their customers devastated. 

Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market. These are regulated ventures that have an excellent trading history. Investing in the venture grants you peace of mind. Their trading conditions are also excellent.

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