Ironefx Review: Trading Conditions are the Worst

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The platform is not regulated by financial watchdog in the industry. It would be best if you do not invest with them. Their trading conditions also pose a greater risk to investors. The company is also still new in the industry. Invest with the best forex trading platform in the market.

Ironefx brags that it is the best CFD trading platform in the market. Investors can trade using their phones or tablet. The entity is suspicious, and they are hiding a lot from their clients. Therefore, there is no point in trading with this dirty scheme.

Please stick with us as we expose these fraudsters. It is straightforward for us to spot a scam. This is not the first or the last fraudulent entity that we will be exposing. The entity is ignorant of the law. They also do not have a license which is a huge red flag.

Ironefx Review, Ironefx Company

Ironefx states that it provides a modern-day solution to investors to be able to earn without struggling. Additionally, they also state that their website is secure and reliable. However, we have an issue with the way this entity is operating.

There is no way that a broker that is based in an offshore area will protect your funds. It is impossible since, in most cases, they go breaking the law without minding their clients. They only look after their interest.

Instead of trading with uncertainty, we recommend that you trade with a reputable and legit forex trading entity. Your money will be protected, and they also offer the best customer support services. Trade with ease and confidence with them today. Review

Ironefx is a company that is also providing its customers with educational materials. The information will provide investors with the necessary skills. Therefore, they can trade better and with access to trading tools.

The platform assures traders that they will be successful once they join them. However, we cannot attest that educational materials are of high quality. In most cases, you will find that scammers only provide basic information that cannot help anyone.

Ironefx also claims that the strategy used to earn money was previously used by the rich only. The company claims that you only need to deposit funds. They will never put you at any risk.

You can also trade from anywhere. Moreover, the broker also states that you do not need any skills. They especially welcome newbies for a revolutionary trading experience. All the guidance and help that you may need shall be provided.

Ironefx is not the best choice for investors. It brags that it has multiple trading currencies summing up to over 200. We do not trust them, and the information is not valid. You might even find that the firm is not conducting trading activities.

Trading Conditions

Ironefx offers free commission for CFD assets. It is allegedly trading futures, forex, commodities, gold, silver, oil, indices, shares and does not offer the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. It has a web-based interface.

The only available features are take/profits, pending orders, stop/loss, and investors can also customize charts. Its trading platform is not comparable to the might MetaTrader that has multiple benefits.

Their spread is that of 1:2 their leverage is that of 1:10000, which is too risky. Additionally, in the UK, the cap that a legit broker offers is that of 1:30. Therefore, it shows that this is an illegal scheme that will steal from you without having second thoughts.

Ironefx Review, Ironefx Features

Ironefx claims that it has the right to close an account of any investor whenever they please. Additionally, they do not owe anyone any explanation. The firm is operating as it pleases, which is wrong. Moreover, the broke also states it can impose a limit to the account of their clients.

The trading condition of this dirty scheme is malicious. You can tell straight away that this is not the best option in the market. The only thing that you need is to do thorough research.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Ironefx is accepting Visa, MasterCard, CashU, and Western Union. The platform accepts a minimum amount of $250. However, we have seen several scammers display payment methods that are not what they use in the past.

In most cases, traders are limited from issuing a chargeback. The withdrawal request usually takes 2 days to be processed. However, investors are already complaining that it is impossible to withdraw cash.

Ironefx Contact Details

The company is allegedly based at 22 Jermyn St, St. James’s, London SW1Y 8HX, UK. The platform can be reached via email or phone. The customer support of this platform has already been flagged as unresponsive.

The firm is unprofessional, and this is not how reputable brokers treat their clients. In a legit entity, investors are treated with respect and in a friendly manner. You rest assured that there is no matter the issue you are experiencing, it will be handled in a timely manner.

Ironefx is not responding to the query of investors. The firm is also not based in London. The reason it puts up this information is to confuse investors. It is an offshore broker that can do as it pleases without having to answer to anyone.

Ironefx Regulation Status

Ironefx is an entity that has received warnings from several financial bodies in the world. The broker is operating illegally. The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) has already warned its citizens against venturing with this firm.

Additionally, this venture states that it is operating in the UK. Therefore, it needs to have a license from the FCA. Upon checking them at the database of this reputable financial watchdog, we were not surprised not to find them.

It is evident that your money will be at greater risk in this entity. You will lose all your money in a matter of seconds. The entity does not care about the needs of its clients. Our best advice is that you trade with regulated platforms not to lose money.

Ironefx Client Feedback

Ironefx is an entity that has several negative reviews on Trust Pilot. Nonetheless, we could also spot some positive remarks from their clients. Investors state that they can select several assets to invest in. Their journey has been profitable and calls this entity the best place to be.

They are recommending that other people should join the firm. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that this is the best entity. For instance, these reviewers fail to provide evidence showing that the broker is paying.

Ironefx is being accused of not processing the withdrawal request of their clients. Moreover, the support is unreachable. The messages and phone calls go unanswered. The company is not trading, and they are only looking after their greedy needs.

Additionally, the platform has been changing its terms and conditions to suit them. It is a flagged scam that you should stay away from. They have paid people to leave positive endorsements. The problem is that these people are anonymous without any link to their social media.

Final Verdict

Ironefx is an entity that we do not know the people that are managing their business. The information regarding their founder and the team is also missing. Moreover, this entity is being accused of being incompetent and defrauding its clients.

The platform is not regulated by a financial watchdog in the industry. It would be best if you do not invest with them. Their trading conditions also pose a greater risk to investors. The company is also still new in the industry.

Invest with trustworthy and genuine forex trading brokers that are genuine and famous in the market. You will sleep peacefully knowing that your money is in secure hands. It is important that you trade with ease and confidence.

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