Indigo Capitals Review: a Deceitful Broker

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Indigo Capitals does not protect investors against negative account balances. The shady entity is capable of changing its terms and conditions overnight. It also appears the scheme is operating from St Vincent and the Grenadines. The country is infamous for hosting sham enterprises. 

Indigo Capitals is a company that claims all you need is an internet connection. However, we beg to differ. Before you become a successful trader, you must-have skills, you cannot just join the market and generate unreasonable returns. 

Indigo Capitals Review, Indigo Capitals Broker

To become a successful investor, you must choose a reliable entity. How do you do that? We always urge aspiring traders to research a company. A thorough background check will save you from relying on a bogus entity. 

You can search “Indigo Capitals review” or any other platform on the internet. You will get helpful information. Financial analysts and researchers are always on the lookout. That being said, we spent adequate time studying this entity. We can affirm they are not legit. 

The broker has numerous red flags. It operates discreetly. The founder, account manager, financial analysis, and the parent company are missing. The venture lacks transparency. They are only looking for an opportunity to defraud innocent investors. 

As we continue to expose the obscurity of the firm, you can, in the meantime, check out these leading forex trading companies. These are ventures with licenses from renowned financial watchdogs. They also have an expert team dedicated to helping investors improve their skills. Review

The majority of the countries have regulatory agencies. These are bodies that monitor the activities of investment firms. Indigo Capitals does not fall under any regulatory agency database. Moreover, the venture also fakes its location, which is a big red flag. 

The venture is targeting both scalpers and day traders. They also welcome novice traders. You will rarely find an expert trader wasting time with a losing entity. The trading environment created by the entity is not ideal. 

Indigo Capitals expect us to believe they are experienced in the industry. However, the scheme has not bothered to provide its trading results. The registration process is allegedly swift. You only need to give a profile by providing an email address. You must also verify your ID. 

Never share such critical information with offshore firms. For starters, you are unaware of the people behind the scheme. Second, you don’t know what the individuals can do with your data. The entity also claims the withdrawal process is swift. Sadly, we have yet to see anyone who has successfully made an earning from the entity.

Trading Conditions of Indigo Capitals 

Indigo Capitals is mainly dealing with CFD trading. They claim to offer excellent services and support. Investment is all about statistics. Something the broker has not provided. The scheme claims to have multiple assets. It is a good thing since investors can diversify and minimize the risks.

We cannot tell whether the entity has an active trading interface. The broker only avails the information upon opening an account. With legit schemes, they provide all the relevant information. Therefore, you can make a sound decision on whether you want to join them or not. Review, Company


It is only scammers who run their operations behind the shadow. Indigo Capitals offer bonuses to traders. In a nutshell, if you accept a bonus of $200, you must execute a trading volume worth $50 million to withdraw. The scheme is only trying to maintain clients’ funds in its system. 

Any company capable of withholding the money of its customer is not worth the take. Additionally, the FCA does not allow brokers to provide such lucrative services. The best ventures in the market give the MetaTrader interface. It has several desirable features. 

Withdrawal and Deposits 

Indigo Capitals is accepting funds via bank wire and credit cards. Indigo Capitals assures investors it does not charge commission on training lots. Additionally, all the withdrawals are free. That is so generous of a suspicious entity. How then would they make money? The deal is too good to be realistic. 

We do not know the minimum amount to deposit on the website. The firm also leaves out the payment methods available. The legal documentation states withdrawal done in visa and MasterCard will not be charged. 

We are unaware of the least amount to cash out. If you cannot trust a broker with its withdrawal and deposit information, it is wise to avoid venturing with them. Indigo Capitals has too many red flags to turn a blind eye on. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

We are unaware of the actual location of Indigo Capitals. The venture purports to originate from the UK. However, this information is only available for transparency purposes. The entity assures clients their data is secure.

However, SSL and DDoS certificates cannot protect you from scammers. You are giving access to your information to fraudsters. They can do the unthinkable to clients. A genuine broker will invest in a quality support team. 

Indigo Capitals’ sales rep will be calling you endlessly. They will promise huge returns, and you click to their bait. They will be professional in the beginning. However, if you notice something is off, they will start being rude. The phone calls will go unanswered.

Regulatory Status of Indigo Capitals 

The company claims it put the security of traders first. The only thing that can keep your money secure is if the scheme is licensed. The regulatory bodies mandate all investment entities to deposit the funds of investors traders in separate accounts. This ensures the company cannot misuse the money of clients. 

Additionally, the broker must work with a reputable tier 1 bank. It helps as withdrawal processes are handled swiftly. Depending on the regulatory bodies, a platform must deposit a particular capital. If the firm faces bankruptcy, investors stand a chance of receiving compensation.

However, there is nowhere to turn to if you deal with an unregulated broker. Offshore schemes exit the market unceremoniously. A legit company must also report its daily opening and closing trade. It ensures the venture does not manipulate the price. 

Indigo Capitals does not protect investors against negative account balances. The shady entity is capable of changing its terms and conditions overnight. It also appears the scheme is operating from St Vincent and the Grenadines. The country is infamous for hosting sham enterprises. 

SVG has a regulatory body, but it does not license online investment services. Refrain from doing business with the entities that are illegally in business. You won’t get financial freedom from unreliable brokers. 

Clients Reviews of Indigo Capitals 

Indigo Capitals is an infamous entity. There are numerous reviews warning traders against venturing with the entity. Nobody has earned from the website. The broker does not have any unique features. 

Clients’ experience helps shed light on what to expect from a company. If an investment scheme lacks clients’ feedback, it is best to avoid them. The traffic visiting the entity is undesirable.

Final Verdict 

Indigo Capitals is many things but not a genuine platform. The company is collecting funds from traders illegally. They are not regulated, and the firm’s contact details are missing. You can earn passive income if you deal with transparent and reliable brokers. 

Here is a list of some of the leading forex trading schemes in the market. They have educational programs to increase the trading skills of investors. You can as well check out their past trading results. The security of your money and data is the main priority of the venture.


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