InvestoBanco Review: a Cunning Broker

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Summary is not a legit broker. The venture even fakes its regulatory status. They use the name of a reputable scheme to deceive clients into joining them.

InvestoBanco claims it is one of the fastest-growing brokers in the market. The venture states that its sole intention is to offer the best trading services to all investors. However, what you should be asking yourself is if this scheme is operating legally. The problem with the firm is that they overlook all the financial regulator rules.

InvestoBanco Review, InvestoBanco Company


The company also promises every investor that joins them high profits. One thing that newbies need to understand is that the assets that the firm is offering are volatile. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the direction that the market is going to take.

Legit forex trading companies minimize the risks. They offer ideal trading conditions that do not expose customers to hazardous limits. The safety of their clients’ funds and data is their top priority. These are also entities that provide their trading performance. 

InvestoBanco is not worth your trust. The venture is not transparent as the information of the founder and team is missing. The firm will choose to exit the market unceremoniously without notifying its clients. It would help if you did not gamble with your safety. Review

InvestoBanco is praising their trading interface. Traders allegedly execute trades at lightning speed. Moreover, the trading conditions of the scheme are also praised as being the best. However, investors need to be mindful of offshore projects. They will lure you with vague promises.  Remember that whenever you lose, the scheme gains.

The venture brags it has the best trading strategies in the market. Additionally, the firm states it offers convenient services by complying with the standards of the market. The deposit and withdrawals are allegedly processed fast. Sadly, we are yet to see a client that has earned using this broker. 

The scheme has a professional team and support. However, InvestoBanco does not see the need to disclose their qualification. They expect us to blindly believe that experts are handling traders’ funds which is absurd. Walk away from this platform while you still can.

The scheme also convinces individuals that it is dedicated to constantly improving its services. Ironically they are speaking about transparency while the characters behind the operation remain anonymous. Their results are also nowhere to be seen. This is a crooked investment scheme. 

How Does InvestoBanco Operate?

InvestoBanco being a mare scam, is operating like all other fraudulent ventures. They use alluring adverts to get the best of their victims. Once they successfully steal your money, you expose them to the experience and exit the market. However, this does not mark the end of their dirty business. They only change their name and spice up their narrative to steal more money. 

The company may pay at first. However, their sole motive is for you to deposit more money. Once you do this, the venture will leave you high and dry. Issuing a chargeback is close to impossible as scammers use anonymous payment methods. Additionally, they transfer the funds to several offshore banks.

Forget about making profits with InvestoBanco. The red flags that the scheme has displayed are enough reasons not to engage with them. You are better off without them. 

Trading Conditions of InvestoBanco

The company claims it has zero commission and tight spreads. There are also several assets that investors can select. InvestoBanco has forex, cryptos, indices, and CFDs. The company is into something but not to help rookie traders generate returns. 

The scheme does not disclose the spread and leverage that traders should accept. Moreover, the platform does not care to avail their trading conditions. Joining this broker will only expose you to unreasonable risks. 

No training activities are happening on the website. The MT4 interface that the scheme provided is not functional. Furthermore, it does not belong to the scheme.

Withdrawal and Deposits

InvestoBanco does not have a minimum amount for their potential clients. This is because the scheme wants everyone to participate in the trading activity. The payment methods that the broker is accepting are shady. There are nasty ventures that only aim to steal from innocent people. This scam plans to do just that and getaway.

The company mentioned that there are fees on withdrawal. However, it fails to disclose the actual deduction that they are taking. We have seen various scammers that refuse to process the withdrawal requests of their clients. Offshore platforms start requesting additional fees to cater for taxation to defraud traders. 

InvestoBanco Customer Support

InvestoBanco features an address, a phone number, and an email address. However, the actual geographical location of the firm is unknown. They are only looking for ways to steal from innocent victims. Traders should be careful with such firms. 

The phone number of the company will not go through when you try to reach them. The authority cannot come to your rescue as the scheme has done a perfect job of concealing their identity. Before you join any venture, you must make sure they are transparent. Thorough research would save you from making the biggest mistake of all time.

Regulation Status

InvestoBanco is a scheme that tries to convince investors it is regulated. Their alleged parent company has a license from the FCA. The scheme is operating from Bulgaria based on the contact information. The country has a financial watchdog that regulates the online market. 

The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) does not license this broker to offer its services in the country. Therefore, this is an illegal broker that can choose to do whatever it pleases with your data and funds. Review, Features

Exnxees is a legit firm that has nothing to do with InvestoBanco. The scam has not bothered to do their homework. They will say anything to get hold of your money. This is a hazardous company.

They are investing with a company that has a license to grant you peace of mind. The investors’ funds are segregated in a top tier 1 bank. Therefore, the company cannot use the money for an unintended purpose. Moreover, the regulated firms report their daily trading activities to the authority.

The Domain Insight is a scheme that has been in the market for only a few months. The venture has not established itself. The domain name was registered in January 2021. Nonetheless, this is enough duration for them to avail their past months’ trading results. However, considering that we deal with scammers, there is nothing for you in the Ponzi scheme.

The scheme also plans to exit the market after one year. This should open your eyes. The anonymous individuals have no hope of being around for long. You will generate better income with a genuine and transparent entity.

Final Verdict is not a legit broker. The venture even fakes its regulatory status. They use the name of a reputable scheme to deceive clients into joining them. However, the company does not have a legal document. Their trading conditions are also unknown. Trading with the broker will only make you poor. 

Here is a list of some of the genuine forex trading firms in the market. You will earn real-time profits without having to worry about your safety. Customer support and professional traders are available to assist you in your trading journey. Moreover, you can always check on their performance. 


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