IceMarkets: a CySEC blacklisted Scam

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IceMarkets website is poorly done, and you can immediately notice some murkiness behind the company.

IceMarkets allows traders to unlock their best trade potential by offering raw spreads from 0.0 pips. However, they seem to focus on customer funds deposits mainly. From the first glance at the website, they immediately urge you to start trading. Furthermore, investing blindly will only attract losses. Thus before you make any investment steps such as a deposit. There are factors you should consider.

IceMarkets Review, IceMarkets Review


Accordingly, you are reading this unbiased review on IceMarket. In the quest to find out if the company is a scam or legit? Also, you get to increase your knowledge as we highlight the red flags they showcase. IceMarkets website is poorly done, and you can immediately notice some murkiness behind the company.

The platform also features bid prices for currencies. Meanwhile, the market faces high volatility, and prices vary by minute or second. IceMarkets never updates the information, and the value for sale has been the same. Probably ever since the company came into existence. IceMarkets does not include any risk management measures to protect you from sudden market shifts. Risks such as Stop loss and take profit will aid you against unexpected market changes.

The company has more than 232 tradeable instruments that you can benefit from. Also, IceMarkets has very high leverage, which may have a significant effect on losses. Furthermore, you can prevent yourself from becoming a scam victim by choosing reliable, forex transparent brokers.

That use tried and tested strategies to generate for you considerable profits.  So as you read this unbiased review on IceMarkets though they do not have reliable information. You may reconsider any investment plans that you had with them. Review is an alleged online Forex and CFDs provider vith various options for institutional, scalper, and robot traders. However, nothing they promise traders makes sense, and your funds are at risk. The company was anonymously launched into the market, and they promise high-end quality services. Accordingly, scammers are known for similar traits that portrays. Therefore you risk trusting quacks with your funds, and they may not even know how the trading world works.

IceMarkets claims to have diverse proprietary liquidity that helps in maintaining spreads tight. They offer investment services 24/5 and fast trade executions. The average speed for completing trades is 40ms. They also brag about featuring a low latency fiber optic with an Equinix NY4. The kind of algorithm it uses is unknown. Nevertheless, automatic trading is highly preferable. Even so, relying on the wrong tools will lead to damages to your wallet.

How Icemarkets Operates claims to complete more than 500k trades daily successfully. Algo trades get to keep 60% of all of the profits. However, they do not seem to have any trade activities or are likely making losses and are hardly impressed to showcase such results. Consequently, IceMarkets showcases a lot of scam traits, and they will not operate any differently. Thus you will receive numerous calls and alerts through various sources asking you to size one the offers.

You will receive high bonuses and profits that are very tempting to investors. However, when you fall for the catch and make deposits. This is the end of business between you and them. The investment’s due date will approach only to be pushed further. Eventually, you will lose all your money by making the anonymous founders reach and the people behind IceMarkets. They further claim to offer a reduction on spillage, and they have used over a billion in forex exchange. Review

Furthermore, if the entity were offering such incredible services in this current era, they would have a high ranking. The traffic margins ought to be higher. However, the kind of style IceMarkets uses is questionable and unknown to customers. They claim to provide investment services in; Stocks, Commodities, Forex, indices, and Bonds. Each having a specific number of products. IceMarkets class that its strength is in the numbers. So you should at least find past trade data for a couple of months to verify trading.

IceMarkets Clients Feedback

IceMarkets offers its services, and globally you can access the broker. Additionally, they have over 100,000 investors. Consequently, they brag about having a score rating of 4.5 stars on the trust pilot. This information is certainly not true, and during our research, we none of the clients’ testimonies. Avoid this nasty scheme as it is baseless.

Final Verdict

You can invest with some of the leading forex trading companies in the market. These are entities that have ideal trading conditions, unlike IceMarket, a complete waste of time. The broker does not even have a trading record. The scam can also do whatever it pleases with customers’ funds.

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