Inceptial Review: Checkout the Warning from CNMV

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Inceptial Review
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Inceptial trading platform is a scam. A warning is out from the Spanish regulator, CNMV. Here’s more in our detailed review.

CNMV has already issued a stern warning regarding using the platform, Inceptial. Clearly, the platform has violated the terms and conditions set by regulators. After investigating the platform, we soon found out why the regulator was against No member gets to withdraw funds after investing and trading with the platform. Hundreds of complaints have been sent to regulators hence the warning. Learn more in our clear INCEPTIAL REVIEW.

About Inceptial

On the about is page, Inceptial claims to help empower traders to become better. The platform boasts of having the industry’s best trading tools. Far from it, this is another well-laid-out plan to deceive investors.

There’s no clear background and history that would help shed light on the platform. We don’t see a convincing mission and objective statement from the platform. These are some of the first warning signs that the platform is a mess.

For most investors, the allure of signing up with the platform was the guarantee of making a stable profit. Yes, the platform boasts that the tools they provide help create stable profits margin. Another false narrative to exploit.

Note: Investors need to know the best trading tools the industry has to offer. These tools provide investors with accurate signals and charting tools. Go for the best trading robots experts use and backed by the trading community.

Inceptial does a good job of hiding the outcome of investing with them. With their website layout, we can tell that professionals are behind it. The well-articulated website design points to someone with forex knowledge.

Growth Capital LLC is the parent company listed as the owner of the platform. It’s a Belarusian investment platform with no proven registration. Another issue of concern for anyone investing with

Before investing in any platform, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what makes a platform tick. It’s the best way to protect yourself from falling into the hands of professional scam artists.

Accounts and tiers Inceptial

There are four account types available on the Inceptial platform. These include Classic, Silver, Gold, and VIP accounts. Each of these accounts provides investors with several different features and deposit amounts.

Here’s a closer look at each of these accounts;


It’s the account the platform claims is best suited for newbies. The account comes with a maximum leverage of 1:100 which is fair. You get to trade with all assets and get 30-minute assistance from a professional.


The account also comes with minimum leverage of 1:100. Spreads start from 2.5 pips with two currencies, EUR, and USD. You get to trade all assets and have one hour of assistance. Members also get medium top-ups as opposed to classic account holders who get small top-ups.


For the gold account holder, spreads start from 1.8 pips and get assistance on request. You also get monthly overviews and one-on-one interactions with account managers. Members also get invitations to webinars and express trading education.


As the name suggests, it’s the most exclusive account of them all. Spreads start from 0.9 pips as members get exclusive senior account managers. You also get VIP top-ups and around-the-clock assistance from support.

Account features

All the talk about getting assistance from professional traders is crap. Once you sign up and deposit, the platform lets you do all the trading. There are no robots to even help traders mitigate risks from trades.

Leverage is another problem as qualified and professional traders get 1:200 and 1:500 respectively. The platform is clearly going out of its way to break the regulator’s rule on leverage. When it comes to leverage, the acceptable maximum is 1:100 in Europe.

There’s also no mention of the acceptable minimum deposit with these accounts. Before depositing, you get a call from account managers claiming you must deposit higher than $500. Clearly, these managers want to take advantage of naïve investors.

Account managers

Instead of hiring actual professional account managers, the platform avails call agents. These agents earn their commission by convincing members to deposit more. After depositing funds, the account manager will disappear.

Another trick used by the account managers is to call you. The manager will claim to have a lucrative open position. These managers will claim the position is only available for a limited time. The manager claims you are the lucky member to get information on such a position.

If you make the mistake of depositing more funds, the manager will disappear. The calls stop coming in and the platform replaces him/her with another manager. Attempts to get the other manager hit a snag as the platform claims he/she is on leave.

Available trading instruments

There are four classes of trading instruments available on the platform. These include commodities, forex, indices, and stocks. You get to trade household commodities such as coffee, cotton, wheat, and sugar.

Forex trading is at the core of the platform’s activities. The platform claims to offer major and minor currency pairs. Sadly, you don’t get to spread your risks with exotic pairs. The platform also doesn’t have robots tuning to this asset.

Indices play a huge role in promoting day-to-day trade on a global scale. You get to trade in the big leagues with indices such as DAX. NASDAQ, Nikkei, and S&P 500. Traders help to determine the market prices of global commodities.

Stock markets happen to be one of the most tradeable assets. The platform offers shares from leading companies from all sectors. These include shares from tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Business owner

The platform hides the information of who owns or runs the platform. There’s no registration certificate of the parent company Growth Capital LLC. We also see another named entity that’s not registered anywhere, Mount Nico Corp Ltd.

Such platforms will even use the names of other registered entities and claim partnerships. With no names of the CEO or founding members, it makes Inceptial an anonymous investment platform. Please stay away from such entities.

With anonymity, there’s no way of recovering funds from such platforms. Hiring recovery agents won’t help much. These agents are also part of the scam as they don’t have the power to freeze bank accounts.

Compliance, license, and registration Inceptial

Inceptial is not a compliant trading platform and holds no registration certificate. There’s no regulator on earth that gave the platform the greenlight to operate. And that means there’s no regulatory framework.

You need to invest in platforms that get their licenses from reputable trading platforms. These include ASIC, BaFIN, CONSOB, CNMV, CySEC, FCA, and NFA. Others include FINMA and the SEC.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact or support after investing with the platform. There’s no live chat support despite having a widget for it. All you have is a message board where investors are to leave their messages and wait for a response.

Deposit and fund safety

Your funds are not safe as the platform fails to segregate accounts as dictated by trading regulations. The platform also fails to offer insurance cover for deposits made by clients. It’s a risky platform as negative protection is not a guarantee.

Final verdict

Please stay away from the platform as the cons outweigh the pros. With withdrawal a problem, it’s best to stay away.

PS: Choose these robots that enjoy the backing of the trading community for safe trading.

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