Istandard Investments Review: Unprofitable Broker

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Istandard Investments Review
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Istandard Investments is not a regulated company. The fraudsters behind the firm are violating the set rules. Avoid all unregulated schemes at all costs.

Istandard Investments claims it helps investors generate attractive returns. Their website has sophisticated tools. Additionally, technology is utilized to ensure favorable returns are attained. The venture states it can make clients yield better profits.

Istandard Investments Review, Istandard Investments Company

If there is something this broker does is to assure customers all is taken care of. Unfortunately, the main drawback is that the entity is an offshore platform. Therefore, their survival in the market is limited. They can decide to leave the industry without giving notice. Customers are the ones that will suffer the most. 

Investors can trade cryptocurrency, indices, forex, commodities, and stocks. They assure traders of secure and safe transactions, excellent trading experience, and the ability to utilize the best technology. The platform brags it’s a professional scheme that will assist novice clients in generating high profits. 

Unfortunately, this is the first time we are hearing about them. There is no trading performance to back up their narrative. All their claims should be considered vague. If you want to have the best experience, then it is best to find a regulated scheme. 

Here is a list of some of the reputable cryptocurrency schemes. You will generate real-time profits. Additionally, your safety is guaranteed. You could always check their trading history. All the necessary materials are visible to the public. Review

Istandard Investments claims it is trading cryptocurrency. However, they fail to avail the current price of BTCUSD. Usually, the legit companies will present the latest trends and history of the price of the assets.  You will never find a professional trader wasting their funds or money with a losing broker.

The entity believes it is the best in the industry because it can sell 5 products; currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptos. They also praise the use of top-notch technology. Moreover, clients can allegedly trade via phone, laptops, or gadgets. The scheme claims it has the best trading conditions. All we see are red flags. For example, the broker states it has 10 years of experience. 

However, they do not see the need to validate this information. Istandard Investments claims they enforce high-security protocol. Sadly, the company leaves out its banking information. It is also important to note that your information is not secure with the platform. They can choose to sell it to a third party.

Trading Conditions and Accounts 

The platform has 5 investment accounts. The prime account is designed for rookie traders. It is 1:500, which in our opinion, is risky. Starting, you should trade cautiously. The limit that regulatory bodies set is 1:30 and 1:50. In this plan, there is no financial advisor or expert to guide you. Review, Company

The standard account takes a deposit of $500. The leverage is 1:200, and availability of financial experts. The silver account leverage is 1:100. It also has an international financial expert and a financial advisor. The gold account has several trading products. The same spread as that of silver and 0 pip. 

The available trading platform is a web trader. The company that provides this interface is already an exposed scam. This is a clear indicator you will be dealing with a Ponzi scheme. Forget about making profits with them.

Istandard Investments Withdrawal and Deposits

Istandard Investments payment methods are; wire transfers, credit and debit cards, and OKPay. The scheme asks traders to verify their personal information. We do not recommend you do this because this is already an exposed scam. Therefore, it is hard to know if the scheme is taking what it displays. 

The company has a minimum amount that traders can cash out. For the debit and credit card users, they can cash out $100. There is a processing fee of $10 and another $25. The wire transfer costs a $50 fee, and you can withdraw $250. The venture is charging 10% to those that fail to meet a 200 turnover. 

Istandard Investments is a company that does not care about investors. You can tell how the scheme is trying to rip off clients. If you accept the bonuses, your money won’t see the light of the day. The venture will be deducting a 10% monthly fee if your account is inactive for 6 months.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Istandard Investments allegedly has multilingual customer support. Depending on the account that you choose, there are special perks of support. The prime account users can call 24/5 for standard. They can email and call while the other two packages allow clients to get instant SMS.


The company’s phone number is blurred off. Moreover, the venture fails to disclose its actual office address. Offshore firms tend to ignore investors. They will cut off all links with you the moment you try to reach them. 

The Regulation Status of Istandard Investments

Istandard Investments is not a regulated company. The fraudsters behind the firm are violating the set rules. Avoid all unregulated schemes at all costs. The moment the firm decides to leave the market, there is nothing that investors can do. Your money shall disappear. 

The broker is determined to be anonymous. Investors will not receive compensation. The scheme does not have a compensation scheme. Their country of origin is another big mystery. The financial watchdogs always urge investors to avail their daily reports.

The trading conditions of Istandard Investments are not genuine. The bonuses attract unfavorable terms. They will transfer your money to offshore accounts. They do not reveal the individuals behind the scheme. 

Istandard Investments Lack of Client Feedback

Considering the praises that the scheme showers itself, we were expecting to see several feedbacks from investors. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The traffic in the scheme is also terrible. We recommend that you ensure you check the experience of those that have used a particular platform before risking your safety.

Con artists tend to feature false testimonials or pay random people to review them online. The only way not to fall for their ploy is to check with a third-party website if there is no proof of payment. You should not allow the scheme to steal from you. 

You will never make money with fraud. These are individuals that are looking after their healthy being. A genuine firm will attract reviews from those that have used their services. The assets that the firm is dealing with are volatile. You cannot predict the returns you are going to make. Scammers, however, will try to win you over with generic information. 

The Domain Insight

Istandard Investments is a platform that is privately registered. Therefore, the information of the founder is missing. The entity was established in April 2021. They are only registered for one year. Their target audience location is unknown. They are also not getting much traffic. 

Final Verdict

Istandard Investments is a company that is trading anonymously. They lack a trading history and customer feedback. The withdrawal conditions of the entity are unfair. Instead of losing your sleep over this murky entity, we suggest you deal with transparent platforms.

Here is a list of some of the reputable and regulated cryptocurrency investment brokers. These are firms that have professional support teams. In case of any shortcomings, never hesitate to reach out to them. Try them today.

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