IGC Markets Review: Igcmarkets.com another Offshore Firm

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IGC Markets Review
  • Regulation and Registration
  • Customer Support and Contact Details
  • Fund Safety
  • Trading Conditions


IGC Markets is not reporting its daily trading activities to anyone. They are doing their dirty business without adhering to the set rules. Unfortunately, the company tries to sway clients into believing it is regulated. 

IGC Markets allegedly deals with Indices, Forex, Futures, Metals, Shares, Commodities, and Stocks. Once you complete the registration, you can start trading. The entity assures clients they will enjoy peace of mind by joining the scheme. They allegedly also grant one-on-one training. 

IGC Markets Review, IGC Markets Company

Our primary concern is that the entity is not regulated. Therefore, they could break the law however they please without minding the outcome clients will receive. Ironically, the firm claims it has excellent pricing but cannot disclose the minimum amount that clients can deposit. 

The withdrawals are allegedly made at lightning speed. However, if you trust a Ponzi scheme with your money, you are more likely not going to get funds back. IGC Markets is accepting investors from every corner of the universe. Regardless of your trading skill, the scheme allegedly will provide top-notch investment services. 

 Igcmarkets.com Review

The trading activities of IGC Markets are not ideal. The venture assures investors that they have the best team in the market. However, we are yet to see the qualifications that the individuals possess. The firm has decided to run its trading activities anonymously. 

They brag about having a registration form for an offshore region. Sadly, this document does not provide safety of funds to investors. The location of the company is also a worrying factor. Refrain from doing business with offshore schemes for the sake of your sanity. 

We recommend that you stick to licensed forex trading companies that have a proven trading history. The safety of your money should always come first. Moreover, there are numerous schemes that you could use to yield real time profits. A simple research would save you from trusting incompetent indviduals with your money.

Trading Conditions of IGC Markets

The entity has a web trader interface. Scammers opt for this platform as they can easily manipulate data. There are no admirable features worthy of mention. Investors that are accustomed to the MetaTrader software won’t waste their time with the scheme. 

Both MT4 and MT5 have a straightforward interface. The trading tools, indicators, and charts are advanced. IGC Markets advertises a spread of 0.1 pip. Considering this is a Ponzi scheme, we do not recommend investing with them. Their deal is too good. The selling price is low, and the venture will not make a profit.

 Igcmarkets.com Review,  Igcmarkets.com Platform

Given the nature of fraudsters, the likelihood of the scheme asking for the hefty commission is there. Their leverage is 1:500. Since the platform wants traders to believe it is operating in the UK, then it should adhere to the 1:30 ratio that the watchdog permits. Their offer may seem like a great offer, but you are risking a lot. You could lose everything in the blink of an eye.

Customer Support and Contact Details

IGC Markets claims it has the best customer support. Unfortunately, the entity is operating from SVG. It is a hotspot for the shady entity. The entity features a phone number and email address. There are also icons of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Sadly, if you click the link, you will be redirected to the home page.

Offshore firms do not have enough funds to hire a competent and professional support team. Therefore, you can expect unethical and rude treatment from the firm. Moreover, these kinds of platforms do not last long in the industry.

IGC Markets Withdrawal and Deposits

IGC Markets lists payment methods like; bank transfer, debit cards, and credit cards. It looks like the entity is only accepting specific invited clients. Once you sign up, an account manager is said to reach you. Sadly, this never occurs. The entity does not disclose the least amount that you can deposit.

However, the low amount that you can cash out is $100. The suspicious venture states that it does not collect fees from clients that use standard payment methods. However, in its legal document, a 25% charge for wire transfers and a fee of 5% for the debit and credit card is applicable.

IGC Markets contradicts itself. Moreover, the company considers an account dormant if users have not traded $100 for one month. You are therefore required to pay a fee of 5%. The venture is only trying to steal from innocent traders. In most cases, legit brokers consider an account inactive after 6 months. They would not charge anything more than $30. 

Once you get in bed with this Ponzi scheme, forget about getting back your funds. You are exposing yourself to severe risks by trading with this entity. The company is not regulated. We haven’t seen successful investors that have managed to withdraw money.  

IGC Markets Regulation Status

IGC Markets is a company that purports to be operating in the United Kingdom Most of the Ponzi schemes are fond of presenting false information. We do not understand why most of them choose the European Union despite having a stringent regulator. 

Investment firms cannot operate in the UK without depositing a capital of 730K Euro. The money proves that the entity can withstand volatility. Additionally, in the turn of events and a broker faces bankruptcy, clients stand a chance of receiving compensation.  

However, it turns out that the entity’s parent company is MaxxMeda LLC. It’s an offshore corporation based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The country does not have a financial regulator. Therefore, scammers are proudly based here. 

IGC Markets is not reporting its daily trading activities to anyone. They are doing their dirty business without adhering to the set rules. Unfortunately, the company tries to sway clients into believing it is regulated. 

Offshore schemes tend to change their withdrawal and terms policy. There is nothing much that investors can do to save themselves. Trading with unregulated brokers poses severe risks to your funds. Trade only with the best-licensed schemes in the market.

Fund Safety

The banking information is also missing. Hence, there is no segregation of users’ accounts. Therefore, the funds that you deposit go directly to the pocket of the con artists. The entity is not worth your time or trust. The information of their alleged experts is also missing. 

IGC Markets is a fraudulent scheme that does not care about the law. The venture is also collecting money from investors across the globe without a license. No regulatory body protects you if the company decides to run away with your money. 

Unfortunately, this scheme does not have a demo account. Therefore, you cannot familiarize yourself with their trading platform without opening a live performance. The platform does not even provide a confirmation email. You are not safe with this firm. 

The Domain Insight

IGC Markets is a scheme that was allegedly established in June 2021. They haven’t been around for long. The entity fails to provide its past trading results. The domain name is expected to expire in 2024. There are chances of the scheme exiting the market early if exposed, or investors stop signing up in the market. 

Final Verdict

IGC Markets is a company that is not genuine. Several clients are displeased with the treatment of the scheme. Investors have lost funds. By joining the entity, you risk suffering the same fate. 

In the meantime, check out some of the best forex trading companies in the market. You will sleep sound as your money will be in safe hands. The trading results of the scheme are excellent. 


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