Iam-Trader Review: Iam-trader.com an Offshore Venture

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Iam-Trader Review
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Iam-Trader has been in the market for some time. This is enough time for them to acquire endorsement from those that have tried out their services. Unfortunately, the scheme does not have a single review. Moreover, there are no trading results.

Iam-Trader is a broker that promises traders they are going to earn a commission whenever they trade. The entity additionally promises investors financial freedom. Unfortunately, you cannot get rich overnight immediately after joining the industry. You need to develop trading skills and have patience. 

Iam-Trader Review, Iam-Trader Company

Otherwise, if you rush, then you will only make losses. The entity allergy offers its services to over 160 users. They are also using a famous mechanism of copy trade. Investors can copy the trades of expert traders. Therefore, one does not have any specific skills to trade with the venture.

Iam-Trader claims it uses a pure straight strategy. They can generate high returns with a short duration. The scheme brags you execute the trade at lightning speed. Their customer support is also their pride. Clients can trade with any volume. The shady firm states it has partnered with several stakeholders.

They have over 1000 products. The advantage of having several assets is that traders can diversify their risk. Some of the assets include; Forex, Stock Indices, CFDs, Commodities, Stocks, Energies, and Metals. The venture has a demo account. They urge newbies to familiarize themselves first before live trading.

Iam-Trader.com Review

The question every investor should ask themselves before trading is whether they can truly trust a broker. This will require you to research. Then after analyzing the scheme, you can make the right decision. Check if an entity is licensed. If they are not, the chances of them violating the rights of customers are high. 

Iam-Trader assures clients they will have multiple devices and platforms. Does the offshore scheme grant users the safety of funds and data? Unfortunately, an SSL certificate will not be enough to save you from the venture. The firm is also not working with a reliable financial institution.

Furthermore, this is an anonymous entity. They are operating as they please. The qualification of the financial analysts and account manager is hidden. There is a high chance of the broker having unqualified personnel handling the money of clients. Legit ventures will avail all the necessary information on their website. 

To ease your work we have compiled a list of some of the best forex trading entities in the market. These are transparent and reliable entities. You can trade with confidence without the worry of losing funds. 

Trading Conditions and Accounts

Iam-Trader has four trading accounts. The perks include getting the help of expert advisers, low spreads, and high leverage. The greater the amount you are willing to spend, the greater the benefits. The entity claims it has an  MT5 interface. This is one of the best trading platforms in the market.

It has customizable EA, advanced trading tools and charts. Unfortunately, this broker is lying to the public to get them to deposit. The company is not trading. The link to their trading platform is broken.

Hence, the trading conditions the entity presents are vague. Their leverage is also risky. The scheme promises clients leverage of 1:888. Such a limit could result in the loss of all your savings. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that investors can deposit is $1. Payment methods include MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and bank transfer. Sadly, those that use cryptocurrency payment options cannot issue a chargeback. The only save options are the bank cards. The process can also be impossible as offshore entities use a chain of accounts.

It turns out investors cannot trust Iam-Trader with anything. If you try to cash in, the least amount you can invest is $200. You won’t find such reckless mistakes with a simple scheme. The entity has insufficient data regarding the withdrawal requirements.

We do not know if there are any fees. It is the trend of con artists to ask for more money from their victims. Iam-Trader is no exception. We doubt traders are going to get back their funds. They have several critical red flags. 

Contact Details and Customer Support

The entity is proudly operating from St Vincent and the Grenadines. They have an office address and a phone number that investors can use to contact them. In most cases, con artists try to rip off their clients. They do not have enough funds to hire a professional support team.

Reaching the venture is a nightmare. They are only engaging and convincing when they want you to deposit money. However, once you start making a follow-up, the entity can even blacklist you. If you want the best outcome, invest with some of the best forex brokers that reveal their functional area.  Additionally, they respond to the queries of traders instantly.

Regulation Status of Iam-Trader

The venture is based in a tax haven region. SVG is a country that does not have a financial regulator. Therefore, investment companies from the area operate as they want. The entity states that it has a license from the Financial Services Authority (SVGFSA). This information is misleading because there is no such body. 

Iam-Trader is determined to steal from innocent investors. They will do everything to defraud you. Even if you report them to the authorities, there is nothing much they can do. This is because the entity is anonymous. Why would you risk the safety of your data with a shady broker?

Offshore schemes can violate your safety by sharing your personal details with scammers. Moreover, there is no compensation scheme in place. Hence, the company can disappear with all your savings. You are trading with a regulated scheme grants you the assurance that your safety is taken care of.

Iam-Trader is not reposting their daily financial activities to the authority. There is a higher chance of the entity, not trading. Stick to the regulated venture to get the best deals in the industry.

Iam-Trader Clients Reviews

Iam-Trader has been in the market for some time. This is enough time for them to acquire endorsement from those that have tried out their services. Unfortunately, the scheme does not have a single review. Moreover, there are no trading results. This serves as a big red flag. 

Iam-Trader.com Review, Iam-Trader.com Plaform

You will be signing up with a venture that is not reputable. Traders must understand what you are signing up for. You can check for genuine feedback on third-party websites. Some Ponzi schemes are tactical and provide biased information. This is done by presenting false testimonials or paying their marketers to promote their fraudulent activities. 

The Domain Insight

Iam-Trader.com is a scheme that is anonymously registered. The venture was registered in May 2020. The domain name is expected to expire in May 2022. The information on the registrar is missing. The entity does not have a parent company. Hence, nobody is overseeing their financial activities.

Final Verdict

Iam-Trader is a Ponzi scheme. The Entity pulls out various tricks. They are even trying to convince investors they have a license. Trusting this scheme with your money will only lead to you making the wrong decision. They violate the rules the regulatory bodies have put in place. The lack of trading results and trading platform is enough to prove this venture is to no good.

Invest wisely by only trusting some of the leading forex trading ventures in the market. These are reliable and transparent ventures in the market. You will earn real time returns. The safety of your money should always come first. 


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