Kato Prime Review: Katoprime.com a Horrible Firm

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Kato Prime Review
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Kato Prime does not have a past trading history. The scheme also lacks transparency. We are struggling to get more information regarding the entity. We are certain that there is no investment in the venture.

Kato Prime brags it has over 5000 trading assets. They are trading forex, indices, cryptocurrency, shares, commodities, and stocks. Investors are assured of the best trading experience if they choose the firm. The firm has three trading accounts. One major red flag about the scheme is that it provided insufficient information. 

Kato Prime Review, Kato Prime Company

The scheme is allegedly a private company. They further claim that the management and the owner have 10 years of experience. If this is the case, why does the firm hesitate to credit the individuals? Instead, it wants us to believe there are experts handling traders’ money blindly. It would help if you did not easily trust what a scheme claims without seeing the evidence.

The market is flooded with con artists. They are convincing and will go the extra mile of spicing up their narratives. Nonetheless, state that users’ funds are segregated in international financial institutions. Hence, customers do not need to panic about their safety. Sadly, the venture does not care to mention the banks it is referring to.

We have seen numerous scammers in the market. They all run their business in the same manner. The money that you deposit will go directly to the con artists pockets. To avoid the obvious bad outcome we have compiled a list of reputable forex trading schemes. These are regulated entities that have been in the market for years.

Katoprime.com Review

Kato Prime has over 16 global banks that act as their liquidity provider. The platform assures customers they can trade with confidence. However, it would help if you never trusted a shady broker with your data. They can do the unthinkable with the information. In the past, we have seen firms asking manipulating traders using the information. 

They will ask for more money, and when you fail, they treat you to selling the info to third parties. Once you leave your email address or a phone number, the sales rep will be on your case calling all endlessly. The trading conditions of the firm are not clear.

Kato Prime does not have a past trading history. The scheme also lacks transparency. We are struggling to get more information regarding the entity. We are certain that there is no investment in the venture. They have not even tried to win the trust of investors. There are multiple genuine firms in the market that you can profitably trust.

Trading Conditions of Kato Prime

Kato Prime allegedly takes a minimum deposit of $15. It promises clients of low spreads, fast trade executions, and no commission. Their second account accepts $50 and has a commission of $7 fee per lot. Investors also get to enjoy high security. The third account is the mega plan. It accepts a capital of $3000. 

The plan is suitable for professionals. It has a commission of $0,03 fee per lot. The scheme uses NT4 and MT5. These are the best trading interfaces in the industry. The majority of traders embrace them. There are several indicators, quality trading tools, EAs, and charts.

Unfortunately, Kato Prime is a venture that does not have a demo account. Numerous genuine entities will avail a demo. It helps traders practice before opening a live account. The scheme has a leverage of 1:1  and 1:500. The limit of the firm may appear intriguing and the best.

However, the risks that come with the limit are not worth the take. Remember that if you lose, the scheme gains. That is all the platform is trying to achieve. Ponzi schemes never care about the kind of experience you get.

Contact Details of Kato Prime

The venture has a registration form from SVG. The support is only available via email. The scheme does not want investors to disturb their peace. Once you invest, that will be the end of the story. Your emails will never receive a response. Eventually, you will give up.

Every form of business in the market ensures they have customer support. Hence, they hire a professional, ethical, and friendly team. When the support is great, the companies gain success. With this being said, it should have second thoughts about joining a venture that does not care about traders’ experience. 

A platform that does not invest in a quality support team is not worth the take. There are various legit investment platforms in the market. They are active on their social media pages. You can reach them on live support, telephone, or email. These should be the brokers that you choose. Avoid offshore schemes like the plague.

Regulation Status of Kato Prime

The parent company of Kato Prime is HonorFalcon LTD. The corporation is authorized to operate by the Belize financial body. Nonetheless, the measures that the IFSC has in place are incomparable to the ones that reputable financial watchdogs exercise. They are not a trustworthy venture. 

The watchdog only mandates the firms to avail a capital of $500,000. In the European Union, the regulator collects a capital of 730,000 EUR. In the USA, the amount is $20 million. As you can see, that is a significant amount of money. That is why when a firm becomes insolvent. Investors can receive compensation. 

The money of investors is not safe. Kato Prime does not segregate the accounts of investors. Therefore, you will be emptying your pockets dry as you fatten those of the fraudsters. Moreover, this is an SVG scheme. There is no financial regulator in the country.

Tracing your money is going to be a nightmare. Offshore schemes have multiple accounts. Your bank may not be able to retrieve the payment. Moreover, this scheme can change its terms and conditions without notifying traders. The greatest shock of your life kicks in when you attempt to withdraw money. 

Moreover, there is no account balance protection. They are investing with a licensed firm grants you peace of mind. The firm is transparent, and its main goal is to offer professional services. The information of the account manager, financial analysts, and the founder is accessible to the public. Moreover, you can also check their trading results.

Is Kato Prime a Genuine Broker?

Unfortunately, Kato Prime is not a reliable venture. The scheme is unworthy of your time and resources. Giving them a chance will only leave you high and dry. The firm promises lucrative offers to investors. Moreover, they are also speaking highly of their trading activities. 

Katoprime.com Review, Katoprime.com Features

Unfortunately, when it comes to endorsements, nobody is willing to review the platform. If they are as good as they portray, where are their customers? Where are the trading results of the firm? The platform has nothing to prove it is worthy of the inventor’s time.

Additionally, the entity does not grant fund safety. It is not working with a reputable financial institution. Moreover, the scheme chooses to remain anonymous. Avoid dealing with the Ponzi scheme.

The Domain Insight

Kato Prime is a scheme that was established in January 2021. The entity has been in the market for the past month; therefore, it is enough to prove their trading activities. However, offshore ventures will never provide such data. This is because most of them are not trading.

Moreover, the people that are behind the scheme have registered the firm privately. Hence, you cannot get hold of their data. The broker is getting most of their clients from Indonesia. The global traffic of the scheme is 1,472,018. 

Final Verdict

Kato Prime is a suspicious investment scheme. They claim to have diverse trading products. They are providing false information to make investors register. Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market. These are some of the best investment schemes in the market. 


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