Investo CapitalFX Review: A Clone scam 

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Investo CapitalFX Review
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Investo CapitalFX brags about having top-notch experience, and they work with professionals. There is no single data on their qualifications; thus, the probability of dealing with quacks is very high. The criminals will swindle all your investment funds.

Investo CapitalFX is a forex broker that grants its traders spreads from 0.7pip. However, we do not recommend any of the services they promise traders. This is because they expose numerous scam traits that prove otherwise regarding the investment firm. 

Meanwhile there are legit forex brokers that you can count on to gain reasonable profits on your investment funds. Investo CapitalFX grants investors split second trade executions and the minimum trade amount is $200. They also guarantee low commissions on deposits and withdrawals.

They claim to be the best in forex trading signals and that the platform is suitable for all investors. Besides this information, they leave out a lot of relevant data that helps gain more confidence in the company. In addition, the company resembles, which is also a shady investment firm and has a bad reputation. 

Investo CapitalFX Review, Investo CapitalFX Company

Investo CapitalFX is a similar word for word with the scam platform and should warn traders not to deposit a single coin with the company. Furthermore, transparency is what most expert traders look for before investing. The investment firm showcases a lot of murkiness in its style of operation.

The information regarding the company owners and team of employees is also left out. This clearly shows they have a hidden agenda and your funds are at risk. Furthermore, you risk losing your funds, but personal information may fall into the wrong hands. Review

Investo CapitalFX does not feature any refund policy, and some transactions are irreversible. Ponzi schemes continuously contact you with promises of high returns and bonuses that you will never access. This is just a marketing strategy that is used as an attempt to lure you into depositing funds.

Once you fall for the catch, your business with them is done, and they may even block you from accessing any of their services. Furthermore, the returns you get depend solely on the market, and they take 30% as a management fee. The only risk protection measure is negative balance protection which is not enough to guarantee you will attain any profits. 

Nevertheless, no trading activity seems to be taking place in Thus if they were making the said profits, the traffic numbers should be higher, and trade results should emulate. You should at least find past trade results for at least three months or more before finally investing a single coin.

Legit testimonials are greatly beneficial but falling for false testimonies will result in massive losses. The platform is available for download, or you can choose to use the web-based platform. They also have a demo account, and it is wise to stick to the demo account till they make all the necessary upgrades.

Investo CapitalFX brags about having top-notch experience, and they work with professionals. There is no single data on their qualifications; thus, the probability of dealing with quacks is very high. The criminals will swindle all your investment funds, and the only experience you will learn is not to invest with Ponzi schemes.

Investo CapitalFX Funds Safety does not guarantee any funds safety, and you will end up losing money. The people behind the company operations are unknown. So who is controlling your funds in the company is unknown.

The only people who are likely to benefit are the company owners. They may be storing funds in personal accounts and making a killing for themselves. Moreover, there is no past trade data to assert trade activities are taking place. Review, Trading Condirions

Additionally, there isn’t any banking information to show your funds are safe. They even are not sure that the system is 100% secure, and they claim you can only lose 20% in case there is a breach. Consequently, there is no evidence of any successful withdrawals made by traders.

The information available on Investo CapitalFX is only negative. Also, they resemble a scam company should be enough to turn back from any promise they give you. They fail on transparency, and you cannot trust such a company with even a single coin.

Scammers usually result in opening new platforms and try to rob innocent investors. Hence this explains why Investo CapitalFX resembles the scam company. Scammers are well known for their anonymity, for they are operating illegally and risk facing criminal prosecutions. There is no information on the algorithm used by the software. Automatic trading is highly recommendable over humans, but trusting the wrong trading tool will result in massive investment fund losses.

Customer Support and Regulation 

Regulatory measures help in knowing that you are dealing with a transparent broker. Investo CapitalFX does not have any location whereabouts address that you can use to reach them. However, the scam platform they associate with features an address Hyde Park House, SW105 2RSk London Manfred.

However, we highly suspect that this is a fake address. Scammers cannot expose themselves to authority. They try their level best to conceal their identity. The company thrives in anonymity. Trade only with transparent ventures.

Investo CapitalFX Regulation

This information is made up only to appear legit, yet it does not relate to either of the two Ponzi Scheme companies. Hence you would think that the FCA recognizes The answer to that thought is a definite no, and they are illegally in operation.

The FCA is responsible for all regulation in the UK. Regulated forex brokers last for long in the market and you can rely on them to generate reasonable profits. The founders risk facing criminal prosecutions and is the main reason the same data is hidden. The company may go against the set laws at any given time since they are not bound to any guidelines.

Furthermore, they risk facing closure at any given time with all the customer’s funds. When the law enforcers realize the company is illegally in operation.  They also try to hide their murkiness by using fake certificates that appear to have been made by quacks.

Legit regulated forex brokers will always show the relevant data that can be verified their trading activities.  Investo CapitalFX does not feature any contact support that you can use to reach them. Working contact support helps boost the confidence level with most investment firms.

Final Verdict

Investo CapitalFX is a shady investment firm that tries to appear legit. Nothing they promise customers makes sense or is sensible. Any expert trader within the niche will immediately notice the red flags they expose.

Transparency is essential in earning your trust, and you need to avoid any company that appears to show some murkiness. They do not have any past trade data to show that you are dealing with a company that will make profits for you.

The kind of returns the software is going to generate is unknown. Hence without risk measures in place, you will definitely make losses. The algorithms used by the software are not known, and you risk using the wrong tools while expecting high profits.

Furthermore, the founders of the company are anonymous and you money may end up in the wrong hands. There are reasonable forex brokers that have a sensible approach towards trade and the style of operation is tried and tested to generate reasonable returns. 

Investo CapitalFX operates illegally and is generating funds from the public. Hence you also risk losing personal information to strangers, and the result will not be pleasing.


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