IGFB Review: Igfb.com a Blacklisted Company

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Igfb Review
  • Regulation and Registration
  • Customer Support and Contact Details
  • Fund Safety


Igfb is already an exposed scam. They are targeting investors from the United Kingdom. The FCA requires that all brokers must deposit capital of 730K EUR. 

Igfb is a scam that has a dozen Ponzi schemes. We recommend that before you join any scheme, you check its legitimacy. This is a company that has been collecting funds from public members without adhering to the set guidelines of the regulatory bodies. 

For a company that does not care about the law, the chances of being fraudulent are high. The broker is already not paying their clients. Moreover, the trading conditions of this entity are unknown. If you want to earn genuine returns, we recommend that you trade with a legit company.

Igfb Review, Igfb.com Company

Igfb is a Ponzi scheme that chooses to uphold anonymity. The people that are managing the venture are discreet. You are leaping faith by depositing your money to this fraudulent entity. The lucrative offer of this entity is directed to reaping off innocent individuals. 

The venture is targeting both novice and expert traders. However, you will not find a professional investor wasting time with a losing entity like this one. The red flags are too many to assume. 

Igfb.com Review

Igfb is a straightforward scam. The company fails to provide sufficient information regarding its trading activities. We highly doubt the entity is after the wellbeing of their customers. The hostility is promising investors high returns. However, the only thing that we are seeing are complaints from their victims. 

Issuing a chargeback from the scam is going to be a nightmare. The venture is limiting investors from getting their capital. Sharing your data with an offshore entity is also a big red flag. The company can choose to do whatever it wants without facing any consequences. 

Igfb praises its trading strategy. However, the scheme is unwilling to provide its trading history. All the necessary data should be availed to ensure clients make a sober decision. There is no point in risking your safety. 

The company has received several complaints. Moreover, the scheme is also blacklisted by several regulatory bodies in the market. Why would anyone want to trust discreet people with funds? The location of the entity is also another worrying factor. Avoid the venture like the plague as they are not to any good.

Before you start trading, you must familiarize yourself with the trading activities. There are several materials online that you can read. Simple research also comes in handy. You will be able to determine if a firm is genuine or not. Here is a list of some of the best forex trading ventures in the market.

Trading Conditions

The venture is offering an MT4 interface to the customers. It does not come cheaply, and the people behind the experience are willing to spend to get more victims. 

Igfb claims it has several assets. The company is allegedly trading forex, commodities, metals, and stocks. The leverage and spread that the entity is offering are risky. The platform is only looking for ways to satisfy their insatiable needs. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

The listed payment methods include; Mastercard, wire transfers, and Visa. The minimum amount to cash in is $250. Investors that are fascinated by the bonuses of Igfb should read the conditions first. You become ineligible to cash out if you do not meet the trading volume that the entity has set. 

The platform is already not paying its existing investors. You should not expect anything more from them. The venture is a shady scheme. They are disclosing hidden fees that were not mentioned at the time of the registration. This is an awful Ponzi scheme.

Igfb Clients Review

Igfb is a platform that has many negative reviews from its clients. Individuals claim that the positive reviews are coming from the marketers of the company. We also believe the same as many traders have lost money.

The broker is constantly calling random people requesting them to invest with them. They are tactical and convincing. They play with your psychology, assuring you of quick-riches. If you lose funds, the venture ensures that the money will be recovered if you cash in some more.

The platform is unprofessional, and they do not care about your safety. The unsatisfied number of clients is many. You should never trust a shady venture with your funds. They will disappear with all of it and leave you with nothing. 

The venture will exit the market soon. After their clients are exposing their true colors. Watch out for the scheme and refrain from doing business with the entity. There are extraordinary ventures that operate in a legit manner. 

Customer Support

The parent company of Igfb originates from the Marshall Islands. This is a shady place that accommodates rogue entities in the industry. The country lacks a financial regulator. Moreover, anyone can open an account despite being there physically.

Moreover, there are reports that the customer support of the broker is unprofessional. They never attend to the issues that traders are facing. Furthermore, the company is also blacklisting those they have already stolen from. 

They are investing with a good company that grants you a guarantee that your issue will be handled ethically. The team is also dedicated to helping traders improve their skills. The moment the scheme realizes there is no money coming its way, the entity will exit the industry. 

Regulation Status of Igfb

Igfb is a broker that cares less if investors lose or gain. The company can choose to break the jurisdiction rules without minding what happens. The company has nothing to lose if they manipulate trades. The legit ventures must report their closing and opening trades to the authority. In the case of shady businesses, their license can be revoked. 

However, when it comes to Ponzi schemes, they will deceive you that you are earning. They start acting up when you request withdrawals. Igfb is already an exposed scam. They are targeting investors from the United Kingdom. The FCA requires that all brokers must deposit capital of 730K EUR. 

Moreover, Spain and the Italian government have also blacklisted the platform. Trading with such an entity only exposes you to hazardous limits. Their Terms and Conditions are useless. 

Traders stand a chance of receiving compensation if the entity faces bankruptcy. The people that are managing the venture are anonymous. The law requires that investment entities operate in full transparency. Igfb does not work with a reputable financial institution. Fund safety is something that investors should not expect from the company.

The Domain Insight

Igfb is a broker that has low traffic voting on their website. The firm lacks a trading history. Unfortunately, we do not know their area of operation. The platform has been in the market since September 2020. The entity recently renewed its domain name, and it will expire in 2022. Nonetheless, we are expecting the venture to exit the market at any time. 

Final Verdict

Igfb is a scam that regulatory bodies have exposed. The FCA has warned its citizens against dealing with the firm. You are not safe, and the venture can steal all your money in a blink of an eye. 

Invest with some of the reputable companies that aim to meet clients’ satisfaction. The platform has been in the market for years. The safety of your money is also guaranteed. Their customer support is also responsive and handles the queries of traders professionally.

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