Konano Review: Konano.com an Illegal Broker

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Konano Review
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Konano fails to reveal their banking information. The venture can face bankruptcy at any given time. They can also violate their terms. The scheme is dangerous, and you ought not to give them any benefit of the doubt.

Konano is a broker that has multiple red flags. We do not recommend them to the public. It is an ordinary scam. You do not require rocket science to know the platform is unworthy of your trust. The venture is mainly targeting novice traders. This is because they lack adequate knowledge of how the market operates.

Unfortunately, there is no trading activity taking place. The venture is trying very hard to remain relevant in the industry. They even proclaim to be licensed. Sadly, this is another fat lie, and the broker is operating as it pleases.

Konano.com Review, Konano.com Company

Konano does not even care to verify the email of their users. It is a major red flag that exposes their fraudulent activities. The firm is allegedly trading energies, gold, forex currencies, energies, and indices. The trading conditions that the venture presets are vague.

The website is accessible via Chinese and English language. Nonetheless, some areas are only available in Chinese. The people managing the company may not be qualified to offer the best services to their clients.

There are several factors that you must consider before investing. Your safety should be your main priority. Hence, make sure that you are dealing with a licensed forex trading company. There are several legitimate entities.

Konano.com Review

Konano is a broker that showers praise on its trading activities. However, the company does not have any proof to validate their trading. They do not even have trading assets which is a big drawback. The entity is unworthy of investors’ trust. Konano is not coming back into the market.

Invest with a reputable forex trading company that has a trading history. These are brokers that have been in the market for years. Your funds are secure with them. The platform will not do anything to jeopardize your investment activities.

Regulation and Registration Status of Konano

The entity states that it has a license from Malta Financial Services Authority. The government of Malta enforces strict rules creating a conducive environment for online investment. After checking whether Konano is licensed, we found nil results on the website.

The firm is on the blacklist of this regulatory agency. The platform has been deceiving traders for the longest time. You will not get fund safety from this company. They are violating the jurisdiction of various countries.

Konano is an offshore broker that will exit the market, leaving traders high and dry. You will never get your funds back if you deposit with them. The company does not segregate funds. They are operating as they please. The amount that you cash in probably goes directly to their pockets.

The terms and conditions of the broker indicate that the platform is adhering to the Maltese rules. Nobody shall come to your rescue once this entity ceases operating. We recommend that you always check on the legitimacy of a company before entrusting your funds to them.

Trading Conditions and Software Available

Konano advertises a MetaTrader4 but delivers a disgusting web-based interface that is not connected to the server. We cannot find trading software, and all the trading conditions that the firm presents are vague.

Nonetheless, the broker promises leverage of 1:30, which is the recommendable cap for several regulatory agencies. The EURUSD currency pair has a lucrative spread of 0.5 pips. It is still a mystery how the firm plans to achieve this without undertaking to trade.

Contact Details and Customer Support

The real location of Konano remains discreet to the public. The con artists behind this entity have a great determination to remain behind the scenes. They understand the repercussion of revealing their contact details.

The government would put them behind bars. You should not share your personal info with such a fraudulent entity. This is because the venture can use the data against you. There are better ways of generating income, but this broker will not assist you.

Konano is looking after its greedy needs. Once their murkiness is exposed and the firm stops receiving funds, it will close down the website. You will have nowhere to run to once this happens. It is best to look for a reliable venture to generate income.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Konano lists payment methods like; Skrill, Wire transfer, Neteller, debit, and credit cards. Suppose you want to test the waters with this entity, deposit funds via MasterCard or Visa. You can issue a chargeback from up to 540 days.

The entity fails to reveal the least amount that investors can deposit in their system. There is a fee of 2.9%. Percentage form charges are unfair to traders. This proves that the scheme is only after your funds.

The cashout process takes 2 days to be processed. Unfortunately, we cannot attest whether the displayed payment methods are what the venture is accepting. You should not waste your valuable time in this system.

The Domain Insight

Konano is a company that has been in the market since 2005. The venture is currently offline. After observing the website for days, there is no hope of them coming back. The firm is anonymous, and the people managing the operation of this broker operate behind the shadows. The domain name shall expire in April 2020. The traffic that is visiting the company is low. The firm is doomed to fail, and investors who had previously joined the scheme may suffer severe losses.

Red Flags of Konano

The company website currently indicates that they are undergoing typical maintenance. After observing the site for a week, there seems to be no hope for this entity. It is most likely that Konano has gone out of the market.

The broker is also operating unlawfully without observing the rules set by regulatory bodies. They will leave you high and dry without help. Investing with an unregulated broker is a big mistake. There is no segregation of funds in this platform.

Konano Review, Konano.com Platform

Konano fails to reveal their banking information. The venture can face bankruptcy at any given time. They can also violate their terms. The scheme is dangerous, and you ought not to give them any benefit of the doubt.

We also find the fees of the platform high and unfavorable to traders. The whereabouts of the company are also unknown. There is no customer support team. It leaves us wondering how investors are going to contact them if they encounter any problems.

Furthermore, the venture does not have a trading history. We cannot find anything that verifies there is trading happening on the website. The available trading software is also faulty. Therefore, this proves that Konano is indeed a scam.

Final Verdict

Investment is a matter that you should take seriously consideration before depositing funds. You must perform a thorough background check on the company that you want to consider. You cannot jump at every opportunity that presents itself.

The market is dangerous, and several fraudsters are eying for your funds. A simple mistake can lead to a lifetime of regret. We suggest that you trade wisely and avoid dealing with unregulated entities. A company that can fake its legitimacy status is not worth a try.

Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market. These are reputable investment schemes that are transparent. You will sleep better knowing that your safety is taken care of. The platform also has a trading history.

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