Interacinvestor Review: a Dark Scam

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Interacinvestor Review
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Interacinvestor is a rip-off venture. The offshore scheme does not fall under any regulatory agency in the market. The broker is illegally in business, and eventually, they will exit the market.

Interacinvestor claims it is an award-winning enterprise. They have allegedly been recognized for offering the best crypto services, having the best support team, and using innovation. The bold claims are coming from an entity that can’t afford to hire professionals. Reaching the support is a big nightmare. 

Interacinvestor Review, Interacinvestor Company

Moreover, the entity lacks trading software. They are lying about using a cutting-edge platform. Those that shall join the broker with the hope of meaning passive income are in for a rude shock. Moreover, if the company is as profitable as it claims, why does it fail to provide trading performance? Investment is all about statistics, and without verified results, we can only assume the worst.

Interacinvestor accepts both novice and expert traders. You will never find professional investors falling for scammers’ narratives. Our main concern is the broker is accepting customers from over 170 countries. The firm is illegally in business. They do not consider the set rules, and nothing can stop the fraudsters from stealing all your savings.

Invest only with verified crypto ventures that are the best in the world. These are companies that have been around for years. They also have excellent conditions and terms. You can rely on them to earn reasonable returns. Review

Interacinvestor is a company that brags it works with professionals. They teach investors how to identify lucrative opportunities. Nonetheless, the scheme does not credit the team. The least it could have done is publish their images and qualification. Transparency build trust. Investors have the right to know the people accountable for their money. 

The venture state it has over 200 cryptos. The client can choose to hold or trade the tokens. The data of users is also stored safely. Never entrust your information to discrete people. They can use the data to manipulate you or sell it to criminals.

Interacinvestor is also offering educational resources. The information shall equip investors with adequate knowledge to become successful traders. You must perform thorough research on a company before opening an account. This would save you the trouble of dealing with 

Trading Conditions of Interacinvestor

Interacinvestor proclaims it has the MT5 trading software. It turns out this is another false statement. There is no link to download the interface. A reputable firm will even allow users to familiarize themselves with the demo account. A broker with no functioning platform is not worth your time. 

MetaTrader is a reputable software. It allows clients to trade automatically. The platform also comes with advanced tools and charts. The superior indicators and VPS keep track of investors’ orders. The majority of traders adore the software. 

Interacinvestor is offering five trading accounts. They do not get into details regarding the commission, spreads, and assets available. Investment firms must provide information on the terms of trade. The only thing present is the leverage which ranges from 1:100 to 1:600. The cap is hazardous, and the industry volatility would make investors lose everything in an eye. Review, Features

If the platform was legally operating in the UK as it purports, then it can only offer leverage of 1:30. The scheme is an illegal firm that does not observe the rules. Scammers will have traders only looking at the positive side of the picture. They do not disclose the risks involved. 

Moreover, Interacinvestor appears to be offering trading bonuses to customers. These may look like lucrative opportunities. However, you should note that the money legally belongs to the broker. Traders must meet unrealistic trade volumes for them to qualify for the withdrawal. Moreover, the financial bodies do not authorize companies to offer bonuses. It is another affirmation the company is an illegal enterprise. Withdrawal and Deposits 

There are contradicting statements regarding the minimum deposit. The account section indicates traders can deposit $250, while in the FAQ section, the amount is $500. Such mistakes are unheard of with reputable brokerages. Moreover, far better entities in the industry take you can trade for as low as $10.

Interacinvestor payment methods include; Bitcoin, wire transfer, and credit card. Offshore firms will try to retain the cash on their website. Hence, they will only use payment methods that limit investors from issuing a chargeback. Their main focus is to remain discreet to avoid being caught. 

Traders that sign up with the company should expect charges. However, the broker fails to disclose the actual amount of fees. Before signing up, customers have the right to know what they are getting themselves into. Adequate withdrawal and deposit data must be provided. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

The customer support of the platform allegedly operates around the clock. The venture claims it is a global scheme. They do not have limitations, and anyone can join them. The entity welcomes all questions. However, the only way clients can reach the team is via email. There is no phone number or social media platform. 

 Interacinvestor state it is operating from the UK. However, there is no specific geographical address. As we know, the country is large. The offshore scheme is only displaying the data to trap more victims. 

Do not be surprised when you won’t get any response from the team. Scammers cut off clients after realizing they have run out of money. It is only with genuine companies that you shall enjoy quality support services.

Regulatory Status of Interacinvestor

Interacinvestor is a company that observes anonymity. Information regarding the founder and the parent company is missing. There are many regulatory agencies in the world. They were set up to protect investors from dealing with scammers. The watchdogs have strict rules. Companies have to adhere to the guidelines for them to acquire a license.

Considering the venture expects us to believe it is operating from the UK, it should be featured in the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) database. A quick look on the website shows that the entity is illegally in business. The body mandate brokers to deposit capital of 730K EUR. The majority of con artists cannot afford the amount. They end up setting up their business in offshore regions. 

The hefty amount of capital proves a scheme can run its business successfully withstanding the volatility. It is also a guarantee the scheme won’t misuse traders’ funds. Unfortunately, Interacinvestor is working independently. They do not report daily opening and closing trade results. They may therefore end up featuring fake market prices to deceive traders. 

Interacinvestor appears to be another Saint Vincent and the Grenadines broker. There are no rules for investment companies in this region. To understand the unprofessionalism of the company, once you click on their legal documentation, you will be redirected to another scam venture website. This proves our claims that scammers never exit the market. Instead, they come up with new domain names and spiced up fantasies. 

Moreover, the venture states it binds by the rules and regulations of Seychelles. If the scheme faces bankruptcy, investors shall suffer the losses alone. Legitimate platforms compensate traders in the event of insolvency. They also provide negative account balance protection, something offshore firms do not consider. 

Final Verdict 

Interacinvestor is a rip-off venture. The offshore scheme does not fall under any regulatory agency in the market. The broker is illegally in business, and eventually, they will exit the market. The safety of investors’ funds is in grave danger. 

Here is a list of some of the transparent and reputable crypto ventures. You can earn passive income while enjoying top-notch security. Existing clients also endorse the scheme. You can read their happy clients’ reviews.


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