Jinlong Review: Jinltech.com a Shady Asian Website

Jinlong Review, Jinlong Company
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Jinlong Review
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Jinlong is an untrustworthy forex trading broker that guarantees high returns to investors. The company is an offshore and unlicensed broker that offers vague information on its operation. You should invest with trusted forex trading brokers that will not let you down.

Jinlong is a forex broker that seems to be Chinese based and apparently offers its services in the United States among other countries.  However, from their about us section, it has begun its operations in 2007. The company is under Jinlong Zhihui Information Technology ltd.

The platform was launched under the supervision of local financial institutes. Jinlong was created to meet the demands of traders and beat the competition in the market.

Jinlong Review, Jinlong Company

Nevertheless, the head office was launched in China in 2015. In this honest review, we highlight some of the red flags they expose. That shows your funds are at risk.

Therefore you should perhaps invest with legit forex trading brokers that showcase their founders. Credibility is a critical feature in all financial investments with most if not all trading platforms.

Jinlong does not reveal any info on the founders of the account managers, which is a significant caution. The company claims to have partnered with various research and consulting organizations to study trends in the market.

However, no details of the organizations they partner with have been revealed. You risk trusting people who might have no experience in the trade.

Qualification details also play a part in the services you acquire and can also be used to attract more clients to the investment firm. Customers can invest in multiple investments: Foreign exchange, Metals, Major indices, and Energy.

You can trade all the available assets on one account; hence no need to hold multiple accounts. Jinltech.com allows trade on multiple pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/CAD, among others.

Trade on metals features businesses on gold (XAUUSD) and Silver (XAGUSD), and other precious metals that were not disclosed. They also allow transactions on various cryptocurrencies: Litecoin and Ethereum.

Jinlong tries to appear legit by using a lot of information that is irrelevant. Meanwhile, the important data is left out, which raises suspicion about the promises they give traders.

Jinltech.com Review

Jinltech.com features the JL Focus group that aims to provide investment products on the available assets. The platform supports MT4, which is a well-established platform and an advantage to traders.

Jinlong grants you 24/7 working customer support and top-notch services. Nevertheless, the scammer will keep calling and send messages urging investors to deposit initial deposits on the account.

Traders need to keen to avoid making losses by trusting the wrong companies. Traders usually end up being limited from accessing their portfolio by the brokers.

Your business with them is done, and no one can be held responsible for any losses. Jinlong features a demo account to familiarize themselves with the services.

Furthermore, until they update the missing data, it’s only wise to continue using the demo account. Trading involves taking risks, and trusting anonymous companies will only lead to unwanted loss of hard-earned cash.

Risk measures need to be put in place to curb major losses. None of the steps to prevent losses have been made known to traders, and this is a warning your funds are not safe.

The news section raises even more doubts about the investment firm. No updates have been made for a while despite the major occurrences in the market.

They consider themselves the global trading leaders in the trade industry. However, news spreads fast in the first century, and they would be recognized across the globe for their tremendous services.

Jinlong has no section with previous trade history that shows any trade activities are taking place. The information available on the platform has not been updated and shows murkiness in the style of operation.

Jinlong Funds Safety

Jinlong is a shady forex broker that will swindle all your money when you fall for any of their claims.  There is no transparency in the operation method, and the system and algorithm in place are also not explained.

They urge traders that all the funds are safe. However, no information regarding the banking or any other security measures is known. Investors risk losing their funds, and also personal data may fall at the hands of criminals.

Jinlong Scam Review, Jinlong Features

Without any positive feedback, you would hardly trust any company with your funds. The team of employees does not reveal any whereabout information or qualifications that they hold.

Jinltech.com shows multiple red flags, and there is no proof of any customer seen to successfully withdraw funds from the company. The result is not likely to change when you deposit your funds.

You risk trusting unregulated forex brokers with your funds. No past trade history is available to show the results to expect while using their service.

The company has no refund policy and if at all you have any balance; the best solution is to find how you can withdraw your money and invest with legit forex brokers to attain reasonable returns.

Jinlong Regulation

Jinlong founders risk facing criminal prosecutions for operating against the law. Generating funds from the public without providing regulatory information is illegal in most countries if not all.

Furthermore, they try to hide their shadiness by claiming regulation by Australian Financial Instruments and they even provide a regulation number. No regulation body recognizes Jinlong hence the details they provide lacks any credibility.

Regulated forex brokers display their team and proof of trade. You can easily access all the regulatory data and verify the same information.

Unregulated brokers barely last in the market and once when they go bankrupt, they quickly disappear. Scammers result in opening new platforms and try to swindle funds from innocent investors.

Different countries put up various measures to ensure their citizens do not lose funds to the scammers. Due to the high demand in the market Ponzi schemes try to take advantage.

Therefore various countries have made it mandatory for investment firms to be under a regulator. The country of origin for Jinlong is unknown and you should be mindful of such traits and avoid the company at all costs.

Final Verdict

Jinlong does not allow investors to change the base currency, and all trades are in USD. Pyramid Schemes can barely afford to pay regulation charges and similar traits are shown by jinltech.com.

There is no guarantee of your funds’ safety, and once your money is lost, you can hold no one accountable. They also do not feature any refund policy.

The system and algorithm are unknown, and you get floating spreads, and you cannot repeat quotes. The news available on the company has not been updated for a while, which is a major red flag.

The leverage they provide is high 1:200, and for any expert within the niche, this figure is highly overrated. Nothing Jinlong promises customers makes sense and falling for any of their claims may cause massive investment losses.

The platform is accessible through android, IOS, or through your Pc. They do not feature any past trade history. You should at least find past verifiable trade data for three months or more.

Jinltech.com is not transparent and fails to reveal a lot of relevant details to customers. They try to hide their murkiness by using false regulatory data. The regulatory body do not recognize the company and this should serve as a warning to anyone interesting in joining the venture. Therefore to earn reasonable investment returns you should use these tried and tested transparent forex brokers unlike Jinlong.








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