J.investment Review: Ji.company clearly it’s a scam

J.investment review, J.investment company
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J.Investment Review
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J.investment is a business venture that is clearly out to profit at the expense of its clients. The company is offering unrealistic returns and leverage to bait investors into losing their investment. J.investment is not an ideal choice for investors who are interested in online forex ventures.

J.Investment is a self-proclaimed best forex trading broker currently on the market. The entity additionally claims that it has a team of professionals ready to serve its clients. They also offer educational materials to traders.

These include webinars, analysis of the market, and economic calendars. The company states that venturing with them shall open profitable opportunities. However, making money is not as easy as these entities put it.

The forex trading venture associates multiple risks like all other markets. J.Investment is offering assets like bonds, cryptos, stocks, commodities, and securities. You need to be careful since it is not every platform that you encounter online is genuine.

The company states that it also has multiple trading instruments at the disposal of its customers. You won’t get genuine profits from J.Investment. They also brag about having a convenient and simple trading mechanism.

The platform is allegedly constantly upgrading. The withdrawal and deposit method is also fast and transparent. However, you should not take this entity seriously. Multiple people lose funds on daily basis for trusting the wrong companies.

J.Investment Review

The clients of J.Investment can invest in indices, energy, stock, metals, indices, and raw materials. It is a diverse entity that investors need to be careful with. It appears like a multinational venture but there is no great outcome to gain.

J.investment review, J.investment company

The company states that it has multiple opportunities awaiting its customers. It does not matter what your experience is in the market. The firm welcomes everyone to join them. They also grant their customers freedom to customize their platform.

The main problem with J.Investment is that they cannot be trusted. Moreover, they lack transparency and without the right skill in the industry, you can lose a lot of money. The venture lacks a trading history.

In investment, we are more interested in statistics rather than theoretical analysis. We cannot endorse a venture that does not have the best interest of their customers. Making money via trading is not that easy. Choose to Invest with the best forex trading brokers to ensure the safety of your funds.

J.Investment guarantees that their clients will enjoy transparent trading involvement without having any hidden commissions. Scammers will have charges that are not clearly outlined. You might never be able to withdraw your funds.

J.Investment Trading Conditions

The company provides a basic trading platform for its clients. You can see the currency pair that the venture is offering. The platform offers a spread of 0.7 pips for the currency pair of EURUSD.

The spread is not appealing or attractive since it is below what the best companies’ offers. It is below the market average but still tight. The leverage is also sky high as it is above what many financial bodies’ regulate.

J.Investment has a leverage of 1:200. You might feel like the trading conditions of this firm are worth a try. Unfortunately, there are several risks that are involved. The regulatory body sets specific limits for financial firms to protect them from making huge losses. The majority of traders face losses when transacting.

Withdrawal and Deposits

J.Investment fails to provide adequate information regarding the method of payment that clients can use. Leaving out such essential information makes them unprofessional. Nonetheless, there are six investment plans.

The minimum amount that is accepted by this broker is $500. This is above the average market standard considering that there is nothing unique about the firm. The accounts are as follows; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black.

All of them have unreasonable prices. The data regarding methods of withdrawal is also missing. Trading with J.Investment will leave your pockets dry. Scammers can change their terms and conditions whenever they please.

Moreover, the company also has bonuses for their clients. Sadly, there is no information regarding the requirements of the bonus. The platform does not have terms and conditions that govern them.

However, the platform is also asking their existing clients to refer others to their entity. They guarantee a reward of $50. The company is operating like a pyramid scheme and the only funds coming into their system is that of their clients.

Contact Details

J.Investment is allegedly located in Switzerland.  If you want to contact the platform you will need to fill up their contact form or email them. This method of communication is not reliable. Traders need a more convenient method to contact the support in case of any issue.

There is no certainty that the broker is based on the address that is featured on their website. They however state that customer support is available around the clock. Once the unregulated firm seizes to exist you won’t be able to go after your money.

Regulation Status

The company claims that it is operating legally. J.Investment claims it is licensed by the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Unfortunately, after searching in the database of this reputable broker we were not surprised to find this entity missing.

It is clear that the broker is operating illegally without minding the rules set by the financial regulatory body. It is important that you deal with licensed firms. They offer fund security and you can also be compensated once the platform becomes bankrupt.

The domain insight of J.Investment

Ji.company is a company that was established in June 2020. The domain name is registered for a period of one year. Most of the time you find that scammers only register their business for a short duration.

The traffic coming to this platform is limited. Their company lacks a reputation in the industry. You will never make money using this firm. Investors need to get a reliable venture that can generate genuine returns for them.

Can I make Returns with J.company?

It is not possible to make money using J.Invstment. The platform’s main objective is to scam as many innocent people as they can. The firm is not regulated and the address which this entity feature is highly likely not its actual location.

J.investment scam review, J.investment features

The information of the corporate that manages the firm is also not disclosed. Invest with the best entities in the industry to avoid making losses. The trading condition of the entity is not suitable for investors.

The venture does not have terms and conditions that govern its operation. You need to invest with a reputable broker in the industry. The minimum amount that you can deposit in this entity is $500. Their negligence and failure to indicate the payment method that investors can use cannot be taken lightly.

The domain name is also new. There is a lot that is missing out and we would recommend finding a better broker.

Final Verdict

J.Investment is a company that is only looking after itself. The company has no intention of making anyone rich. Despite this entity being marketed as a trustworthy broker, there is a lot that is hidden from the public.

Scams like this entity attract traders with minimal trading skills. This should not be the venture that you settle down with. In addition, they are not regulated by the government. The platform can exit the industry without notice.

Invest with the best forex trading brokers that are trustworthy. It will save you a lot of trouble and uncertainty. You need to exercise caution before venturing with any firm. It is important that you settle with a broker that has no intention of stealing from you.

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