IV Markets Review: Ivmarkets.com Unlicensed Broker

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 IV Market Review
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IV Market has several negative reviews from investors. The platform is not genuine, and they are going to frustrate those that join. The entity advertises its services all over.

IV Market is a dangerous company. Those that have traded with the broker are already counting losses. There is nothing genuine about the platform. The company refuses to handle the withdrawal requests of the traders. The platform is not regulated. Therefore, they run away with their fraudulent activities.

IV Market Review, IV Market Company

Additionally, this is the kind of venture that does not care to set a minimum deposit amount. They are also targeting investors from every corner of the world. You can never make money with a dirty scheme. The venture has an MT5 platform. 

IV Market uses false information to get more victims. Their advertisers are alluring, and many have fallen for their words. The firm claims it is one of the best brokers in the industry. It is trading forex, crypto, CFDs, and commodities. Whenever you come across a venture that promises to gift you products like cars after deposit, that indicates that something is wrong. 

The platform is shady. They brag about having over 150 trading products. The trading conditions of the company are vague. Avoid doing business with the entity. The safety of your money is at risk. 

Ivmarket.com Review

IV Market assures traders that it segregates the funds. The money that you deposit will only be used for the intended purpose. However, the firm leaves out essential information. The bank that the platform is working with to safeguard users’ funds is not featured. 

Therefore, this is a mere bluff. Your money can be used for the wrong purpose. They also brag about having several withdrawals and deposit methods. The scheme also proclaims that there are no hidden fees. Sadly, their existing clients accuse the entity of asking for tax and other charges they had not disclosed before. 

IV Market states that the customer support is professional. This is another fabricated narrative. You will suffer at the hand of the venture. The trading environment that the entity presents is unfair. They also brag the trades are executed at a fast speed. The trading conditions of the entity are undesirable. 

Invest in some of the best forex trading schemes in the market. These are platforms that will help you earn real-time profits. You can trade wisely with them. They are also fully regulated, granting users the best outcome. 

Trading Conditions of IV Market

The broker advertises a spread of 0 pip for the EURUSD pair. This is a moving offer. The spread commodity is also tight going for 0.6 pip. The firm promises 1 pip for the CFD spread. The platform does have an MT4 trading interface. 

Ivmarket.com Review, Ivmarket.com Feature

The people that are behind this scheme are using money to get their victims. This platform is not cheap. It is one of the best software in the market with several indicators. The leverage that the scheme offers proves the entity is not licensed. 1:500 leverage is dangerous. You could lose your funds in the blink of an eye.

Contact Details and Customer Support

A genuine company cannot risk tier PR by not featuring its actual address. More so, this is a broker that does not have a phone number or social media platform. The only way that investors can reach the entity is via email. 

The chances of the firm ghosting its customers are extremely high. You will never hear from the scheme again. Instead of wasting your time with the company, we suggest you trade with the best broker that understands the importance of hiring professional support.

Withdrawal and Deposits

IV Market accepts funds via wire transfers, credit and debit cards, cryptos, and other wallet methods. The minimum amount that traders can deposit is $50. However, it appears that this venture is leading clients to other shady platforms. Keep in mind that you will not be able to get back your money the moment you deposit it. 

The safety of your money should be your main priority. Additionally, the platform fails to mention the charges clients have to pay to cash out. Leaving out essential information regarding their withdrawal methods should be taken as a big red flag.

Regulation Status of IV Market

The company is shamelessly offering its services to investors all over the world. The main drawback is that the scheme lacks a license. Any investment scheme must obtain a regulatory certificate for all the target traders. A minimum deposit has to be deposited. 

The amount can be used as compensation if the venture faces bankruptcy. However, IV Market hails from an area that is infamously known for accommodating scammers. They are only looking for ways to steal from innocent people. They make clients sign up to an agreement of the Seychelles client terms. This will limit users from getting the benefits set by the ASIC government.

Your money is at significant risk. The FCA has already warned investors against dealing with the platform. Anonymous schemes are dangerous. Avoid them like the plague.

IV Market Client Feedback

 IV Market has several negative reviews from investors. The platform is not genuine, and they are going to frustrate those that join. The entity advertises its services all over. The Ponzi scheme sets the balance of the clients. They will show you how you are winning. However, there is nothing legit about their operation. 

Their victims thought that the entity was licensed. Therefore, falling for their narrative. The company is asking for hidden fees from their clients. They even claim you need to pay for taxation. Unfortunately, even after traders pay for the amount, the entity is still not processing the withdrawal. 

The company also has false reviews from anonymous people that claim they have earned. The broker is paying the reviewers. There is nothing that you are going to get from the platform. IV Market is a nasty scam. Refrain from doing business with this firm. There is no proof of payment. 

The Domain Insight

 IV Market is a company that has vast traffic visiting the website. The company is getting much of its traffic from Thailand. The domain name of the firm was established in October 2020. The domain name will expire after 2 years. Given the nature of this platform, you should not have second thoughts about joining them. 

Final Verdict

 IV Market is on the warning list of the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. Moreover,  this is one of the dangerous schemes that will steal your funds. Watch out for the red flags and avoid trading with the broker. Their location is another worrying factor. 

Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market. You will earn real-time profits with the platform. The safety of your money is guaranteed. They also have a reliable customer support team. The trading results are available for the interested parties to see.  


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