Intlmc Review: Untrustworthy Nasty Scam

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Intlmc Review
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The company lacks originality and even put an email address and a phone number that investors can use to contact them. Intlmc is an offshore platform that uses false information to steal from its customer. Avoid them like a plague and venture with licensed brokers only. 

Intlmc is a platform that claims it is a transparent venture that targets investors of all classes. The venture states that it is an international monetary corporation in the market. They are dealing with multiple assets in the industry.

Investors can trade Forex, Binary Options, and Stocks. Moreover, the company also offers portfolio management. Traders are urged to trust the platform with the management of their investment. They are also involved in estate marketing.

Intlmc Review, Intlmc Company

Intlmc appears to be an overall one-stop venture. However, there is no investment taking place in this scam. They use fluff content to get their clients. Additionally, this broker states that it is one of the fastest-growing ventures in the world.

Unfortunately, these are false claims. The broker has very low Alexa traffic. The entity moreover states that it has been in the market since 2014. However, the platform was established in April 2020.

When a venture fakes such minor details it shows that investors cannot trust them with major information. You should avoid Intlmc at all costs. The people managing their operation are smart con artists who will defraud their customers without having any second thoughts. Review

The company registration process is fast and swift. The platform doesn’t even ask their clients to verify their accounts. The broker is a Ponzi scheme that has one interest which is to steal funds from as many people as possible. 

Additionally, this venture does not have a trading interface. Without software to trade with we suspect that there are no investment activities taking place. The company should be avoided at all costs. 

Intlmc is promising their customers very luring and attractive returns. However, this is a marketing scheme to try and get your hard-earned money. The broker puts all their information under one page. 

It is hard to gather information regarding this platform. The inadequate info shows that the people that are managing their operation are not serious. The company is not legit. The anonymity that the firm portrays is astonishing. 

Invest with the leading forex trading companies that care about their customers needs. These platforms will help you generate real-time returns. You will have nothing to worry about since your safety is guaranteed. 

Trading Conditions

Intlmc providesTradingView charts that belong to third parties. The company is shameless enough to not hide its fraudulent activities. Investors cannot use these charts to perform their trading activities. 

Intlmc Scam Review, Returns

This is not the first Ponzi scheme that uses this tactic. The company has three investment schemes that exaggerate the returns. It is not possible to acquire such high income in the current market. 

Withdrawal and Deposits of Intlmc

Investors can only cash funds using Bitcoin. The lack of other payment methods shows that this is a fraudulent firm that will not permit its clients to issue a chargeback. You cannot trace to whom the funds go. 

However, traders can withdraw using credit cards. The least amount that you can cash out is $10. The process takes approximately 5 days to be processed. There are also charges that apply when withdrawing depending on the method that you choose. 

Customer Support 

The address of Intlmc is at Badminton Rd Trading Estate Bristol, BS37 5NS. Unfortunately, this is a randomly generated address. There is no way that a scam would reveal its location. 

This is because it would be an end game for them. The authority would storm their offices and put the fraudster behind bars. The company lacks originality and even put an email address and a phone number that investors can use to contact them. 

Intlmc is an offshore platform that uses false information to steal from its customers. They also claim that traders can reach them via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp. Your attempt to go after them will bore no fruits. 

Intlmc Regulation Status

Intlmc is a company that claims it is located in the United Kingdom. However, they are not in the database of the FCA which is the financial regulatory body of this area. Moreover, this scam purports that it has a license from CySEC. 

Neither of the above regulatory bodies would permit a fraudulent firm like this one to collect funds from their citizens. They have put up strict measures to ensure investors are protected. Moreover, CySEC has already blacklisted this company. 

Therefore, this is a clear red flag that you will be dealing with a nasty scam Additionally, there is nowhere that you can run to once the firm steals your funds. Intlmc is an anonymous investment scheme and tracking them down will be a nightmare. 

The platform is an illegal entity. The company will therefore do as it pleases without minding their customers. You can expect hidden charges and changes to the terms and conditions. Investors expose themselves to huge risks by trading with this venture. 

False Testimonials

Intlmc is an entity that has a number of testimonials on its website. The platform is being praised for being profitable. The information purports that this firm is doing everything in its power to help investors. 

The company claims that it wants to see its customers trade successfully. However, we do not see this happening.  Unfortunately, they are using stock images to deceive investors. There is no trading that is taking place in this dirty scheme. 

The platform also presents information showcasing their CEO. Nonetheless, this is not the person that is responsible for this venture. The information that is available on their website cannot be trusted. 

Can You Make Money Using Intlmc?

No, you cannot. We do not know the investment activities that the company is involved with. Their trading conditions are also mysterious the only thing that we know is that this firm is a scam. The currency pair which traders can invest in are not disclosed.

The leverage cap and the spread data are also unavailable. Intlmc only promises investors huge returns but there is nothing good that can ever come out of this scam. We recommend that you trade with licensed firms in the market.

The company has also been blacklisted by a reputable financial body in the market. Therefore, this is enough proof that you cannot make genuine passive income. It is best that you find licensed ventures in the market.

The customer support of Intlmc will never respond to your query. The moment you choose to entrust them with your money that will be the end of you. Your phone call will go directly to voice mail and the email will be ignored. 

Final Verdict

Intlmc is a platform that tries very hard to stay relevant in the market. The broker presents false information to get more victims on their website. They target investors from all classes in the world. The problem is that this entity is operating illegally. 

They have received a warning from CySEC for collecting funds without their permission. Instead of wasting your valuable time in this venture, we recommend that you find a broker which is genuine. Furthermore, scammers are notorious and their customer support is terrible. 

Here are some of the best forex trading companies that are actually trading. You will earn genuine returns with them. Moreover, there is nothing to regret once you trust them. There is high security and multiple currency pairs that you can use. 


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