InvestMfi Review: a Cheeky Scam

InvestMfi Review, InvestMfi Company
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InvestMfi Review
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InvestMfi is a forex broker that promises its clients reliable forex brokerage services to earn their clients great returns. The company raises many red flags, and it would be advisable to avoid investing with them. Invest in licensed and trustworthy forex trading companies to enjoy reasonable returns and transparency.

Investment in the forex industry is a wise decision in this era. Moreover, it allows individuals to earn frequent money where brokers trade for them. The main investment in trading forex is investing in a good broker. This way you will be certain of earning a good income. It’s also essential to have some trading knowledge to decide better if the broker isn’t available. In this review, we will discuss the features of and its legal status.

InvestMfi Review is a brokerage company that imparts traders with brokerage services. Their main role is to grant traders an opportunity to exchange different currencies for profit. Through this platform, individuals can then transact. The brokers also fund their traders with excess amounts above their own investment money. This is called leverage.

On going through the site, we noticed something odd about the site. There is no site logo on the site. Additionally, it doesn’t have a unique identifier. There can only be two reasons for this. The site is a scam, or it was recently launched. has been in existence over the past two years. Why does it not have a logo, then?

InvestMfi Review, InvestMfi Company

According to users with experience on this site, it has not been easy. The advice provided to them is not effective, and withdrawal of funds from the account is also a problem. The investors have gone ahead and rated the services offered. About 85% of traders who have used this platform have graded it with one star. It’s not a reliable investment broker. Legitimate forex forums offer reliable services and are evidently in existence. The legal platforms offer great support to their traders.

How does Investmfi Work? is a broker that prides itself in providing forex services to users. The users may be knowledgeable about forex trading or have no information about it. It is the broker’s role to advise the trader on how to make good trades. The broker buys different currencies at a certain price and sells the same currency after a higher price. They divide this profit between themselves and the trader.

Withdrawals and Deposits

The required deposit for trading on the site is 250 dollars. With this amount, an investor can open an account and start trading. uses the wire transfer method to withdraw funds after trading. On creating an account, funding is required through the EPayGlobal platform. This is a well-known platform due to its efficiency in funds transfer. It is, however, not efficient for funds recovery in case of scams. This is because it does not allow for a chargeback.

A chargeback is essential in trading since it helps traders be reimbursed for their funds if the broker engages in fraudulent activities and the trader already sent the funds. The main methods that allow for chargeback are debit and credit cards.’s choice of this method should raise eyebrows since you cannot issue a chargeback. These brokers can then easily rob you of your investment funds, and you won’t have a fallback plan.

The lowest amount that can be drawn from the account is undefined. You cannot know how long to wait for a withdrawal. However, it has been reported that each time a user tries to withdraw, funds are never available. How is it that the site only accepts deposits but doesn’t allow for withdrawals? For this reason, is not a reliable trading platform, and hence traders need to stay away from them.

Is Regulated?

InvestMfi originates from New Zealand in the USA. It, therefore, falls in the governance of the US, whose licensors are the FCA. The FCA in New Zealand oversees the online forex trading industry. It ensures that they are all registered and blacklists the scammers. FCA records, however, don’t have a record of any company registered by this name. This means that operates as an independent trading platform that isn’t licensed to operate as per the regulatory rules set. The illegality of this platform also confirms that it’s not transparent and can’t be trusted.

The company’s terms and conditions have pieces of information indicating that permission to trade is granted to them as long as any jurisdiction permits them. This is insanely illegal as regulations don’t work this way. Investing in non-regulated sites is a waste of time and resources. It’s better to stay away from them.

Founders and Team

InvestMfi is an incognito business. We have no idea who owns or controls this company. The website’s value is estimated to be $8.95, while the daily income turnover $0.15. We discourage traders from dealing with anonymous traders. Most of these anonymous brokers are scammers who prey on new traders by lying to them about the great investment returns they will get.

The Domain Insight

InvestMfi was launched in the year 2019. The site’s domain is, however, expected to expire after two years. The forex trading sites with short periods before expiry have proved to be scammed over the years. This is no exemption. It’s a scam like any other site. Traders, be warned! You will not get value for your investment with the website.

The Spread and Leverage Ratio of

This site has a very high leverage ratio. The most used and reasonable ratio is 1:100. has a set leverage ratio of 1:500. This is ridiculous leverage since there is a higher risk of losing funds by the trader. The spread is also not shown. How are you supposed to decide about the platform if you can’t get enough data from the source? Stay abreast of such sites and don’t invest in them.

Contact Details

InvestMfi is a company whose origin is in Massachusetts in the US as per their domain information. The support number is 1.8022274003. This information is different from what’s stated in the investMfi platform. They claim that the company is based in New Zealand. Why would they lie about their operating address? The contact details have also been omitted. How are investors supposed to reach them?

Trading Platforms

Lack of information on this site is a big turn off. Every trading site uses specific trading software to predict prices in the forex market. For better marketing strategies, trading platforms provide all information that would apply to traders when deciding which broker to use according to their trading strategies.

InvestMfi Scam Review, InvestMfi trading options has omitted information about their trading software. There is also a huge problem with the site since all clicks lead to an error page. They are also scamming people into depositing funds to access the trading platform they use. This is exactly how pyramid schemes work. Beware of this company! Don’t be scammed.

Final Verdict 

Legal platforms will always feature their license certificate on the website, provide information regarding the trading spreads and leverage, provide the trading software used, comply with the regulatory rules in their dominion. This data is essential for all brokers to have. The availability of chargeback options too. We have found it best for all prospective investors to avoid investMfi at all costs since they will only lose.

We would love you to get the best returns out of your investment. However, this is not the best platform for forex trading. Invest in research and get legit platforms to invest in. Look for all the red flags and make sure to choose the best options.




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