Legit crypto Option Review: 007cryptooption.com an Obvious Scam

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Legit crypto Option Review
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Legit crypto Option is a venture that claims it offers an MT5. The reality is far from the truth as we did not find any trading software in the entity. This proves that there are no trading activities taking place in this scheme.

Legit crypto Option is a company that has a different domain name. You would think 007cryptooption.com is a separate venture. The scheme is offering various assets; forex, CFDs, cryptocurrency, and Binary Options. You can trade from anywhere and make profits.

Unfortunately, this scheme has been exposed as a scam by various financial watchdogs in the market. Investing with the scheme only exposes you to severe risks. The 100 products that the platform advertises are not worth risking your safety.

Legit crypto Option Review, Legit crypto Option Company

Legit crypto Option state it has the best team in the market. They provide educational materials to assist users in improving their trading skills. They claim to have a license from reputable regulatory bodies falsely.

The scheme urges both novice and expert traders to sign up in their system and enjoy huge returns. They claim to have negative balance protection and to segregate the funds of traders. However, the entity leaves out information about the financial institution it works with.

This is a bluff, as the venture has been exposed as a scam. The venture has a referral program, and we believe this is how the scheme is getting most of its victims. If their marketers contact you, be sure to stay away from the broker.

007Cryptooption.com Review

The broker features benefits that clients are going to face after choosing them. The offshore firm allegedly secures users’ data. They will never share it with a third party without the consent of investors. Never take the word of shady ventures as they end up violating their terms to meet their greedy needs.

You do not need any experience to start trading. The support is said to respond in time if you reach them. Cryptocurrency investments are risky, and this is something that you do not rush to or expect to become rich overnight.

Con artist keeps stating that your account will blow up with high returns. It takes time to gain the desired skills and start seeing results. 007Cryptooption.com is not trading, and it is an illicit venture. The venture has not made an effort to make its website appear professional.

The entity does not have a trading website. Therefore, it does not fit to call itself a broker as no financial activities occur. Avoid investing with a bogus scheme that is only interested in stealing your hard-earned funds.

If you are interested in crypto trading, we suggest you use these top crypto bots that are reputable. Their trading accuracy will generate the best outcome for you. They provide sufficient information regarding their services, and investors make an informed decision before depositing funds.

007Cryptooption.com Trading Accounts

The venture has several trading accounts. The minimum amount that you can deposit for the starters short term account is $1000. This is beyond the standard market requirement. The entity is offering bonuses to traders that are way out of this planet.

Remember that you must meet the trading volume to be able to cash out. In all the accounts, the Legit crypto Option platform is sending daily signals. We do not recommend accepting the offers of this shady venture.

The domain name of 007CryptoOption is young. The venture fails to provide trading results. This is no mistake as we cannot seem to find evidence of investment. To be on th safe side, you better look for a more genuine venture.

Regulation Status of Legit crypto Option

Legit crypto Option allegedly states it has licenses from several financial watchdogs. Among them is MFSA, BaFin, FCA, and CONSOB. Sadly, this is a self-regulated entity as none of these bodies permits the scheme to operate in their jurisdiction.

The venture is on the warning list of MFSA and CONSOB. The entity has been targeting investors across the globe without meeting the requirements. The bodies that 007CryptoOption features are reputable and fight fraudulent activities in the industry.

An investment scheme must deposit a reasonable amount of funds as capital before starting up its services.  Additionally, they must report their daily financial activities to the regulatory bodies. Legit crypto Option is a shady broker that does not have a legal document.

Users are in more danger as the venture may feature hidden fees or misuse data. The venture has everything under a single page. They do not even reveal the company that is behind the business. The venture can face bankruptcy, and investors will not receive compensation.

Many advantages come with entrusting a regulated scheme with your money. You have the assurance that your funds are safe. Additionally, you will sleep peacefully without worrying about being conned.

Legit crypto Option Trading Conditions

Legit crypto Option is a venture that claims it offers an MT5. The reality is far from the truth as we did not find any trading software in the entity. This proves that there are no trading activities taking place in this scheme.

007Cryptooption.com Review, 007Cryptooption.com MT5

The entity claims to be dealing with forex assets, yet the leverage that clients should expect from them is a big mystery. Trade with companies that have a verifiable trading history. Those that do not shy away from availing the necessary materials.

Legit crypto Option Contact Details and Customer Support

007CryptoOption allegedly has offices in Malta. The entity is using a false address to appear reputable. The actual locale of the venture is not known. You can reach customer support via email or phone.

However, we highly suspect you are not going to get any response. The people that are running this scheme are fraudsters. They have no business in maintaining contact with their victims. Ventures like these will change their phone number and only reach you when they need more cash.

Invest with genuine companies that respond to investors’ queries in time. They also have offices that you can visit. Genuine schemes are transparent and credit their team by introducing them to the public. You can easily find their educational background and pictures.

Withdrawal and Deposit

The company is accepting funds via digital currencies. This form of payment cannot be reversed. The amount will go directly to the con artists’ wallets. Legit crypto Option allegedly processes withdrawal instantly. The methods for cashing out are; debit and credit card or bank accounts.

Nonetheless, we highly doubt this bogus venture will process the withdrawal for its clients. They do not have terms and conditions that guide them. Furthermore, it is hard to know the inactivity policy of the forex accounts.

We are also not aware that the venture is charging investors any fees. You need to be skeptical about nasty schemes that are unregulated. The safety of your funds should always be your main goal.

Final Verdict

007CryptoOption is a venture that is offering financial services without having a license. The entity is shady in all manners. The people that are managing the account of investors are also anonymous. The entity does not have trading software.

Hence, this is enough evidence there are no investment services or products taking place. Walk away while you still can. Deposits made via crypto cannot be traced back. If you lose funds, the authority will not be able to assist.

Here is the list of the best cryptocurrency investment companies that are reputable. Moreover, they do not make unrealistic promises. You can trade with them and start generating passive income. The schemes are regulated.

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