HNTFX Review: a Fraudulent Broker

HNTFX Review, HNTFX Company
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HNTFX Review
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HNTFX has characteristics of a shady platform, and its trading activities are murky. The company does not show its trading history, and the founder and the professional team are operating anonymously. Invest with the best forex trading websites and enjoy the transparency.

HNTFX is an alleged forex broker that provides trading services and is focused on creating a sustainable workforce. They offer traders 250+ instruments, and you can open a live account or open an IB account.

However, according to the website, they have over 2500 investors who are satisfied with their services. The support service you are promised is 4.7 rated. Do not be quick to fall for any of their allegations because they have a shady operation method.

HNTFX Review, HNTFX Company

In this unbiased review, we highlight some of the red flags they expose. Meanwhile, there are legit forex brokers that are tried and tested to generate significant profits.

There is no information regarding the founders and team of employees. HNTFX does not reveal any details of qualification. Nevertheless, you risk sharing personal information that may end up in the wrong hands.

Trusting the wrong forex brokers may lead to a massive loss of hard-earned cash. The founders’ details are very important because you are aware of who is controlling your money.

Furthermore, scammers show similar traits to Anonymity is a straight warning that there is a hidden motive towards your funds or personal details.

Traders are given three leverage options 500:1, 400:1, and 300:1. The products available are Currency conversion, Commodities, Indices, and Stocks.

HNTFX claims to have more than 5 years’ experience, and they provide the safest trading platform. The security measures that are in place to protect your money from facing significant loss is also not known.

Their alleged knowledge of the market and association with other partners is how they stay top of the market. Nevertheless, the market faces high volatility, and there is no such thing as constant profits. promises traders a lot of returns with no strategy of reaching the set goals. They allow traders to apply traditional trading conditions. Review focuses on delivering fast trade executions and top-notch customer support.  They also aim to constantly improve online trading and how customers invest within the various markets.

You also learn how to grow your business, and they provide professional tools for investing. However, how they plan to provide their services and system of operation is shady.

The platform is easy to maneuver, and you have to open an account and deposit funds. Trading is not Childs play, and prior knowledge of trading needs to be put in place.

HNTFX features a demo account, and you should perhaps stick to the demo account till they update various details. You can also choose to partner with the investment firm and be an MI Broker or an introducing broker.

Therefore you may get multiple messages, calls, or even bonus promises. All these are just a marketing strategy that is used by pyramid schemes to deceive investors into depositing funds with them.

Once you believe their lies and deposit funds, then your business with them is done. They will steal your personal data and cut all links with you, leaving you high and dry.

Furthermore, trusting transparent forex brokers will have a positive effect on the profits you expect. With no specific address or refund policy, then it’s impossible to follow up on your funds.

HNTFX does not have any positive feedback that shows their operation is legit to be consumed. They fail to reveal any past trade records to show any trading activity happening on their platform.

Moreover, you should at least find three months or more of past trading history. The same info should be easy to verify and most preferable through MyFXbook.

HNTFX Funds Safety

There are several factors to consider before depositing a single coin with any investment firm expecting profits. You do not know the people behind HNTFX or any qualification they hold to assert that you are dealing with professionals.

They do not have any past trade history or charts to show any trade activities are ongoing. Transparency is very important in earning your trust with any company and also shows your money is safe.

No safety measures are available that protect your details or that of your money. Moreover, banking details should be availed at all times.

HNTFX Scam Review, HNTFX Features

This information is always helpful in case you need a refund. The style of operation applied by HNTFX is not well elaborated to clients, and they expose a lot of murkiness.

Meanwhile, does not have any successful evidence of withdrawals made by traders. Besides, without any positive feedback, you would not trust anonymous founders.

News spreads fast within the 21st century thanks to the internet. Therefore if at all they were making customers rich, then traffic also should be higher.

The safety of your funds is not covered under, and when your money is lost refund is almost impossible. You have to request for a withdrawal that will be held for an extended period, and there is no guarantee you will get any amount.

Customer Support

HNTFX boasts of providing constant customer support. You can reach them by writing to them and provide your email, number, and your message.

The company operates for five days, and you can reach them via Telephone, and Email: (+44)772361155, and Our primary concern is if you are going to receive any response to your query.

Burj Khalifa Street, Near Business Bay Metro Station, Dubai, is the provided address. They also feature another location address pointing to London; 71-75 Shelton Street, Grater-London, UK.

The address information available is definitely made up, and they both have nothing to do with HNTFX. Working contact support is very important, and you should always question where the same is missing.

HNTFX Regulation

The FCA is the main regulator in the UK for most, if not all, trading platforms. Therefore any company operating within its environs should fall under its radar. is not under any regulatory body and proves they are illegally generating funds from the citizens. Due to the rampant rise of scammers trying to take advantage of innocent investors.

Various countries have come up with laws to protect their citizens from scammers. However, regulated forex brokers possess a high level of transparency. Moreover, they are also regulated by the government.

On the other hand, unregulated companies tend to break the rules whenever they choose. They barely last in the market, and HNTFX risks facing closure at any given time with the entire of your hard-earned money.

Furthermore, the founders risk facing criminal prosecutions and are one of the reasons for anonymity. You should never mistake registration details to be regulation and always choose to trust regulated companies only.

Final Verdict

HNTFX has a shady method of operation and may quickly disappear with all your funds. The founders’ details are hidden, and this raises more doubts than trust on the platform.

Moreover, they do not show any strategy of operation. There is no trading history to show the progress and results to expect.

There are legit transparent and regulated forex brokers that you can rely on and earn pleasing returns. Scammers will try all means possible to lure you into depositing funds. They will disappear from the market with your funds and you will not be able to trace them.

The risk measures that are in place to protect your funds is not known. will easily go against trading guidelines since the companies are not bound to any law.






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