Investment Management Review: Untrustworthy Broker to Avoid

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Investment Management Review


Investment Management does not offer fund safety to their clients. Additionally, the entity also states that it is regulated at St Vincent and Grenadines. The area is infamous for all the wrong reasons. The entity is using the information of other genuine entities to imply it is operating legally. Trade with genuine entities instead.

Investment Management claims that it is a professional investment platform that is operating professionally. The entity allows investors to trade anywhere that they please. Moreover, it also states that you will enjoy a low spread.

The company claims that it is the leading best forex trading broker. However, the entity is nowhere close to the top ventures in the world. It is showering itself with false praises. Additionally, the platform states that it is regulated by the appropriate financial bodies.

Investment Management Review, Investment Management Company

Investment Management is an entity that is dealing with Forex, and CFD. They are accepting investors from all over the world. The company states that it is using cutting-edge technology to generate high returns for its clients.

The entity brags that it has been in the industry serving investors since 2010. However, a quick search on will show you that this is a fat lie. The venture was registered in September 2020. They are operating as they please and featuring false information that is very minor paint a bad picture regarding this venture.

You cannot trust them with your money. Additionally, the entity is also operating anonymously. The people behind the firm are not known which is another drawdown.  When it comes to investment you need to know the people that are managing your funds. Review states that it is a reliable and professional investment firm. The broker states that it was established by expert traders in the market. They allegedly have what it takes to run an entity professionally. The management team has been trading forex for years.

Unfortunately, this is a ghost team that has not been credited. Therefore, we cannot verify whether this entity claim is true. The platform is allegedly based in New Zealand. The company targets being the best and largest online foreign exchange trading. main focus is the satisfaction of their clients. They are allegedly offering the best services to their customers. However, this is a venture that you cannot trust with your funds. Their survival in the market is not guaranteed.

The performance of Investment Management is not known. Despite them speaking highly of themselves there is a lot that is missing from their website. Investment is all about factual and statics. This is something that the entity has failed to avail.

Invest with genuine and regulated forex trading companies. These ventures are among the leading entities that will help you to trade with confidence. Additionally, the returns which the firm offers are reasonable and won’t expose you to severe risks.

The Trading Conditions of

The entity states that it offers low spreads of 0.1 pips. It is a beneficial range because investors will not have to pay more. also claims that it gets its liquidity from 22 banks. However, it does not care to disclose the financial institutions that it is talking about.

Investment Management also provides a leverage cap of 1:400. It is beyond what the financial bodies regulate. For Instance, the FCA permits companies to cap the leverage at 1:30 while the Canadian and the USA financial watchdog limit it to 1: 50.

Investment Management Review, Investment Management Trading Condition

The venture is offering something that many trades might see as a profitable opportunity. However, you should be careful when accepting such limits. If you do not have a high appetite for the risk it would be best to trade with a low cap.

Investment Management claims that it offers over 7 trading platforms to its investors. Additionally, their trading tools are of high quality using the latest technology. Upon checking we found that the entity is offering the MT4 to their clients.

You can access the interface via phone or desktop. The MetaTrader has become popular and has been in the industry for years. The entity is also allegedly offering a cTader interface. Nonetheless, we do not recommend unregulated entities.

Investment Management Withdrawal and Deposits

Investment Management is an entity that receives funds via PayPal, Moneybookers, Wire transfer, and credit and debit card. However, if you try depositing funds with them the e-wallet and PayPal option is not available.

The minimum amount that you can deposit in this entity is $2000. This is way beyond the average market standard. You will find genuine entities that accept $200 while others take less than $100.

Investment Management is also charging their clients a fee of 3.9% for PayPal, and 4% for credit cards. The venture is a rip-off that should not be given the chance to defraud innocent investors. There are better brokers that will not charge such hefty fees.

Regulation Status

The entity claims it is a New Zealand Investment scheme. Therefore, they ought to be operating as per the requirements of New Zealand Financial Service Providers (FSP). Unfortunately, this is an entity that is not worth being trusted.

Upon checking them in the database of this financial watchdog we found them missing. Additionally, this is a broker that also states it is licensed by FINTRAC. All these are fat lies. Investing with them exposes you to severe risks.

Investment Management does not offer fund safety to their clients. Additionally, the entity also states that it is regulated at St Vincent and Grenadines. The area is infamous for all the wrong reasons. The entity is using the information of other genuine entities to imply it is operating legally.

The shady entity copy-pasted all the information from the licensed entity. Their registration number does not even belong to them. The entity is availing false information. Avoid this outrageous scam that targets innocent investors in the market.

Investment Management Contact Information

Investment Management is a company that does not offer customer support services. Upon clicking the link containing their contact details we found it broken. It is a serious red flag. Additionally, if this was a genuine firm then they would have noticed.

Reliable entities would not risk their PR with such details. The first thing that you should look for before entrusting your funds to anonymous people is whether your needs are catered for. You do not want to risk losing your money to the fraudster.

Therefore, it is important that you check what other people have to say regarding an investment firm. Investment Management is a dirty investment scheme that should be avoided at all costs. They do not have a telephone number or an email address.

If you encounter any challenge then you will have to resolve the issue yourself. Trade with the best investment schemes in the market. Your money will be in safe hands. Scammers have no intention of processing your withdrawal requests.

Final Verdict

Investment Management is a company that is not worth anybody’s trust. The entity lies about its regulation status which is a major red flag. They are going to jeopardize your earnings. Moreover, this is an entity that does not have a reliable and professional customer support team.

It is important that you settle with a genuine investment firm in the market. You will earn genuine returns. Moreover, these firms are some of the leading and regulated entities in the market. Therefore, you will enjoy fund safety. is a venture that nobody knows its actual location. Hence, once it chooses to exit the market you will not be able to track them down. Investors need assurance that their funds are in safe hands.



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