KapitalEU Review: Kapitaleu.com a Blacklisted Entity

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KapitalEU Review
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KapitalEU is not a legit venture. One of the major reasons to avoid them is the fact that their activities are not being overseen by a parent company or government.

KapitalEU is an investment scheme that is targeting investors from Spain and Germany. It is a straightforward scam that has nothing to show. Trading with them exposes you to severe danger. Online investments continue to grow popular in the world. Each day thousands of investors start their trading journey.

The number of investment schemes continues to surge. Among them are scammers who keep popping in and out of the industry. They mainly target novice traders in the market. Expert investors are hard to sway in their fraudulent ventures. This is because they can determine if the firm is genuine or not.

KapitalEU Review, KapitalEU Company

KapitalEU website cannot be translated to English. This is a fraudulent platform. All their promises are vague. The scheme is anonymous. Hence, we do not know if the people that are handling investors’ funds are qualified. In most cases, scammers use sales reps. They will keep calling until you heed their requests. 

The psychological game does not end here. Their sole goal is to get funds from their victims. On your dashboard, it will reflect you have won huge profits. The alleged account managers will urge you to cash in more money to earn even better profits. 

Unfortunately, when you request a withdrawal or start suspecting  the brokers they are going to cut you off. You will never recover the money. To avoid this unnecessary ordeal we suggest that you try out some of the best forex trading entities in the market. These are schemes that have trading for years. 

Kapitaleu.com Review

The only security protocol that the venture has enforced is acquiring SSL and DDoS encryption. It ensures that hackers cannot get hold of traders’ information. Nonetheless, this should be the least of your worries. Once you register into a fraudulent scheme, you are already in bed with the con artists. Therefore, they can do whatever they deem to fit your money and data. 

It is no surprise if they even sell your info to third parties. Moreover, KapitalEU does not have a trading history. It is essential that you only deal with companies that have established themselves. The market is volatile. Therefore, jumping to every firm that promises to make you rich without seeing their performance is unwise. 

We have seen brokers even faking their trading results. You cannot rely on a scheme that lacks credibility. The entity allegedly has multiple trading assets. We cannot validate if all of them are available. We are also in the dark regarding where this scheme hails from.

Whether KapitalEU is a fraud or not, we highly suspect that the venture is to no good. Could you refrain from doing business with them? There are several legit schemes that you can utilize. 

Trading Conditions of KapitalEU

KapitalEU company praises its superiority in the market. We were hoping to find a legendary trading interface. However, we only saw a Web Trader available. Investors who are used to MT4 and MT5 will find this entity a waste of time and resources. The trading conditions of the firm are also sickening.

The EURUSD currency pair has a spread of 3 pips. Clients will be subjected to pay more than the average market standard. There are top forex schemes that grant customers spreads of 1 pip and below. Expensive companies tend to leave traders high and dry by enriching themselves. 

Kapitaleu.com Review, Kapitaleu.com Trading Conditions

Information about the leverage is missing. This is a major red flag as investors need to know what they are signing up for. We have enough reason to believe this is a Ponzi scheme in the making.

Regulation Status of KapitalEU

KapitalEU is neither regulated nor registered. The company chooses to operate as it wants. They are not revealing critical information that could help in shedding light regarding their services. It is point blank that the scheme is a fraud. Everything is crystal clear. 

Moreover, the regulatory body of the Australia FMA has already warned citizens against dealing with the Scam. Additionally, Estonia FI and Spanish financial body CNMV have also blacklisted the platform. Investing with an already exposed entity is dangerous. 

This has not stopped the company from carrying out its business. If KapitalEU chooses to exit the market today, nobody will take accountability for the losses that clients will experience. This is a nasty anonymous entity. Regulatory bodies exist to help investors trade in an ideal environment. 

Regulated companies are ethical. They care about the needs of their customers. The fraudsters behind this entity will exit the market at any moment. Their operation is doomed to fail. There will always be less money coming in, and they cannot cater to withdrawal requests. 

KapitalEU does not segregate investors’ funds. Additionally, the scheme fails to report its trading activities to a regulator. The funds of investors can be used for selfish gains. It is best to stick to legit, licensed schemes in the market.

Contact Details

KapitalEU is a venture that expects investors to trust them with personal data. However, the scheme cannot even reveal its country of origin when it comes to its transparency. There is no office address or means of reaching them. A legit company would not risk their PR the way this firm has done. 

You will find a transparent entity featuring its actual area of operation and having a phone number so that traders can reach them fast. They also have an email address, active social media platforms. You have an assurance of a professional and friendly team catering for you.

Is KapitalEU legit or Not?

KapitalEU is not a legit venture. One of the primary reasons to avoid them is that a parent company or government is not overseeing their activities. Multiple financial watchdogs blacklist the Ponzi scheme. They are to no good. The only thing that you can get from them is negative results. 

The venture is also anonymous. They couldn’t risk revealing who they were. It can lead to them being put behind bars. Another red flag is that the scheme does not have financial results despite being in the market for years. 

There are no reviews from those that have tried their services. This could be because nobody is interested in their fraudulent services. Traders will always be attracted to legit investment schemes. Ponzi schemes are infamous as they advertise unrealistic results. 

The Domain Insight

KapitalEU is anonymously registered. The venture made its first digital footprint in August 2020. The domain name was updated in July 2021. It will expire in 2022. There is no hope for them. The moment investors stop signing up in the firm, the scammers will close down their business. Moreover, the trust score and traffic visiting the website are pathetic.

Final Verdict

KapitalEU is a Poni scheme that several financial bodies in the market have exposed. There is no hope for those that join the scheme. All your savings and data are exposed to great danger. Trade wisely and watch out for the obvious red flags.

Here is a list of some of the top forex trading entities in the market. They feature adequate information regarding their business in their websites. You can also earn real time returns. Their financial activities are supervised by reputable financial regulators. They cannot manipulate data as it could lead to their license being revoked. 


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