iForex Gain Review: Iforexgain.com is just another Scam in the Making

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Iforexgain Review
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iForex is a shady entity the company does not talk about the actual trading conditions. They do not mention the spreads or leverages that clients receive. Only armatures would leave out such critical information.Invest with the best forex brokers instead of wasting time with this entity.

iForex Gain is a company that boasts of being the right place for your online trading. Here, you can trade forex, stocks, cryptocurrency, and other financial markets. Further, they claim that it is very easy to start trading on the platform. All you need to do is register and deposit your initial investment.

As easy as this sounds, there are too many risks involved. The design of this company’s operations makes us believe that it is not a legitimate company. Rest assured that it is very likely that you will lose your money to the founders of this platform.

Like many shady companies, iForex Gain has nothing to offer you. The founders are only after your money. Moreover, this is a company that has less than a year in the market. There is no way they are the best forex broker in the space. It is better to wait out new companies before you invest your money.

In the meantime, you will be better off investing in companies that have been in the market longer. Such companies operate with full transparency and have proven to work. For your peace of mind, only invest in the top legitimate forex brokers in the market.

Iforexgain.com Review

iForex Gain promises clients the best trading platform. For that, they promise MT4 or MT5 trading software. These are the most popular trading platforms among seasoned traders. Therefore, this may be exciting for many individuals.

However, we believe that this is just a marketing strategy. We did not find a link to a web-based platform or a link to download the software. As such, we do not believe that this company has a trading platform. There is no way to trust such a shady organization. Without a way to execute trades, you will be sending your money to the personal accounts of unknown people.

iForex Gain Review, iForex Gain Company

Additionally, you can tell that the people behind this company are not professionals. Some of the links on their side menu do not work. It is such an embarrassment to call yourself the nest and provide a poorly functioning website.

The only good thing about this company is that they have adequate customer support. You can reach the team by calling them at +44 772 741-5977. Additionally, you can email the team at info@iforexgain.com. Nonetheless, this is not a guarantee that the company will respond to you if you lose your money. Many fraudulent operations blacklist the numbers of their victims. You are better off staying away from such companies.

iForex Gain Investment Plans

There are three main account types on the iforexgain.com platform. These include the Basic, Standard, and Executive plans. Further, you can request a custom account from the company. These account types differ depending on the amount of investment a client makes.

The Basic plan requires a minimum deposit of £100. This account comes with an account manager and a 10% bonus on the first deposit. Additionally, the company promises to process withdrawals within ten business days.

The Standard plan requires a minimum deposit of £15000. Like the Basic account, this one also comes with an account manager. Additionally, clients receive daily market reviews and up to a 50% bonus on the initial deposit. Further, the company promises to process withdrawals within seven business days.

Finally, the Executive plan requires a minimum deposit of £25000. This one comes with a bonus of up to 75% of the initial deposit. Additionally, the company provides clients with monthly trading sessions and two daily signals. Further, iForex Gain promises to process transactions within five business days.

Coincidentally, these people do not talk about the actual trading conditions. They do not mention the spreads or leverages that clients receive. Only armatures would leave out such critical information.

Founders and Physical Address

Unsurprisingly, iforexGain.com does not introduce us to the founders of the company. This is common with illegal operations. They do this to ensure that the law does not track them down. You should never invest in companies run by mysterious individuals. There are too many risks involved.

You may be investing in people with criminal histories. You should ask yourself why these people are hiding their identities. It would do them more good than harm if they revealed their identities. This is because it would help improve the trust level of clients.

Even worse, this company operates from a very shady location. The company reveals that its headquarters are in the Marshall Islands. Sadly, this may not be true. This company may not have an office there. This is because the Marshall Islands have very lax laws. This allows anyone to register and run a company online without stepping foot on the islands. That is why the Marshall Islands is popular among illegal operations.

iForex Gain Regulation and Fund Safety

It is a bad idea to invest in an unregulated company. That is a sure way to lose your hard-earned cash. Regulatory bodies are there to protect you from scammers. They ensure that companies have the proper banking set up to protect investors’ funds. This includes having accounts in banks with great liquidity.

Sadly, the Marshall Islands does not have a reliable forex regulator to keep companies in check. As such, there is no assurance that this company meets the right requirements to offer financial services. Therefore, this company is running an illegal operation.

Even worse, the FCA issued a warning against using the services provided by this company. The notice states that iForex Gain is providing financial services to UK citizens illegally. That should tell you enough about what kind of company this is. They do not obey the law and will do anything to steal people’s funds.

Further, there is no evidence of systems’ protection. The company does not reveal the software or hardware tools they use to protect their systems. Therefore, clients’ money is at the risk of falling into the hands of hackers.

iForex Gain Domain Insight

The official domain for this company is iforexgain.com. The registration date for this domain is 8th October 2020. The expiry date is a year later on the same date. This shows that the company does not have the intention to stay in the market for long. They may disappear as soon as they steal enough money from investors.

Moreover, this is still a new company. It has less than a year in the market. It is better to wait it out before investing. You will be better off investing in companies that have been in the market for a long time. Such companies have the trust of hundreds of thousands of traders.

Final Verdict

We cannot, in our right minds, recommend this mess of a company to you. The signs point to it being a scam. These are not professionals looking to serve clients. The team behind this platform is only after people’s funds.

Moreover, we have no idea who they are. They want you to take financial advice from them, but they will not introduce themselves to the public. That is a bad idea. Even worse, they are running an illegal operation, and they know it. They have no regulation from a reliable forex regulator. That is the final nail on the coffin.

Save yourself some peace of mind and invest in companies that have been in the market for a long time. Only the best legitimate forex brokers can offer you a safe trading environment.


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