Juuva Review: Juuva.com A Suspicious Supplements MLM Company

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Juuva is a well-known nutritional supplement MLM company. It was established in 2013. Juuva.com states that the company is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. However, it does not provide any specific address of the headquarters. It also has offices in the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Frankie Kiow and Grant Pace are the founders of the company. Anyone who visits Juuva.com will find it very impressive. It does not follow the pattern of traditional MLM companies that tries to hide the name of its owners and does not offer products. In fact, you can buy numerous products from this company.

However, if you think that Juuva is a completely safe nutritional company, you will have to think again. While its products might be effective, the MLM side of the business is extremely suspicious. Keep reading this review to get more information about this company and decide if you should invest in the compensation plan or not.

What is Juuva?

Juuva is a health company that supplies nutritional supplements. It claims to be a leading name in the wellness center because it provides supplements as well as ionizing machines. Customers can directly buy the products from Juuva.com. However, a red flag about the company is the fact that it utilizes a network marketing strategy. It means that people can become independent distributors of this company and sell products.

In fact, when you look at the website, you will see that the company is placing more emphasis on selling memberships and distribution chains rather than the products itself. The company is offering you to participate in the company’s compensation plan by buying its membership. It proves that the company is primarily behaving like any other MLM organization.


Products Line

Juuva has an extensive range of products that the customers can buy. Some of their most popular products are:

  • TruSilvr and TruSilvr Gel which is described as an efficient way of killing bacteria and pathogens. Its price is $50 per bottle.
  • Galaxy is a nutritional supplement that contains more than 30 components. Its cost is $85.
  • AllWater is used to alkalize water and costs $55 per bottle.
  • MegaLean is a healthy shake that costs $90 a tub.
  • Zing is an instant energy drink that is priced at $95 per tub.
  • Rejuv is an energy drink like Zing that also costs $95 per box.

Owners of Juuva

Both Frankie Kiow and Grant Pace are behind the management of Juuva. The site mentions Frankie Kiow as the co-founder of the company. Whereas, Kiow is one of the Directors of the company. His experience is limited to companies based in China. On the other hand, Frankie claims to have about 30 years’ experience in networking in various Asian countries.

How to Join Juuva.com?

To become an affiliate member of Juuva, you must buy the company’s products as follows:

  1. Basic Rank – Buy 140 personal volume worth of the company’s products
  2. Advanced Rank – Buy 350 personal volume worth of the company’s products
  3. Pro Rank – Buy 750 personal volume worth of the company’s products
  4. Builder Pack – the company asks the members to buy one of all the products to get this rank.

Affiliates have the option of upgrading their ranks within 60 days of becoming a member. A monthly fee of $24.95 is charged.  It is quite understandable that the company is making a lot of money from members’ initial investment as well as annual charges. Instead of investing in such MLM companies, you should use the crypto trading bots. Most of these bots are free and allow you to make investments according to your own preferences, which is not offered by any MLM company.

Juuva’s Compensation Plan

Juuva does not provide its compensation plan in detail. However, only the company’s YouTube channel discussed the compensation plan.  It is important to remember that the pyramid business model is an illegal structure. Juuva affiliate memberships and compensation plans are just like any other pyramid scheme. However, a significant difference between this company and other pyramid schemes is that Ponzi schemes do not offer any products or services. Juuva has managed to avoid legal cases because it sells numerous products

Undoubtedly, the company has an MLM business model. But the affiliates are given commissions via different channels. It does not change the fact that being successful at Juuva is extremely difficult due to its business model.

Affiliate Ranks

Juuva.com has the following eleven affiliate ranks:

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum
  4. Double Platinum
  5. Triple Platinum
  6. Diamond
  7. Double Diamond
  8. Triple Diamond
  9. Crown
  10. Double Crown
  11. Triple Crown


All of these ranks have different criteria which include maintaining a certain amount of personal income, generative group volume, and recruiting others. The company has not disclosed the number of members it has. Hence, there is no way of confirming that if people can climb these affiliate ranks easily or not. Due to strict eligibility criteria and fewer chances of generating income, it is highly unlikely that affiliates are actually able to reach higher ranks.


Recruiting affiliates is the most important part of any MLM company. If you want to earn more profits from Juuva, you have to keep recruiting others. The company has the following plan for distributing recruitment commissions:

  1. $20 for recruiting a Basic Affiliate
  2. $50 for recruiting an Advanced Affiliate
  3. $100 for recruiting a Pro Affiliate
  4. $125 for recruiting a Builder Pack Affiliate


There are two main aspects to consider about this company. It offers products, which makes it a legitimate business. However, the recruitment-based compensation plan is the primary driving force Juuva.


While there is nothing wrong with selling healthy, nutritional supplements, there are some serious concerns about the products sold by Juuva.com. The company markets them as completely safe and authentic products. However, research indicates that some of the products can be harmful to people. For example, alkaline water is sold with the promise of preventing and treating cancer. Such a claim is not supportable by any scientific evidence, which means the company is enticing users to buy their products by making unfounded claims.

Recently, US FTC has also warned numerous MLM companies against marketing their products as some kind of miracles. Juuva falls in such companies. Since the moment the COVID-19 pandemic began, it started to promote its TruSilvr as protection against all types of viruses. Such kind of promotion is not only unethical but also can be extremely harmful to people. People should beware of buying these products.


Other than the wrongful promotion of its products, the company emphasizes on selling its affiliate membership. Once you become a member, you have to pay a $25 monthly fee and keep recruiting others to earn income. It essentially makes Juuva a pyramid scheme. Despite having numerous products, the company is mainly focusing on making partners and affiliates, which shows it is dependent on revenue from affiliate memberships and monthly charges.

Their compensation plan might seem impressive, but it also makes it difficult for people to earn any real profits. Hence, there is no point in investing in this company and pay monthly fees for nothing. In my opinion, you should not even buy their products because there is no proof that they are actually beneficial for your health. You should never rely on any MLM company like Juuva to earn profits. Instead, modern and efficient crypto trading bots that can help you in earning maximum profits with minimum risks.

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