InfinitGain Review: Bogus Venture

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Infinitygain Review
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Infinitgain is targeting traders that have inadequate skills. You will rarely find expert traders falling victim to a scam. There are common factors that can help you identify a Ponzi scheme. Things like lack of regulatory documents.

Infinitgain is a name that suggests you are going to receive profits for the rest of your life. This is a bold claim, and we hoped to see the same reflection on the trading activity of the venture. Unfortunately, after going through the scheme, we did not find any unique features. This is just another fraud that is targeting naive investors in the market.

Infinitgain Review, Infinitgain Company

The entity allegedly utilizes technology to attain the desirable outcome. Their services are said to be unlike other brokers in the industry. The scheme also claims it has several products. They are going to improve the trading skills of investors. The venture brags it has the best support in the market. They also employ the best team that has high experience.

Infinitgain shies away from introducing them to the market. This is anonymity, and we fail to understand why the entity does not credit the team if they are qualified to handle the funds of traders. No parent company oversees the activities of the broker. Therefore, once they choose to exit the market, investors cannot track them down.

Invest with genuine forex trading platforms in the market. These are schemes that have been in the market for years. You can trade with them and generate passive income. They also have high-security protocols. Review

InfinitiGain claims it has over 5 categories of products and thousands of assets. The firm allegedly does not charge fees when investors are opening accounts. Clients can access the trading platform from their computer or phone. The entity allows traders to set stop losses and take profits.  You also receive the latest financial news.

The venture additionally provides charts, real-time data, and fast order execution. We were hoping to see a powerful software but were disappointed when we found a basic one. The strategy that the entity deploys is unknown to us, and it is best to find a trading partner that uses real-time data and is determined to provide the best services to customers.

Infinitgain is targeting traders that have inadequate skills. You will rarely find expert traders falling victim to a scam. There are common factors that can help you identify a Ponzi scheme. Things like lack of regulatory documents. Offshore ventures will not secure users’ information. They will mainly defraud and sell your information to third parties. 

Moreover, Ponzi schemes do not permanently leave the market. They only change their domain name, and spice up their narrative and come back to the industry. They will use the data you had shared previously to contact you. If you receive cold calls, report the entities to the authority to save other innocent clients from losing funds. 

Infinitgain Trading Conditions

The entity is trading forex, indices, metals, and shares. It provides news events that could affect the market, technical indicators, and quality tools. The entity also claims to have trading results. However, we did not find the document. You must deal with a venture that you know of their track record. Review, Plans

Infinitgain has three investment accounts. The leverage ranges from 1:200, 1:300: and 1:500. All of the above are risky limits, and most of the regulatory bodies in the market do not authorize such caps. You could lose all your funds in a blink of an eye. The spread is 0.1, 0.2, and 0.4 pips. This is profitable and a favorable opportunity for the investors. However, considering that you will be dealing with an unregulated scheme, we do not recommend trading with the firm. 

The entity assures clients of a negative account balance. They also have an SSL certificate which does not mean much when trading with an offshore scheme. Your information could land to con artists. The broker guarantees 400% ROI in binary trading. These are assets that have been banned in the industry as they are dangerous.

Infinitgain Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that clients can deposit at Infinitgain is 250 EUR. The payment methods include; Mastercard, Visa, and Wire Transfer. In case things go south, issue a chargeback via your bank card. The entity is charging traders a fee of 10% per month for being inactive. The account dormancy policy starts taking effect after 3 months. 

Legit ventures will have a reasonable fee for the same, and usually, an account is considered inactive after a period of 6 months. This scam is only trying to bleed their clients out of funds. We also learned that the venture is charging a fee upon withdrawal. 

However, the company fails to specify the actual amount. Why would any venture operate in this manner? The charges may be unsuitable to clients. Furthermore, Infinitgain is offering bonuses. Sadly, if you trade with the money you get from the bonus, you are ineligible for the withdrawal. 

If you cash out, the company has every right to cancel the process. Why would they offer the lucrative in the first place? Our main concern is that the venture does not indicate or make it known how traders can know what funds are made with bonuses. The red flags of this scheme are way too vast to turn a blind eye to them.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The entity claims it has a dedicated professional team. They will assist you in case you have any problems. The firm wants traders to succeed and get the best returns in the market. Once you register, a personal account manager will be assigned to you by the company. However, we cannot validate that the people working for the venture have adequate skills to assist anyone who makes passive income.

The firm claims it is operating from Richmond, in the USA. This is most definitely a randomly generated address. The entity cannot be operating in this country due to the severe rules set by the government. It is, unfortunately, an offshore firm.

Infinitgain support is available via email and phone. They allegedly resolve the issues facing their client instantly. Scammers will cut you off the moment you become a nuisance by keeping calling. The only time they are going to be responsive is when they need more funds from you.

Regulation Status of Infinitgain

Financial watchdogs in the market do not regulate the Infinitgain. They are not in the database of the CFTC and NFA, which are the most stringent regulators in the market. A firm needs $20 million to get a license. They must report their opening and closing trade to the body.

This ensures there is no price manipulation. The permitted leverage in the USA is 1:50, proof that the entity is an illegal firm. Investing with a licensed venture grants you peace of mind. The trading conditions are also ideal and reasonable. 

The Domain Insight registration took place in June 2021. The entity aspires to be in the market for only one year. The information regarding the founder is not accessible to the public. It has a global engagement of 7,024,918, which is a poor one. 

Final Verdict

Infinitgain lacks a trading history. The people that are behind the venture are anonymous and untrustworthy. The scheme also fakes its location to trap more victims on its website. Investors need to be keen on such entities as they do not care about them.

Instead of wasting time with a broker that is doomed to fail, we suggest you trade with the best forex trading companies in the world. These are transparency and regulated schemes.

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