InitialStocks Review: A Shameless Forex Broker

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InitialStocks Review
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InitialStocks is an entity that claims it is available in over 190 countries. The first thing that should come into mind is whether the company has a license. Unfortunately, in the case of this platform, the venture is an illegitimate investment scheme.

InitialStocks is a company that has a beautiful interface. The platform is allegedly dealing with forex trading activities. They aim to assist investors to build their future. Additionally, the firm claims that you will enjoy a stable income if you join them.

However, there is more than what meets the eye. It has become the norm for scammers to defraud innocent investors. They make all sorts of promises only to turn their back on you. Therefore, you must ensure that you conduct thorough research with the firm you choose to venture with.

InitialStocks Review, Company

InitialStocks is an entity that claims it is available in over 190 countries. The first thing that should come into mind is whether the company has a license. Unfortunately, in the case of this platform, the venture is an illegitimate investment scheme.

Nonetheless, the platform claims that it has a secure fund safety measure. We highly doubt their statement because the majority of the scammers tend to feature information to lure in innocent people in their scheme.

Therefore, you should only settle with legit forex trading companies that have a license. You will trade with confidence. Additionally, you will have nothing to fear. You can read the testimonials of happy clients who have used their services before. Review

InitialStocks features generic information regarding forex trading. The information does not serve them any good. If we would have liked to know what forex trading is all about we would have easily Googled about it. The data can is easily accessible on the internet.

The company should at least present info that helps build trust with their clients. The platform does not disclose the leverage cap that investors are going to get. Moreover, the trading interface that is available for the traders is also not known.

Without knowing the spread that you are getting or the trading conditions of a firm it is best to keep off. There are better ways that you can use to yield returns. InitialStocks is a company that is operating as it, please. The people managing this firm feel they can disappear from anything.

Therefore, they fail to provide sufficient information that can shed light on their investment activities. The entity is a nasty scheme that thrives in anonymity. They do not care about the interest of investors.

The account opening process is swift. You need to verify your information before activating your account. We are against traders sharing their personal data with shady firms. They can use it against you and there is nothing that you can do about it once they cease to exist.

InitialStocks Investment Plans

InitialStocks has four investment plans. They do not explain in detail the benefits that you are going to yield. The least amount that you can deposit is 350 EUR/USD/GBP. That is all the available info. Sadly, we are not aware of the minimum amount that you can cash out. Scam Review, InitialStocks Investment Plan

The company also has an affiliate program. The trading conditions of the broker are unclear. Investors need to know what they are signing up for. If you are not keen you will lose all your savings in a matter of seconds.

Customer Support and Contact Details

InitialStocks is a platform that claims it has the ability to generate high returns. The broker also states it has a responsive customer support team. However, we are the only possible means of contacting them is via email.

There is no phone number available for easy access. Email is one of the modes of communication that is not ideal for traders. Ponzi scheme also tends to ignore the messages of their clients. They will only be responsive when they need more funds from you.

Otherwise, you are going to suffer if you trade with them. The office address of InitialStocks is at 56 floors 100 King St West Toronto ON M5X 1P3, Canada. You can contact visit their offices from Monday to Friday on office hours.

Unfortunately, we cannot validate that this is the actual location of this broker. Scammers tend to generate random addresses for them to appear transparent. However, the reality is that there are better firms in the market that you can trade with that has real information of their whereabouts.

Regulation and Registration of InitialStocks

InitialStocks does not mention whether it is a licensed entity or not. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to determine whether this is a legit investment scheme. Unfortunately, after checking in the pacific, Asian, European, and African financial watchdog databases we did not find the firm listed.

Therefore, the broker is operating on its own accord without following any strict rules. They are also targeting Canadian citizens without complying with the law. Several risks come with trusting offshore entities.

For instance, you will not know when the company will go out of business. Ponzi schemes do not survive for more than one year in the industry. Moreover, there is no segregation of funds. These fraudsters do not work with tier 1 banks.

Hence, the likelihood of your money going directly into the scammer’s pocket is very high. You won’t get fund safety from this venture. Invest with a company that has a license from a reputable financial body in the market.

Client Feedback

There is no existence of client feedback regarding the services of InitialStocks. Hence, we do not know if the customer support is responsive or not. Additionally, we do not know whether there are any fees that investors are being charged.

If you choose to test the waters with this entity you will be risking a lot. The company is surrounded by uncertainty. You will be their guinea pig and once the firm decides to exit the industry there will be nowhere to run to.

Sometimes fraudsters go the extra mile and hire people to review them. Hence, you might come across people endorsing this company. Until you see proof of payment refrain from trusting an entity with your money.

Their affiliate program might be tempting. However, kindly note that once you invest with this platform you will make other people sign up with an offshore broker. Since there is no evidence of trading it is most likely this is the only source of income for InitialStocks.

The Domain Insight is a broker that made its first digital footprint in December 2020. Their domain will expire after one year. The company has no intention of being around for long. This is one of the red flags that you should notice.

The people that are behind this platform are anonymous. There is no existing information that shed light on who they are or the qualification that they have in handling investors’ funds. The firm also has a low Alexa ranking traffic.

Final Verdict

InitialStocks is an offshore company that claims it is offering forex trading services. However, no evidence proves the firm has investment services or products. The platform provides inadequate data. Therefore, traders to investors can’t trust them.

You can trade with legit forex trading brokers that are transparent. These are some of the best companies in the market. You will get high-quality services. Additionally, you can also view their trading reports.



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