Legitimate Expert Options Review: Legitimateexpertoptions.com Awful Scam

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Legitimate Expert Options Review
  • Fund Safety
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Legitimate Expert Options is a nasty scam that does not offer fund safety to their clients. Moreover, the venture is capable of changing its terms and conditions. Once they choose not to handle the withdrawal requests of their clients nobody will come to your rescue.

Legitimate Expert Options is a company that claims it is regulated by multiple financial bodies in the world. The entity is everything but a legit venture. The people running this firm are typical con artists that you should avoid.

Moreover, the platform brags that it has won multiple awards since its establishment. They allegedly also have several assets that their clients can explore. Therefore, you can explore multiple opportunities.

Sadly, this is another ploy that these scammers are using to get more victims. They have no intention of generating real-time returns to their clients. Legitimate Expert Options claims it has a competitive commission and spread for its clients.

Legitimate Expert Options Review, Legitimate Expert Options Company

The more you trade the greater benefits that you will receive. The broker also boasts that it has an expert team that manages research and analyze the market on behalf of their customers. It opens unlimited opportunities for their clients.

However, this company is an illegitimate scheme that will only leave you devastated. They have no intention of processing your withdrawal requests. Instead of wasting your time with this venture, we recommend that you invest with legit forex trading companies. These platforms are licensed and treat their clients professionally.

Legitimateexpertoptions.com Review 

Legitimate Expert Options brags that it is a reputable venture in the globe. They accept investors from over 150 countries. Moreover, the platform claims it has advanced trading tools. Once you complete the registration process you will be invited to join their chatting group.

The company sends 10 trading signals to all its clients. Additionally, there are updates that traders get. You do not need any special skills to start venturing with the firm. Clients only need an active internet connection to enjoy the benefits of this entity.

The team and the company that is managing Legitimate Expert Options are anonymous. If the venture is indeed legit that it owes its customers transparency. Unfortunately, this being a scam they cannot meet such requirements.

It acts in their favor if they remain discreet. It will not be possible for the government or investors to trace them down. This is not a mistake but a deliberate choice. Additionally, the firm is only a few months old.

For the sake of your money, it is important that you find a regulated investment company. You will get fund safety as well as enjoy several benefits. The financial conditions of this platform are too good to be realistic.

Legitimate Expert Options Trading Conditions

To access the trading platform of Legitimate Expert Options you must provide your personal data like ID. It is one of the requirements that scammers subject their customers to. You should never share such info since it can be used against you.

We highly suspect that this venture is involved in identity theft. It is one of the risky frauds in the world since your info can be used against your will. Scammers can even open up illegal companies using your info this can incriminate you.

Legitimate Expert Options is also allegedly offering the best trading platform in the market. However, they do not disclose all the necessary information. We highly doubt there are trading activities taking place in this firm.

The platform does not provide any information regarding their leverage cap. Investors cannot check the real-time spread. Nonetheless, the company claim it has a spread as low as 0.2 pips. The displayed leverage is that of 1:500 which exposes traders to severe risks. If you do not have a risk appetite stay away from such caps.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The company accepts a minimum deposit of $500 which is more than the average market standard. This is an extortionate venture that you should not give the chance to defraud. Additionally, this firm displays multiple payment methods on their website but they are only accepting BTC.

Cryptocurrency payments are not safe especially when they are made to anonymous investment companies. The links to the terms and conditions of this entity are broken. You won’t find legit investment platforms having such reckless mistakes. It proves that this venture is an extortion system.

Avoid entities that are not reputable. In case you want to test the waters deposit funds using credit card options. They allow you to issue a chargeback for a period of 540 days. If an entity turns out to be shady you can get your money back.

Legitimate Expert Options Regulation Status

The broker claim that it is operating in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA is among the leading strict financial watchdog in the market. It is dedicated to ensuring its clients are protect against scammers.

They set strict rules which all the financial companies offering investment services must adhere to. Unfortunately, once we checked Legitimate Expert Options on their database we were not surprised to find them missing.

Legitimate Expert Options Review, Legitimate Expert Options Regulation

Therefore, this platform is a nasty scam that does not offer fund safety to their clients. Moreover, the venture is capable of changing its terms and conditions. Once they choose not to handle the withdrawal requests of their clients nobody will come to your rescue.

It is best that you trade with licensed investment companies. You stand a chance of being compensated once the firm faces bankruptcy. Additionally, your personal data will be secure. The platform will never use it against you.

Legitimate Expert Options Customer Support

Legitimate Expert Options purports that it is a company operating from the UK. However, there is no physical address that has been provided. Therefore, it is not possible to get hold of the people that are managing the operation of this scam.

The moment it chooses to exit the industry there’s is nothing that you can do. It is best that you invest with a company that reveals all the necessary information regarding their offices. The venture brags that it has offices in multiple areas in the industry but this is another big lie.

If you have any query the only possible way of contacting the support is via email. It is an old fashion communication model that ensures these scammers are not disturbed. Ponzi scheme has unprofessional support that does not respond to the query of their customers.

The Domain Insight

Legitimate Expert Options is an entity that is only registered for a period of one year. The survival of this platform is a short one. They will go out of business after this duration. Additionally, the traffic that is visiting this website is low. Stay away from them at all costs. They also do not have client feedback despite showcasing luring leverages.

Final Verdict

Legitimate Expert Options is one of those brokers that you should never entrust your savings with. The platform is running as it pleases without observing any rules. Therefore, it is their last goal to meet the objectives of their clients.

you will never earn passive income with them. The platform is only after making itself rich. They are lying about their location. This venture is operating from an offshore area. It is best that you trade with the best firms that are transparent.

Here are some of the best forex trading companies that are regulated. Trade today with the and you will never regret. Their customer support is reliable and genuine. Their main priority is meeting their clients’ needs.


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