KBLTrade Review: KBLTrade.com is a Shady Investment Company

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kbltrade Review
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KBLTrade offers a web-based trading platform. It does not have many features and cannot be compared to the famous MT4 trading interface. They are a lot that is lurking from this entity. Moreover, shady entities manipulate the information that they present.

KBLTrade is a company that claims it wants to help investors explore the market. They present an opportunity for investors to use earns the low spread. Investors will enjoy high returns since they have an opportunity to trade multiple assets.

However, a lot of people are asking themselves whether this is a reliable broker. In this review, we shall get into details. The platform states that it has over 400 tradable assets. They also assign an expert to guide investors in their trading activities.

KBLTrade states that it segregates the funds of investors. Therefore, investors’ funds are safe. Unfortunately, this is an offshore entity that will say anything just to get the attention of investors. The money that you deposit at their system is likely to be used for the intended purpose.

kbltrade Review, kbltrade Company

The broker sees itself as the best leading investment entity in the world. They claim to guide you in all your activities. Investors are assured that they will have full control of their trading activities. They state that once their clients succeed they also benefit.

However, this broker is not reliable. We would prefer that you trade with genuine forex trading companies that have been in the industry for the longest period. You will earn real money and there is nothing to lose for joining them. Your safety is guaranteed.

KBLTrade.com Review

KBLTrade is trading Forex, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. The company is 100% transparent yet they fail to provide the necessary information regarding the people that are managing their investment activities.

The broker is allegedly offering its services in multiple countries. However, not even in a single of their operation are they licensed. The statics which this firm presents creates more distrust. For instance, the entity claims it has executed millions of orders.

Additionally, they also brag about having won 2 awards. Nonetheless, they do not care to mention the organization which awarded them these titles. The company states that it executes orders instantly. Investors need to be careful because scammers will say anything to remain relevant in the market.

KBLTrade states that they are serving professional clients. The broker states that it has multiple benefits for their customers. However, we are nothing great that will come out of this entity. They will only put your hopes high and disappoint you in the end.

The account opening process is allegedly fast and convenient to the traders. Nonetheless, we do not recommend that you register with this broker. This is because your information is at high risk of being lost or sold to a third party.

Withdrawal and Deposits

KBLTrade is trading VISA, Wire Transfer, MasterCard, and BTC. The minimum amount that you can deposit at this broker is $250. The amount might not sound like a lot but there are reputable legit brokers that accept low amount than this.

It was not able to verify whether the entity is accepting all these payment schemes. However, in most cases, you find that shady entities will use methods that limit investors from issuing a chargeback.

If you want to test the water with this broker we recommend that you use the credit card option. Legit entities will have multiple choices for investors to select from. These include; Neteller, Skrill, and FasaPay.

KBLTrade does not charge its clients any fees. Investors can also withdraw any amount that they please without facing any challenges. The firm handles withdrawal requests within 2 days. Their trading conditions are good but the problem is that this company is not trustworthy.

The entity charges inactivity fees to its clients. Traders will have to pay a fee of $30 and the inactivity period starts from 12 months. The platform is reasonable to their clients. Unfortunately, this does not make them less risky.

Moreover, KBLTrade has a trading bonus for its customers. The entity requires their clients to trade at least 30 times volume. If not you will not be able to withdrawal your earnings. It is best to trade with a reliable venture.

KBLTrade Trading Conditions

KBLTrade offers a web-based trading platform. It does not have many features and cannot be compared to the famous MT4 trading interface. They are a lot that is lurking from this entity. Moreover, shady entities manipulate the information that they present.

You might think that you are winning trades while in reality, you are not. If you have to invest it has to be with legit investment companies. We would recommend that you invest with companies that have the MT4 ready.

The EURUSD currency pair has a spread of 0.4. The information presented is false. This is because other investment schemes offer something different at the specific timeline. The entity leverage cap is that of 1:100 which is not what financial bodies permits.

Additionally, financial watchdogs do not allow the company that they license to offer lucrative bonuses. This is because there are requirements that must be met. Trade only with reputable and legit entities in the market.

KBLTrade Regulation Status

KBLTrade is an entity that is completely anonymous. The platform is based in a discrete area. On their website, there is nothing that is of the essence. In their business conduct the broker claim that they are observing the rules of Marshall Island.

However, it is important that you note that this beautiful Island has clearly stated that it does not regulate forex trading activities. Nonetheless, you still invest with companies claiming to license from this location.

Unregulated brokers usually do whatever they please. They even change their terms and conditions. Your money is not secure with them. There is no financial conduct that oversees the operation of this entity.

KBLTrade does not report its daily trading activities to any financial body in the world. Therefore, this firm can do whatever it pleases without having to answer anyone. If you have to invest with any broker make sure that it is licensed by popular financial bodies like FCA, ASIC, NFA, and CySEC.

The Domain Insight

KBLTrade is a platform that was registered in November 2020. The company is operating anonymously and has no intention of being transparent. Trading with people that you do not know will only lead to you losing funds.

The domain name will expire in November 2023. The entity has an Alexa global rank of 3,910,479. It is not much and considering that the firm does not have client feedback it creates more distrust.

The location of their clients is also unknown. Investors should be smart and cautious. Trade with the best brokers that are reliable. You will not make money using this platform. Therefore, avoid KBLTrade at all costs.

Final verdict

The possibility of KBLTrade being a fraudulent venture is very high. The entity brags that it is available for investors in over 30 countries. However, this venture is using a shady trading interface that raises questions.

Their customer support is also terrible. They will never respond to the query that you raise. It is an offshore broker that does not care about anyone. Investing with them will only leave a negative balance on your account.

Invest with legit forex trading companies have been tried and tested. You will sleep peacefully knowing that your money is in safe hands. Moreover, they are genuine and will yield high returns.


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